Forge World, Adeptus Mechanicus, Assassin

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
50' 25 30 30 ''50'' 40'' [+2] 40'' 40 30 37

Experience: 15450/15600
Fate: 1
Wounds: 12


  • Intelligence, Agility, Weapon Skill, Perception
  • Tech, Fieldcraft, Finesse


  • Replace the Weak Flesh: Count all cybernetics as two rarities less.
  • Sure Kill: When you hit with an attack you may use a Fortune point to add your DoS to damage on that attack.

Known: Athletics, Logic, Trade (Armourer, Chymist, Cryptographer, Linguist).
+20: Awareness, Dodge, Scrutiny, Medicae, Tech-use
+30: Acrobatics, Security, Stealth


  • WT: Low-Tech, Exotic (Hollow-Blade)
  • Mechadendrite Use: Utility.
  • Ambidextrous: Use either hand without the -20 penalty.
  • Weapon Tech: Once per combat encounter as a Free action you add your Int Bonus to damage and penetration of a weapon for that turn. Only works on Exotic, Power, Plasma and Melta weapons.
  • Keen Intuition: Re-roll failed Awareness tests with a -10 penalty.
  • Leap Up: May stand from prone as a Free Action.
  • Quick Draw: Draw a weapon as a free action.
  • Inescapable Attack: After making an All Out Attack, Standard Attack, Stun or Charge apply a negative to evasion equal to 10x DoS to hit.
  • Infused Knowledge: Count all Common and Scholastic Lores as trained. +1 DoS on Lore tests.
  • Maglev Transcendence: Hover for D10+Toughness of minutes. Make a run action as a half action.
  • Swift Attack: +0 to hit, 1 hit per 2DoS beyond the first.
  • Unarmed Specialist: Unarmed attacks do D10 and can parry. You may re-roll the D10 on damage for these attacks.
  • Assassin Strike: After making a melee attack make a +0 Acrobatics test in order to make a 1/2 Action move as a Free Action.
  • Blademaster: Re-roll one missed melee attack roll per turn.
  • Crushing Blow: Add half WS Bonus as additional damage to melee attacks.
  • Step Aside: You may use two Reactions per turn.
  • Peer: Inquisition [I], Adeptus Mechanicus [I].
  • Enemy: Puritan Inquisition [I], Puritan Adeptus Mechanicus [I].
  • Takedown:

Mechanicus Implants
GQ Cerebral Implants: Unnatural Intelligence [2] and +20 to all Logic and Lore tests.
Maglev Coils: Hover as a Half Action.
GQ Augur Array: Counts as auspex. Re-roll all failed awareness tests.
GQ Bionic Respiratory System: +20 to resist airborne gasses. Count Toughness as 2 higher on Body location.
GQ Bionic Left Arm:
GQ Bionic Right Leg:


  • Nobles Walking Cane: Acquired after his injuries on Desoleum, Davrus has kept the cane long after his wounds healed. Ivory and worked with adamantium, it is an accessory that survived his death and was returned to him by Inquisitor Grendel when he rejoined his warband. The cane has been modified beyond it's normal use, now include a thin-bladed sword concealed within.
    • +10 to WS; Low Tech; Melee; D10+Str+3; R; Pen 2; Balanced, Mono 1.5kg
  • Hollow-blade: A curious weapon of unknown providence, the hollow-blade is a long and narrow knife of porous material connected to a muscle-activated synthetic spring implanted in the forearm. With a simple flex of the arm the weapon protrudes from the palm, the porous blade allowing a burst of compressed air to be injected into the target. The air quickly causes an embolism to occur, causing death in moments.
    • Exotic [Hollow]; Melee; D10+Str+3; R; Pen 3; Hollow (As long as at least 1 wound is caused, the target suffers an additional 1d10 damage, ignoring armour and toughness, at the end of their Toughness Bonus in rounds after receiving the wound)
    • This is an implant weapon and counts as a bionic. Implanted weapons are considered concealed and tests to find them suffer a -20 modifier.
  • IDent passports (up to PCs regarding exact details)
  • Shift-suit: [Unique] This long cape is attached to a bodyglove of exquisite craftsmanship, able to render the user practically invisible.
    • HABL: 3
    • +30 to Stealth, -30 to be hit by ranged attacks as long as the user has not performed an action which causes them to move

2 × Frag
2 x Stun
2 x Smoke
2 x Fire

Admech Starting Gear:

  • Mono-task servo skull


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