Cell Assets


Hectin Autocarriage

Assigned to Cell Raptor during their investigations on Desoleum to travel the long and sprawling streets of Hive Primus. After the mission the Cell took the vehicle with them, taking a liking to its servitor 'A55'.
Armour 15 [Front] 10 [Side] 8 [Rear] Integrity 20
Cruising Speed 70kph Combat Speed 15m
Manoeuvrability +15 Size Enormous (+20)
Crew Driver Carrying Capacity Servitor and 4 passengers

Vehicle Traits:

  • Rugged:
    • All Repair tests are at +20.
  • Wheeled:
    • -20 to difficult terrain tests. +10 to manoeuvrability tests.
    • Vehicles with the Wheeled Vehicle trait suffer Motive Systems Critical damage as normal, but once any such damage has been taken, all forms of movement require Operate tests, and all tests related to the vehicle’s Manoeuvrability, are made at a –10 penalty.
    • Repairing Critical damage to the vehicle’s Motive Systems, as well as any lasting Motive System damage (such as Motive Systems Damaged, Motive Systems Crippled, etc.) takes half as long as normal.
  • Enclosed:
    • Passengers cannot shoot out, enemies cannot shoot in.

Vehicle Upgrades: [1 External, 0 Internal]

  • Rough Terrain Lift System:
    • No longer suffers -20 due to difficult terrain but reduces Man by 10 when not on difficult terrain.
[A55] Mono-Task Servitor Drone
T Agi Int Per WP
35 25 15 20 20

Skills: Operate (Surface) +10
Talents & Traits: Iron Jaw.

  • Dark Sight
  • Machine [3]
  • Mind Lock
  • Unnatural Toughness [+2]

Resist: 8 All [5 toughness, 3 machine armour]

Arvus Lighter

A lander from the 'Fury Untold' destroyer, allocated to Cell Raptor during their mission to Kalto. It has been used by Gallach ever since, first as a member of Cell Alloy then as Interrogator in charge of Cell Medusa. A worn and beaten model, it is nevertheless a functional vehicle.
[Fury Untold lander 47]
Armour 22 [Front] 20 [Side] 20 [Rear] Integrity 25
Cruising Speed 1600kph Combat Speed 1000m
Manoeuvrability -15 Size Massive (+30)
Crew Pilot Carrying Capacity 10

Vehicle Traits:

  • Flier:
    • Can fly. Many other rules on p.53 of Enemy Without.
  • Rugged:
    • All Repair tests are at +20.
  • Aerospace Vehicle:
    • Can enter Orbital altitude.
    • Environmentally sealed.
  • Ceramite Hull:
    • Ignores the Melta quality.
  • Enclosed:
    • Passengers cannot shoot out, enemies cannot shoot in.
  • Cargo Hauler:
    • Can haul several extra (4) tonnes of gear or vehicles. Can also double passenger capacity when necessary.
  • Surreptitious Stowage:
    • 200kg (5% of cargo) of objects deemed Size [3] or smaller can be concealed in specialised stowage areas, granting a -20 modifier to Scrutiny/Search Checks to find them.
  • Self-sufficient:
    • Many Arvus owners fit out their haulers with racks of tools and equipment to keep them running with little down-time.
      • The Arvus is considered a workshop for all intents and purposes - repairs, mods etc may be conducted here.

Gallach's Gun-Cutter

Purchased from a Rogue Trader house as a near wreck, Gallach and Gnaritas rebuilt the ship to include the stowed compartments, prison cells and servitor gunners fitting of an Inquisitorial vessel. Given the nature of the 'Regicide' mission Gallach spent all his personal savings repairing the ship. Since then it has flown in the skies of a dozen worlds, battling against Orks and heretics and proving reliable time and time again.
Armour 40 [Front] 35 [Side] 30 [Rear] Integrity 45
Cruising Speed 2000kph
Manoeuvrability +0 Size Massive (+30)
Crew Pilot, Co-Pilot (Optional), Tech-Priest, 2x Gun Servitors Carrying Capacity 6 Passengers

Vehicle Traits:

  • Flier:
    • Can fly. Many other rules on p.53 of Enemy Without.
  • Aerospace Vehicle:
    • Can enter Orbital altitude.
  • Pilot Operated Weaponry:
    • Weapons tagged as such can be fired by the pilot as part of a flying action.
  • Reinforced Hull:
    • 1/2 all critical results.
  • Passengers and Storage:
    • 6 passenger quarters:
      • Five Living Quarters: [Gallach], [Gavriel], [Hayl], [Nimm], [Tarl]
      • One Converted Cell: [Empty]
    • Can hold up to 30 people or equivalent cargo in the hold.
      • Currently Stored: Party Assets, Hectin Autocarriage.


  • 2x Autocannons: Pilot Operated
    • Facing [Front]; 300m; 3D10+8; S/3/-; I; Pen 6; Clip [500]; Reload [2 Full]; Reliable
  • 2x Twin Linked Heavy Bolters: Servitor Gunners
    • Facing [Front/Left] [Front/Right]; 150m; -/-/10; D10+8; X; Pen 5; Clip [400]; Reload [3 Full]; Tearing, Twin-Linked

Vehicle Upgrades: [1 External, 0 Internal]

  • Armoured Motive System: [External]
    • Reduce any Critical Hit suffered to the Motive Systems of the vehicle by 1d5 to a minimum of 1. If the Motive Systems are destroyed, this upgrade loses its effect.
Co-Pilot: Ensign Nimm
Enginseer: Cil-848
GC:1 and GC: 2 Twin gun servitors installed by Gnaritas in the Gun-Cutter to man the heavy bolter turrets.
BS S T Int Per WP
40 30 305 15 30 20

Skills: Operate (Aeronautica)
Talents Traits: Iron Jaw, Dark Sight, Mind Lock, Machine (4), Unnatural Toughness (+2), Auto-stabilized, Slaved (Permanently attached to gun-pit)


Stored [Gun-Cutter]

Weapon Locker:

  • Deputy's Truncheon:
    • Low Tech; Melee; D10; I; Concussive [+0]
  • Heretek Quad-las: 12kg+10kg for backpack An weapon of extraordinary power and extreme tech-heresy, this object was reclaimed from the world of Gamma Euclid 13 where its previous owner had mysteriously disappeared. Four lasguns formed into a single weapon, the Quad-las is as unsubtle and deadly as it is insane.
    • Las; Basic; 40m; -/4/-; D10+12; E; Pen 4; Clip [48] Backpack; Reload [4Full]; Overheat
    • Note: If puritan members of the Adeptus Mechanicus were to encounter this weapon, they would bring the full weight of their authority and wrath down upon the user for their obvious heresy.

Armour Rack:

  • Chainmail:[Common] An oiled hauberk from a less-civilised era.
    • AP:3 All; Max Agi 35.
  • 'Fury Untold' Flak Coat: Flak coat with the markings of an Ensign aboard the 'Fury Untold'.
    • Arms and Body; 3 AP; Max agi 60. 5kg
  • Spectre Pattern Flak Armour Imperial guard flak armour marked with urban camouflage, this is the standard armour of the 2nd Recon 'Grey Walkers' regiment. This suit was taken from a slain 2nd Recon member during the mission on Hulee V and refitted by Gallach to once again bear the Imperial Eagle.
    • 4-All, 5 Against Explosives; +10 to Stealth in Urban Environments.
    • Max Agility- 50


  • Displacer Field [Near Unique]
    • Field Rating 55, Overload Rating 0-10
    • When struck the user rolls 3d10m and a random direction. They appear there instantly. If all three dice roll the same the user disappears for 1d5 rounds and gains corruption equal to rounds missing.
  • Spectre
    • must be injected. grants 1d5+1 Psy Rating for 2d10 rounds, after which PR is reduced by 1d10+1 for 2d10 hours.
  • Regicide Set
  • Writing Kit
  • 7x Manacles
  • Auto Quill
  • 7x Stablights/Glow Lamps
  • Loud Hailer
  • 8x Day-Rations
  • 7x Lho-stick Packets (20 to a pack)
  • Injector
  • Magboots
  • Screamer
  • 2x Backpacks
  • Explosive Collar
  • 3x Survival Suits
  • 1x Dose of Obscura
  • Archeotech Vox-Caster: [Counts as BQ Vox-Caster]
    • 1000km range
    • Message encryption (-20 to Logic to decrypt)
    • Message decryption (+20 to Logic to decrypt)
    • Vox-Interception (can listen in on vox traffic from up to 1000km away)
  • 5x Blank Ident Cards
  • Rare Cred Chip
  • 2x Case of 10 BQ Lho Sticks: [Rare]
    • Cigarillos hand rolled from the leaves of a broad-leaf plant found only on the shrine world of Ossur by the same artisans who crafted the megalithic statues of Imperial saints and heroes - one must make pilgrimage to the world and pay due deference to the God-Emperor before they be allowed to acquire such expertly-crafted finery.

Stored ['Fury Untold']

Attire and Armour:

  • 2x 2nd Recon Fatigues
    • ABL: 1
    • +10 to Stealth in Urban environments
  • Deputy Uniform: An anti-mould suit worn with simple armour strikes fear into the hearts of all those in Bastion who see it.
    • PQ Survival Suit, Flak Vest, Flak Helmet
    • 3B, 2H
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