Gallus Dolor

Pragmatic, Ambitious, Willful, Cerebral

Void Born, Adeptus Administratum, Academic (Sage), Interrogator

Trust in Your Fear: +5 Perception, Gain Disorder.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
33 I42 33 41 I43 VI72 I50 I46 II48 43

Wounds: None

Experience: 12,000/12,100 (Level 6)
Fate: 4
Insanity: 6 (Midnight Visitations)
Corruption: 7

  • Home World Bonus: Don't count zero gravity for the purposes of difficult terrain
  • Background Bonus: Count items as 10 higher
  • Sage Bonus: May spend a Fate Point to automatically pass a Logic or Remembrance test with DOS equal to Intelligence Bonus.

Level 1 (-10:)
Acrobatics, Athletics, Navigate, Pilot, Psyniscience, Survival.
Level 2 (+0):
Charm, Command, Deceive, Evade, Intimidate, Medicae, Stealth, Subterfuge.
Level 3 (+10):
Commerce, Investigate, Linguistics, Logic, Observe, Tech-Use.
Level 5 (+30:)


  • General:
    • Weapon Training (Las, Low Tech)
    • Specialist (Adeptus Administratum, Heretical Cults, Schola Progenium, Inquisitors, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Mechanicus, Stryxis, Adeptus Astra Telepathica)
    • Peer (Adeptus Administratum, Inquisitors)
  • Resistance:
    • Resistance (Psychic Powers)
  • Mobility:
    • Quick Draw
    • Light Sleeper
    • Combat Formation (Int for Initiative)
  • Investigation:
    • Keen Intuition (After failed Observe may re-roll with a -10 per attempt)
    • Canvassing (Re-Roll test to gather information from large group of people)
    • Coordinated Interrogation (+5 to Interrogate and +5 per person with this Talent)
  • Technology:
    • Technical Knock (Tech-Use reattempts take normal time)
    • Omnissiah’s Blessing (May use Fortune to automatically roll a 001 on Tech-Use Tests)
  • Mental Fortitude:
    • Cold Hearted (Immune to Charm)
    • Warp Sense (Psyniscience as Free Action)

-Compact Laspistol in Concealed Holster ((Light; 80m; RoF 1; D10; Energy; Clip 6; Reload 1AP; Close Quarters, Overcharge [3]) [3 Clips]
-Ancient Kreutz Knife (Light; AB-2; D5+AB; Rending)
-Digital Weapon (D10+4; 1 Use Only)

-BQ Administratum Robes (H: 1, B: 2, AL: 1) Max Agi: -
-Robes (H: 1, B: 2, AL: 1) Max Agi: -

-BQ Clothes, CQ Administratum Robes, Chrono, BQ Data-Slate, BQ Pict Recorder, Microbead.
-Inquisitorial Rosette Wallet
-Backpack [Data-Slate, Auto-quill, BQ Admin Robes, Respirator, Wireless Security Amplifier, Writing Kit, Carton of Lho Sticks, Anti-Flash Goggles].
- Falsified Rank 4/6 Administratum ID: 4 DOS “Quintos Polifus” [Gallus]
-Falsified Rank 2/6 Administratum ID: 2 DOS “Lokir Thelframe” [Romulus]
-Falsified Private Mercenary ID: 3 DOS “Nathaniel Edmur” [Dalton]
-False ID, yet to be coded 4 DOS
-Removed 3 month visa chip.

  • Stored: Perseus Accommodation
    • Imperial Guard Flak Armour (H: 4, BAL: 5) Max Agi: 50
    • BQ Hot-Shot Laspistol (Light; 60m; RoF 1; D10; Energy; Pen 4; Clip 12; Reload 1 AP; Close Quarters, Overcharge [5]) [12/12/12]
    • 'Steelburner' Lasgun (Basic; 160m; RoF 2; D10+5; Energy; Clip 12; Reload 2AP) [Always counts as Overcharged (included)] [12/12/12]
    • Nobles Duelling Sword (Light; RoA WSb–3; D10+1+Sb; Rending; Balanced)
    • 1x Hallucinatory Grenade (Light; 10+ SB metres; Blast [5], Hallucinogenic [2], Indirect, Scatter [2]), 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    • PQ Maglantern, Rapid Injector w/ 2x Stimm, Forgery Kit
    • Sorcerous Tome, Data Slate (Razor Ring writ of commission), House Mauri signet ring
  • Stored: Tanstar 88
    • Fervious Local Robes (H: 1, B: 2, AL: 1) Max Agi: -
    • Kreutz Skyblooded book of Mythology, Fervious History of the Godswoods, Perseus Myths and Legends of the Dream King
    • "Omnissiah's Will", Frumentarii Enforcer's Shotgun (Basic; 30m; RoF 1/2; D10+2; Impact; Clip 9; Reload 6AP; Spray, Reinforced, Extended Mag) [12 Dumdum bullets]
    • BQ Regicide Kit

Gallus was one of the billions of orphaned children the Imperial military machine churns out on a daily basis. He never knew his parents, nor of their occupation, only that they were important enough that upon their deaths he was enrolled in a Scholar Progenium, schools set up to teach and indoctrinate the children of the Emperors higher servants. He studied at [RESTRICTED ACCESS] from a very young age, going through the same basic education and military training as any other student at the Scholarum. This orbiting college overlooks the planet [RESTRICTED ACCESS] and it is this view that Gallus enjoyed for the majority of his childhood.

When the time came to specialise Cadet Dolor was specially chosen for tutelage under Jager Masse, famed academic of the now destroyed [RESTRICTED ACCESS]. Masse had just recently given up a prestigious post at that academy to teach here and with his patronage Gallus was destined to become a great academic himself. Under Masse he studied the great Imperial civilisation in detail, it's legends and folklores given just as much credence as it's customs and the inner workings of it's grand organisations. Eventually Gallus moved past the study of humanity and began to focus on the arcane and forbidden, many of his lessons coming directly from Masse's personal library and taught only to Gallus.

It is uncertain how exactly but it came to pass that the other tutors at [RESTRICTED ACCESS] came to learn of the heretical leanings of it's most reclusive scholar. The priests, ex-guardsmen and adepts of the college did not investigate this rumour but rather, as they taught their students, put their faith in the Imperium and reported it. The subsequent Inquisitorial raid was as swift as it was ruthless, the librariums of the Scholarum burned as armoured personelle clashed with the dark and horrible figures that Masse had summoned to protect him. Gallus saw none of this however, escorted safely from the facility by Inquisitorial agents as a key witness in what would be the upcoming trial.

During the investigation that followed Gallus served as a willing witness, giving testimony against his former tutors and being put through the trying ordeal of Inquisitorial interrogation. Despite the fact many were summarily executed for supposed taint Gallus managed to survive the trying ordeal of interrogation, even earning the respect of his interrogator. It was noted by his Inquisitor his intellect and strength of will, just as Gallus noted that within this organisation was the path to knowledge he craved. When the investigation was over he was established as an Adeptus Administratum worker on Scintilla, overseeing the entering of mundane information into the Imperial knowledge machine. For many years he was just another grey robe amongst Scintilla's might data stacks, rising through the ranks of Administratum despite his relative disdain for the work. Despite this seemingly mundane existence in his spare time Gallus took great pains to uncover and study anything he could put his hands on, eager for more information on the world he had barely scraped the surface of. Eventually, however, the call of the Inquisition came, a call Gallus gleefully answered.

The events on Kreutz I had a profound impact on Gallus. He had been hardened not only by the firefights and bloodshed but most prominently by not competing his task. He realised that intellect and knowledge could not fight the enemies of the Imperium without actual conflict and that an Inquisitors job was more often than not to cut out a cancer of the Imperium, not just uncover it. With this fact first in his mind in the months and years following the events of Kreutz he pushed himself to follow a more martial path. With rigorous training he steeled his body and mind for the trials of Inquisitorial service, assisting Inquisitor Vulpus personally wherever possible. He continued his search for knowledge but tempered this pursuit with combat drills and hand to hand sparring. It was his hope that he could hone his skills to those of a true Inquisitorial agent.

PQ Hot-Shot Laspistol (-10)
BQ Pict Recorder (-10)
BQ Data-Slate (-10)

Starting: 500/500
Tech-Use [100]
Remembrance +10 (III) [200]
Light Sleeper (Mobility) [200]

Level 1: 1050/1000 1000
Int +5 (I) [200]
Command [150]
Evade [150]
Specialist (Heretical Cults) [400]
Investigate [150]

Level 2: 1450/1500 2500
Int +5 (II) [200]
Fel +5 (I) [300]
Combat Formation (Mobility) [400]
Commerce +10 [200]
Technical Knock (Technology) [200]
Observe [150]
Agility +5 (I) [150]

Level 3: 2150/2000 (2000) 4500
Remembrance +20 (IV) [300]
Investigate [150]
Subterfuge [200]
Keen Intuition (Mobility) [200]
Canvassing (Investigation) [200]
Coordinated Interrogation (Investigation) [200]
Cold Hearted (Mental Fortitude) [200]
Int +5 (III) [250]
Remembrance +30 (V) [200]
Intimidate [200]

Level 4: 2350/2350 (2500) 7000
Specialist (Inquisitors) [400]
Specialist (Adeptus Ministorum) [400]
Specialist (Adeptus Mechanicus) [400]
Int +5 (IV) [250]
Observe +10 [300]
Investigate +10 [300]
Linguistics +10 [300]

Level 5: 3000/3000 10,000
Tech-Use +10 [200]
Peer (Adeptus Administratum) [200]
Logic +10 [200]
Resistance (Psychic Powers) [200]
Weapon Training (Low Tech) [300]
BS+5 (I) [300]
Deceive [150]
Per +5 (I) [200]
Omnissiah’s Blessing [400]
Stealth [150]
Int +5 (V) [300]
Specialist (Stryxis) [400]

Level 6: 2000/2100 12,100/13,500
Peer (Inquisitors) [200]
Warp Sense (Mental Fortitude) [200]
Fel +5 (II) [400]
WP +5 (I) [400]
Int +5 (VI) [300]
Specialist (Adeptus Astra Telepathica) [400]

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