Coldo Valentin

Feral World, Imperial Navy, Warrior
Be a boon to your allies and bane to your enemies: Gain Hatred (Any)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
47'' 52''' 45'' 40' 40' 30 26 35 25 28

Fate: 2
Wounds: 16

Offence, Defence, WS, BS, Str, Tgn, Agi

The Old Ways: Low Tech weapons lose Primitive trait, gain Proven (3).
Close Quarter Discipline: +1 DoS on BS at Close Range, Point Blank or melee range.
Expert at Violence: May spend Fate to substitute WS/BS for DOS on a successful attack.
Weapon Training: Chain, SP, Low Tech, Heavy,
Iron Jaw: Roll +0 Tgn to overcome Stunned condition as Free Action.
Crushing Blow: Add 1/2 WS Bonus to melee damage
Mighty Shot: Add 1/2 BS Bonus to ranged damage
Blademaster: May reroll one melee attack per turn.
Hatred: [Traitor Guard, Criminals] Gain +10 WS to hit, +0 WP to retreat against hated foe.
Bulging Biceps: Do not need to brace Heavy Weapons. Gain +20 to Heft
Peer: Imperial Navy
Enemy: Administratum.
Swift Attack_: Can make Swift Attack 1/2 Action
Breach and Clear: Treat all Tech-Use tests based on explosives as being one level of proficiency higher.
Step Aside: Two Reactions per turn.
True Grit: Reduce all criticals by Toughness Bonus to a minimum of 1.

+0: Athletics, Intimidate, CL (Navy), Navigate (Surface), Operate (Aeronautica), Stealth, Trade (Armourer).
+30 Dodge


  • Sovereign Taken from casualty on Kaygee station. Fitted with a brutal underslung axe-blade.
    • GQ Combat Shotgun with quick reload attachment & BQ Melee Attachment 7.0kg
    • Basic; 30m; S/3/-; D10+4; I; Pen 0; Clip [18]; Rld [full]; Reliable, Scatter (+10/+10, +3Dam @PB)
    • Melee: +10 to hit, d10+1R, Pen 0, Proven (3)
  • Fallon's Dagger: Carved from obsidian with a razor sharp edge and marked with runes of protection this dagger was once owned by a famed Ecclesiastical daemon hunter, before passing to Inquisitor Fallon. Upon his death his protege gifted on to the men who uncovered the mystery of his death.
    • +10 to hit; D5+1; R; Pen 2; Sanctified

Soviet Autocannon with Backpack Ammo Pack
* Heavy; 300m, S/3-/-/ 3d10+8, R, P en 6, Clip [120]; Rld [5 mins]; Reliable.
* Bayonet: Melee d10+1 R; Pen 0

  • Sickle A well-made rotator cannon, manually stripped of all ornamentation.
    • GQ Heavy Stubber with backpack ammo feeder
    • Heavy; 100m; -/-/8; D10+4; I; Pen 3; Clip [400]; Rld [5 minutes]; Reliable.
  • Desoleum Gang Sword: A gift from Gallach Melee: 2d10R, requires 2 hands, Unbalanced 7.0kg
  • Handcannon: Pistol; 35m; S/-/-; D10+4; I; Pen 2, Clip 5, Reload [2 Full] 3kg
  • Sanctionary Baton: Melee; D10+1; Impact; Concussion [+0] 2.0kg
  • 1x Krak and 2x Frag Grenades


  • Naval Boarding Flak Airtight helm & respirator, naval coat and front-heavy combat armour - specialized for use by the renowned "Gorgon" boarding parties of the Medusa.
    • Imperial Guard Flak: AP 4 All. 11kg
  • Combat Vest: Quickdraw up to 15kg items.
  • Microbead: Comms to 1km.
  • Lascutter
  • Clip Drop Harness
  • Rebreather: Immune to Toxins, Atmosphere etc. 1 hr.
  • Stablight


  • Inquisitorial Guard Flak: A visored helmet and shoulders bearing the Inquisitorial 'I' taken from the deceased head of security on Kaygee Station. Coldo has added this to his armoury for when subtlety is out the window and he needs to look like an Inquisitorial agent.
  • Head and Arms- 4, 5 on first hit of turn.
  • Hive Leathers: AB1, incognito as Fleshcutter
  • Survival Suit: May be worn under armour.
  • BQ Bodyguard Attire
  • De-Tox
  • Combat Shotgun: Basic; 30m; S/3/-; D10+4; I; Pen 0; Clip [18]; Rld [2 full]; Scatter (+10/+10, +3Dam @PB)
Rough Terrain Autocycle
Front 8 Side 8 Rear 8
Manoeuvre +30 Hulking Carry 0/ Integrity 0
  • 90kph/35m

Size: Hulking
Integrity: 10
Bike (Open Topped, Can't Ram), Wheeled (-20 in Difficult Terrain, +10 Man, Addition -10 for any motive damage, 1/2 Repair time for motive damage)


  • Born on horrible War [Counts as Feral] World of Terminus.
  • Major Houses engaged in vicious proxy war/Cold War/ counter-intelligence struggles in snowy, dilapidated cities. In ascent due to gaining support of the Imperial Navy, one House has occupied many enemy cities and focussed on suppressing insurgent 'rebels'.
  • Awed by the airborne warriors roaring overhead as the factions vied in the streets for food and energy, Coldo enlisting for training with the Federation Paratroopers at an early age. Remarked upon for his ruthless efficiency, he gained experience in trench and drop-ship combat against terrorists, and in raids on dissident officials & intelligentsia [Enemy Admin].
  • An established killer of the Spetznaz when frontline Naval vessel Medusa arrived on a conscription run, he was allocated to boarding parties and ODST where he met his war buddy Gallach. The pilot and armourer would frequently drop him off on attack runs, including during a fateful trip with Inquisitor Graendal, when both were tapped for future recruitment. Like Gallach however, he was part of an ill-fated assault on the Traitor fortress of Cer, in which his elite unit was savaged and disbanded and his Hatred for Chaos was kindled.
  • A moody, black-humoured man, who enjoys a victory cigar, shock-and-awe tactics, and killing the enemies of state up close.

Killing Smile: Activated as reinforcement for the recovery of captured Cell Raptor agents. Impressive performance and tactical synergy during first mission - killing two Necrophages, several Chaos Spawn and the Surgeon - led to permanent induction being approved.

Interim: Ordered offworld by King to undergo "R&R", Coldo instead enlisted with the 'Skitarii Irregulars' - units assembled by the Adeptus Mechanicus forces of Silvanus Binary, to whom it largely fell to restore order in Desoleum in the wake of the Smile Event. During these months he greatly enjoyed slaying the remnants of the Brass Bones gang, coming to admire the Skitarii method of explosive entry followed by overwhelming firepower.

Legerdemain: Though undoubtedly an effective combatant, following Mission Designation Legedemain Coldo was deemed unsuitable as an operative of Cell Raptor, which otherwise undertook a careful, covert approach to it's missions. Having slain dozens of Traitor Guard, several Chaos Spawn, and detained the False Inquisitor, he was assigned the rank of Brigadier-General of the Burrard 1st Penal Legion. In truth, this was a useful cover for his training and command of the founding unit of Ordos Askelleon Stormtroopers at the direction of Inquisitor Graendel.

Fields of Gold: Arriving with his stormtroopers on the hunt for separatist filth, Coldo lent his assistance to his old comrades at a crucial juncture of the mission. After destroying the Emperor's enemies, he willingly underwent mind-wipe and returned to his own mission.

Weapon Training (Low Tech) [300] 1
Crushing Blow [400] 2
Blademaster [600] 1
Dodge [100] 2
Stealth [200] 1
WS [100] 2
WS [250] 2
BS [250] 1
S [100] 2
T [100] 2
Ag [250] 1
Mighty Shot [400] 2
S [250] 2
Heavy Weapon Training [300] 1
Bulging Biceps [300] 2
BS [500] 1
Dodge +10 [200] 2
Trade (Armourer) [Timeskip]
Hatred (Criminals) [Timeskip]
Dodge +20 [300] 2
BS [750] 1
Swift Attack [450] 1
Sound Constitution [200] 1
Dodge +30 2 [400]
Step Aside 2 [400]
True Grit 2 [400]
Sound Constitution [200] 1
Sound Constitution [200] 1


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