Lazarus Hayl

Research Station, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Sage

The only true fear is dying without you duty done: Gain Resistance Fear.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
25 25 20 35 30 50'' 40 60'''' 30 42

Experience: 18800/20600

Wounds: 10/10
Fortune: 4

  • Aptitudes:
    • Intelligence, Perception, Willpower
    • Knowledge, Defence, Tech, Psyker


  • Psyker
  • Pursuit of Data: Whenever a research station character reaches Rank 2 (Trained) in a Scholastic Lore skill, he also gains Rank 1 (Known) in one related or identical Forbidden Lore skill specialisation of his choice. The GM is the final arbiter of whether the two specialisations are related.
  • The Constant Threat: When the character or an ally within 10 metres triggers a roll on Psychic Phenomenon, the Adeptus Astra Telepathica character can increase or decrease the result by amount equal to his Willpower bonus.
  • Tested on Terra: If the character takes the Psyker elite advance during character creation, he also gains the Sanctioned trait.
  • Psy Rating: 5
  • It Will Not Die: This character is touched by the power of the Warp, and fortune twists to keep him alive regardless of the terrible wounds he suffers, as if it is the will of some dark being that resides beyond the veil of reality. He can no longer burn a Fate point to survive lethal injuries. Whenever this character would die, he instead survives by the narrowest margin as if he had burned a Fate point and gains D10+5 Corruption points.

Known: Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica), Deceive, Scholastic Lore (Occult, Heresy, Adeptus Astra Telepathica), Scrutiny, Trade (Cryptographer), Forbidden Lore (Judgement, Askellon, Xenos- Necrontyr), Navigation (Warp)
+10: Awareness, Psyniscience, Interrogation, Scholastic Lore (Judgement), Logic
+20: Forbidden Lore (Heresy, Inquisition, Occult, Psykers, Warp), Security
+30: Tech-Use
Mastery: FL (Daemons)


  • Resistance [+10]
    • Fear, Psychic Powers
  • Clues from the Crowds
    • Re-roll failed tests to gather information from groups.
  • Constant Vigilance
    • Use Int and roll twice for Initiative
  • Coordinated Interrogation
    • +10 to Interrogate tests and +5 from any assistants who have this talent.
  • Jaded
  • Adamantium Faith
    • Subtract Willpower bonus from degrees of failure on a failed Fear or Pinning test. If this reduces the result to zero or less, counts as having passed the Fear test with 1 DOS
  • Bastion of Iron Will
    • adds 5 x psy rating to any Opposed test when defending against psychic powers.
  • Favoured by the Warp
    • Roll twice for Psychic Phenomena, unless Perils of the Warp is rolled
  • Warp Lock
    • Once per game session, may ignore the Psychic Phenomena rolled. Suffer 1d5 Energy damage to the head. May not use psychic powers until beginning of next turn.
  • Strong Minded
    • Re-roll failed Willpower tests to resist any psychic powers that affect the mind.
  • Hatred [Apostates]
    • +10 to melee attacks.
  • Daemonologist
    • When targeting a daemon with a Focus power test gain +10 to that test. May also gain +10 to relevant tests to banish or summon daemons.


  • 'Liber Malleus Accersito': A book bound in still-living human flesh found on the corpse of the witch Ruto Berenk, leader of the Silence. The tome speaks of terrible creatures locked behind the veil of reality.
    • +10 to Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) tests. Contains terrible secrets within…
  • Staff of Czo'sghuth: The remnant of Hayl's first foray into the binding of daemons. This staff was forged for purpose on the 'Northern Regalia' and bound with a plague daemon. It corrodes and corrupts any unfortunate enough to touch it.
    • Low Tech; +10 to hit; D10+1+Sb; E
    • Plague Bearer: On hit enemies must test Toughness at +0 every turn for seven turns. If they fail they take 2D10 Energy damage. Anyone who makes contact with the afflicted catches the disease for seven turns of their own.
  • 'Nothern Regalia' Carapace Armour:
    • 5-All, Includes micro-bead and respirator.
  • Hand-torch: [Common] 3.5kg Old welding torches on Temperance are sometimes converted into projecting their lance-like beam of fire over longer distances.
  • Omni-Shield: A grenade that projects a protective shield using some unknown and archaic Cult Mechanicus technology.
    • Thrown; SBx3; S/-/-; Field (30), Overload (01-05), D5+1 rounds
  • Psy Focus
  • BQ Data Slate
  • Multikey
  • Pict Recorder
  • Firebomb

Minor Disorder: Horrific Nightmares

Psychic Powers

Officially joining the Inquisition Hayl was soon welcomed into Inquisitor Fallon's inner circle. Inquisitor Fallon was a devout man and his acolyte cells were filled with priests and ex-Fraternis Militia guardsmen. Fallon was a daemon hunter by trade and worked with Hayl to find and exorcise dozens of daemons across Askellon. Under his tutelage Hayl learned the holy art of Sanctic powers, the abilities that allow a psyker to track and destroy daemons. After his Interrogator Sabella was promoted to Inquisitor and the pair had a falling out Fallon fell more and more into paranoia. Finally he retreated to his secret space station in the system designated XKG-530. Here Hayl engaged in research, plying Fallon's forbidden tomes and learning much about the nature of the warp and the creatures that dwell within. The Inquisitor was sure someone was trying to kill him and so sent away his inner circle.

After Inquisitor Fallon's death Hayl was reassigned to Inquisitor Sabela's warband. Sabela felt uncomfortable with this as Hayl was one of her peers under Fallon and so Hayl was assigned to the Librarium of the Fury Untold. He continued his research there while assisting acolyte cells in ritual sanctification.

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