Gaius Hephaeston

Gaius Hephaeston

Hive World (Metallica), Gang Member, Guardsman

Solitary, Stoic, Ruthless, ?
Tarot: "To War Is Human" +3 Agi

WS BS* S T Ag* Int* Per WP Fel
31 48 30 30 40 33 40 26 30


+5 BS, -5 T, +5 Fel

Wounds: 12
Experience: 400/400 [Rank 2]
Corruption: 0
Insanity: 0
Fate: 3

Trained: Awareness, Dodge, Drive (Ground Vehicle), Speak (Malice Dialect, Low Gothic), Stealth, Tech-Use

Talents and Traits:
Melee Weapon Training (Prim), Basic Weapon Training (Las, SP), Pistol Weapon Training (Las)

  • Caves of Steel: Tech-Use as Basic
  • Hivebound: -10 Survival and -5 to Int when in Open Environments
  • Wary: +1 Initiative
  • Packing Iron: -5 To Tests when not carry a gun
  • Way of the Gun: +5 to Tech-Use Tests with guns

-Hunting Rifle w/ Silencer (150m; S/-/-; Dam 9; Pen 0; Clip 5; Reload Full; Accurate)
-Knife (Dam 6; Rending; Primitive)
-Guard Flak (4- All)
-12x Manstopper rounds (+3 Pen)
-Malice Infantry Uniform, Infantryman's Uplifting Primer
-Cameleoline Cloak: +20 to Concealment, Count as one range bracket further away Special Item

Thrones: 3

  • Raised on Malice, where he was conscripted into the PDF at a young age. [As Gang Member]
  • Served well in the Conscript unit and came to thrive as a scout. Promoted to proper trooper in the Light Infantry Specialist capacity.
  • Unit was assigned to Inquisitor Thoran Barstow for his retaking of the Trinitus Scholam in the Lathe Cluster and Gaius served as personal scout for Jarrion Torrmanis, whom he saved in a cultist ambush.
  • After they escaped the space station the Inquisitor asked Gaius, one of the few survivors from the platoon, to join his acolyte band.
  • Gaius was instrumental to cell Raptors survival during assignment 8524A

Starting: Level 1 [250]
Hive Gang [200exp]
Awareness [100exp]
Level 2 [100/250]
Dodge [100exp]

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