What We Fight - Denizens and Beasts

The lands of Arlonde are savage indeed, and to reclaim our birthright we must be prepared to face those denizens and beasts which claw and scrape in the night.


Man (Ondorians)

You know what these are. Men first came to Arlonde from the West, a cold land of warfare and strife known as Ondorias, seeking riches, treasure, adventure and enlightenment. They can vary in skin-tone, size and culture - from the tall yet pale Norsemen of Ursleif, to the lithe and tawny-skinned Rakasha of Zebembi.

Dwarf (Dverg)

If, while delving in a deep cave, you find a large, red gemstone under some moldy bones and an old woolen hat, know that you have found a Dverg. Gestating the gemstone in an earthen jaw full of fat, meat and alcohol will eventually produce a fully-formed Dverg after about 3-6 months. Newly-born Dverg are capable of locomotion and basic speech, although they will require some time and learning to fully mature into a functional creature. Depending on the time since their last "death", a Dverg may remember of some its previous life, although extensive periods buried underground more often result in a fugue-like state which proves difficult to recover from. Nonetheless all Dverg are capable miners and craftsman, able to forge wondrous artifacts and sniff out veins of rich ores from deep under the earth.
None are exactly certain when and from where the Dverg first appeared - some postulate that they were created much like the Orcs, while others believe they are naturally forming like the Aelvs.

Elf (Aelv)

Every Elf is connected to one another and a greater hive through a psycho-biological bond known as the "Root". Through this all Elves are intrinsically known to one another and as such have little use for formal names unless dealing with members of other races. Elves are brought into the world much like a new sapling - from seeds buried deep into the earth. While practically genderless to the untrained eye, Elves know whom to seek out when desiring a mate, breeding through a ritualistic pollination dance. Elves age slowly, and for all intents are as immortal as the trees themselves, though they are not invincible by any means.
Deathly allergic to cold-iron, Elves make use of specially formed tools of hardwood as sharp as steel and as strong as stone. These tools grow only from certain flora present only in unique environments. Years before the West came to Arlonde, the Elves travelled the savage lands. As a result if one might find copses of ever-greens in odd locations, one could be assured they have stumbled upon an Elven Grove.

Halfman (Halfling)

For as long as history has been recorded the Halflings and Men of Ondorias have enjoyed a steady alliance. Standing between 3' and 4' tall and substantially hairy, Halflings are reknowned for their prodigious appetites and unusual streaks of good luck.


The second of the two humanoid-races native to Arlonde, the Umbasas more closely match the men from the West. Generally taller and more muscular, they posses dark skin ranging from coal-black to earthy-brown. Many bear networks of ritual scars across their skin - signs of bravery, strength and maturity. The Umbasas warred with the Proteans for years before the arrival of the Ondorians, holding large portions of the west-coastline from the more centralised ape-men. During the Fall many of Umbasas fled Arlonde with the men of the West, while many more still holed up in Arkenstone to wait out the calamity. Relations between the West and the Umbasas were once strained, but in this the second age of conquest a strong brotherhood has been formed between the two.


Protohuman (Protean)

One of two humanoid-races native to Arlonde, having existed there for thousands of years before the arrival of the Ondorians from the West. Swarthy and broad with thick, sloping skulls, the Proteans are seen as lesser-evolved ape-men by most all save for the scholars who delve into their history. They were in fact a vastly advanced race - not in terms of technology or artistry, but in matters warfare, sorcery and nature they remain unmatched. A small sect of Proteans, known as Warmages, used their command of sorcery to fashion themselves into tall, beautiful and proportioned forms, most at odds with their sub-human brethren. Today the Proteans are a scattered race, having suffered greatly in both the war with the West 250 years ago, and in the subsequent fall which blighted the land. Their mighty cities and fortified towers may still be found by dogged adventurers, and the treasures of this once-powerful race are rich indeed.



Animated or Undead

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