Silens Iras

Feudal, Sororitas, Assassin

Be a Boon to your Allies and the Bane of your Enemies: Gain Hatred (Psykers)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
50'' 25 40' 40 50'' 20 40'' 35 25 (13) 33

Wounds: 14/14
Fate: 4


  • WS, Agi, Str, Per
  • Offence, Fieldcraft, Finesse


  • At Home in Armour: A feudal world character ignores the maximum Agility value imposed by any armour she is wearing.
  • Incorruptible Devotion: Whenever an Adepta Sororitas character would gain 1 or more Corruption Points, she gains that many Insanity Points minus 1 (to a minimum of 0) instead.
  • Sure Kill: When an Assassin successfully hits with an attack, she may spend a Fate point to inflict additional damage equal to his degrees of success on the attack roll on the first hit the attack inflicts.
  • Untouchable: Can no longer gain the Psyker trait for any reason, Fellowship always counts as one-half (rounding up) its value for tests or other game usage. When interacting with anyone who has a psy rating or the Psyniscience skill, the Fellowship characteristic counts as 1, Can never gain nor benefit from the positive effects of Psychic Powers or any other related unnatural talents, traits, or abilities that call on the Warp for power, Automatically ignores any effects resulting from Psychic Phenomena (see page 195), and gains a +30 bonus on any tests to resist effects from a Perils of the Warp result.
  • 'Blessed are the Learned': As long as Silens has a relevant Lore her Scrutiny tests count as being assisted.

Known: Acrobatics, Athletics, Awareness, Intimidate, Common Lore (Adeptus Sororitas), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Imperial Creed), Linguistics (High Gothic), Operate (Aeronautica, Ground Vehicle), Parry, Scrutiny, Survival
+10: Stealth


  • Weapon Training: Flame, Chain, Low-Tech, Power
  • Hatred: [Psykers, Heretical Cults] +10 bonus to all Weapon Skill tests, Challenging (+0) Willpower test to retreat or surrender unless suicidally outnumbered or outclassed.
  • Jaded: Mundane events, from death’s horrific visage to xenos abominations, do not force her to gain Insanity points or make Fear tests. Daemons, Warp manifestations, and other unnatural effects still affect her normally.
  • Peer: [Adepta Sororitas] Gain a +10 bonus to all Fellowship and Influence tests when interacting with this chosen group, and at the GM’s discretion sometimes call upon them for favours.
  • Enemy: [Heretical Cults] Suffer an additional –10 penalty to Fellowship and Influence tests when dealing with this group, and the GM can use them to complicate your life from time to time.
  • Resistance: [Psychic Powers] He gains a +10 bonus when making tests to resist effects of this type.
  • Frenzy: Spends one full round fuelling her anger—by flagellation, drugs, or other means—on the next round, gain +10 to WS, Str, Tg, WP, but suffer –20 BS, Int & Fel. While Frenzied, the character must attack the nearest enemy in melee combat if possible. If she is not engaged with the nearest enemy, she must move towards that enemy and engage it if possible. Immune to Fear, Pinning, Stunning effects, and the effects of Fatigue; cannot Parry, retreat, or flee. Remain Frenzied for the duration of the combat, and cannot use psychic powers while Frenzied. After combat ends, or if there are no more eligible enemy targets WP to snap out of his Frenzy. If failed, continue to attack, favouring NPCs over PCs. Each successive round, however, he can make another Willpower test, with a cumulative +10 bonus. Cannot Frenzy again for at least an hour.
  • Battle Rage: The Acolyte can Parry while Frenzied, and can re-roll a failed test to snap out of Frenzy or resist entering Frenzy if he so chooses.
  • Swift Attack: She can make the Swift Attack action.
  • Blade Master: Re-roll one missed attack per round.
  • Unarmed Specialist: Gains the Deadly Natural Weapon trait (Melee; D10; Cannot Parry) and counts as armed even when facing weapon-wielding opponents while barehanded. While fighting bare handed can also re-roll the damage she inflicts.
  • Preternatural Speed: Double your charge speed.
  • Two Weapon Wielder: After making a Half Action attack, can make a single additional Half Action attack following the same restrictions with the other weapon as a Free Action. Both of these attacks count as being part of the same Half Action, and suffer a –20 penalty.
  • Ambidextrous: When combined with Two-Weapon Wielder talent, the penalty for making attacks with both weapons in the same turn drops to –10.
  • Quickdraw: Draw a weapon as a Free Action.
  • Step Aside: Can make an additional Evasion attempt (either a Dodge or a Parry) once per round.
  • Two Weapon Master: No negatives for attacking with both weapons.
  • Killing Strike: At the beginning of each of his turns the character may spend a Fate point to make her melee attacks unavoidable with the Dodge and Parry skills until the end of the round.

Equipment: ??/56kg

  • Seraph: A power sword taken from the Inquisitorial vaults. It's straight blade is worked with a subtle Fleur du Lys, hinting at a previous owner about whom no records exist.
    • Melee; D10+5E; Pen 5; Balanced, Powerfield 3kg
  • Vis Ignium: Cast from a single rod of blessed iron and featuring a compact power field generator, the enscribed etchings and runes protect against the machinations of the Warp and use the victim’s own psychic potency against themself.
    • Melee; D10+7E; Pen 5; Unbalanced, Santified, Powerfield 1kg
    • +1d10 Energy damage for every point of psy rating the target possesses.
    • +10 bonus to all Interaction tests made with those aligned with the Ordo Hereticus.
  • Hand Flamer
    • Pistol; 10m; S/-/-; 1D10+4E; Pen 2; Clip 2; 2Full; Flame, Spray 3.5kg
    • 3 Clips
  • Fallon's Dagger: Carved from obsidian with a razor sharp edge and marked with runes of protection this dagger was once owned by a famed Ecclesiastical daemon hunter, before passing to Inquisitor Fallon. Upon his death his protege gifted on to the men who uncovered the mystery of his death.
    • +10 to hit; D5+1; R; Pen 2; Sanctified 0.5kgs
  • The Plate Armour of Sister Yasta: A obsidian dark set of full plate with carmine trimmings, it's form is perfectly tailored to Silens and is worn as easily as synskin.
    • AP: 6 All, Max Agi 35 30kg
    • Several centuries ago, a sister of the Order of the Martyr's Blood served with an Inquisitor of the Ordos Hereticus investigating the feral world of Enkidu. Travelling in secret, they and several other puritan Acolytes avoided the naval blockade in place above the cursed world. What they sought none will ever know, but what is known is that all met their fate on the sandy deserts of Enkidu. Dozens of years later, a single escape craft was found drifting in the restricted voidspace above the world. Upon inspected there was but a single passenger - the desiccated remains of Sister Maria Yasta, clad in hand-forged baroque plate, clutching a shattered sword hilt in one hand and a rosette in the other. The confiscated remains have been locked in the Askellon Conclave Vault ever since.
  • Combat Vest: Holds up to 15kg of equipment, items held can be drawn as a free action in the players turn.
    • Holds: Stablight, Auspex, Magnoculars 2kg
  • Bronze Hammer Amulet: Found in the quarters of 'The Archivist' on Kaygee Station, this charm is an amulet of the daemon slayers of the Inquisition, the Ordo Malleus.
    • Charm. +10 to dealings with Ordo Malleus figures.
  • Chrono: Used to tell the time. n/a
  • Micro-bead: Worn in the ear and allowing for short-range communications out to roughly 1 kilometre n/a
  • Photo-Contacts: Characters wearing these see normally even in areas of total darkness, and never takes a penalty for fighting in areas of dim or no lighting. 0.5kg
  • Survival Suit with Respirator 0.5kg
    • +20 to resist weather effects
    • +30 to resist toxins, can re-roll test if failed
  • Saint Augustine and Her Apostles: An ancient leather bound book marked in gold with the symbol of the Adeptus Sororitas, this book contains many secrets and teachings from the Sororitas and the Ecclesiarchy itself. The entire book is written by hand in high gothic and is a work of immense beauty.
    • Silens receives +20 to relevant Adeptus Sororitas and Imperial Creed Lore checks when she has time to consult this book. 2kgs
  • Ancient Adeptus Mechanicus Auspex: A bronze plated monstrosity of an auspex from an age past, it also has the ability to scan people for physical maladies.
    • Auspex, also counts as a Diagnosticator. 1kg
    • +20 to relevant Awareness tests; +20 to Medicae/Scrutiny tests to detect an ailment.
  • Dataslate: Capable of storing and reading printed text and other forms of data such as pict or audio recordings. 0.5kg
  • Magnoculars: Powerful vision aids that can magnify distant items into clear focus, helping ensure no heresy goes unspotted. 0.5kg
  • Stablight: Projects a narrow conical beam roughly 25m. 0.5kg
  • Climbing Pack [Grapnel, Line and Clip Drop Harness] 2kg
    • A character using a clip harness to ascend/descend vertically gains a +30 bonus on tests to Climb and cannot fall if he fails.
    • Fires a Hook up 100m. Once the grapnel attaches to the desired spot such as a rooftop, a user can manually climb the line or activate a powered winch that can lift the user roughly 5m per round.
  • Stummer 2kg
    • Blankets sound within 5m; +30 bonus to Stealth; 20 minutes use/ One hour recharge.


  • Armoured Bodyglove:
    • ABL-2 5kg
  • Ballistic Clothes: A slim fitting suit of black material with buttons along the side, this unremarkable clothing is weaved with rare ballistic mesh that makes it capable combat armour.
    • ABL-3; Appears to be mundane clothing. 5kg
  • Chainmail: An oiled hauberk from a less-civilised era.
    • AP:3 All; Max Agi 35.
  • Feudal Plate: A worn set of feudal plate that Silens brought from her homeworld.
    • AP:5 All, Max Agi 25 30kg
  • Censura: A slender longsword of burnished metal, its simple design a testament to the finality of its purpose.
    • Great Weapon (Melee; 2D10R; Pen 2; Unbalanced, Mono) 7kg
    • Sanctioned for 1 combat
  • Chainblade: A short chugging chain-knife recovered from the gangs of Desoleum - ritually tech-cleansed by Lt Gallach with a dull metal finish.
    • Melee; D10+1; R; Pen 1; Tearing 2.0kg
  • Chainsword: A gift from Coldo, this weapon is as brutal as it is ugly. A revving beast of a weapon, it obliterates anyone it touches in a mass of blood and bone.
    • Melee; D10+2R; Pen 2; Balanced, Tearing 6kg

Knight Militant; Silens can be abnormally vicious in her dealings but is convinced of her own righteousness.
"Nobody is more dangerous than she who imagines herself pure in heart, for her purity, by definition, is unassailable" Sister Imperius, on the cleansing of Fortress Antioch, Hrax

Born on the feudal world of Hrax.
Given to a Sororitas aligned fortress after her parents sense the malady of the soul upon her.
Sisterhood taught her in the old ways, used her as a weapon to target the Furimancer threat on Hrax.
Recruited by Interrogator King under the guise of completing the Emperors work, unaware that Inquisitor is a psyker.

Did some private work for personal confessor, while expanding her studies into the Imperial Creed. Discovered what her confessor was asking her to do was heretical and so killed him and his bodyguards.

Personal Log:
2.1.5 - Have made contact with Raptor cell as per King's directive. Initial faith assessment is poor; the driver appears to follow the creed, the warrior only appears to pay lip and the last is of the malefica. Driver appears to have uncanny ability to control vehicle, worth watching for unnatural links to vehicles. Psyker shows minimal control over abilities, perhaps involved with phenomena with pox-magister. Request extended loan of Power Stake to deal with any future complications.
Recorded kills: 1x Hereticus Majoris - Pox Magister
Equipment destruction: 1x Corruption Staff [burst into iridescent, green vapour], 1x Ritual Cleaver [shattered into a thousand, rusty fragments]

2.1.6 - The Killing Smile investigation is complete. Will practice forms 10,000 times and spend 2x months in silence as punishment for associated faith loss due to inability of Desoleum Cleric Maximus to deliver sermon as part of annual address. Psyker lost control again, only minor warp corruption related to provision, reminder to self; do not eat in front of him should his taint infect thine own provisions.
Recorded kills: 2x Hereticus Minoris - Nurgle Cultists

3.1.2 - To Come.

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