Gavriel Zane

Hive World, Living Nightmare, Hive Gang Member, Psyker

Trust in your fear (+2 Agi, +1 FP)
Hypno-doctrination (+3 WP)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
26 45' 30 20 40 36' 42'' 53' 33


Wounds: 12
Fate: 3
Fortune: 3
Corruption: 2
Insanity: 1

Basic: Tech Use
Trained: Invocation, Literacy, Psyniscience, Speak Language (Metallican, Low Gothic), Trade (Merchant), Dodge, Concealment, Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Search
+10: Awareness, Dodge, Inquiry

Melee (Prim), Pistol Weapon Training (SP), Basic Weapon (SP), Resistance (Psychic Powers), Psy Rating (2), Quickdraw, Rapid Reload, Paranoia, Rapid Reaction, Light Sleeper, Ambidextrous, Die Hard, Crack Shot, Deadeye Shot

  • Packing Iron:
    • If you are, for any reason without a usable gun, either because you have been disarmed, caught unawares, or run out of ammunition, you take a -5 penalty on all Tests.
  • Hivebound:
    • Hivers take a =10 penalty to all Survival (Int) tests and while out of a "proper hab" take -5 to all Intelligence tests.
  • Wary:
    • +1 to Initiative rolls
  • Unreadable Mind:
    • You are completely immune to the Psychic Power: Mind Scan, as well as any similar effects or abilities.

Psychic Powers:
Chameleon [7]
Unnatural Aim [8]
Spasm [7]
Float [8]
Forget Me [6]
Healer [7]
White Noise [8]
Call Item (On Compact Stub Automatic) [5]
Sense Presence [7]
Trick [5]
Wall Walk [8]

Mind Scan [23]
See Me Not [14]

- Compact "Nomad" Hunting Rifle (125m; S/-/-; Dam 11; Pen 3; Clip 2; Reload: Half; Accurate, Reliable, Silencer) 5.5kg w/ 3 Clips
- Compact Stub Automatic (15m; S/3/-; Dam 8; Pen 0; Clip 5; Reload: Half, Silencer) 0.75kg
- GQ Stub Automatic (30m, S/3/9; Dam 9; Pen 0; Clip 10; Reload: Half, Reliable, Silencer) 1.5kg
- Psykana Mercy Blade (Dam 6; Pen 0; Primitive) 0.5kg
- Quilted Vest (Body 2) 2kg
- Poor Quality Clothing
- Deck of Cards
- Psy Focus
- Lucky Cog
- Deck Plating Fragment
- Sanctioning Brand
- 20 Rounds of SP Bullets
- Microbead
- Respirator
- Flak Cloak (Body, Arms, Legs 3)

24 thrones

Special Item:

Hive Ganger as a youth on Scintilla.
Detected as a teenager during the decennial black ship tithe.
Returned to Terra to be sanctioned by the Emperor's divine presence.
Memories of the strange devices, humming with unearthly notes and wielded by towering men in stark white uniforms lying at the end of unending corridors.
Has to whispers the divine chant of protection to drown out these memories, the only way he can speak.
Posted for reasons only known to his masters to Kreutz I on a small stipend, fell back into ganging out of the need to occupy himself with the world rather than continuing to develop his own psychic prowess.

Not really happy with last part but nfi for a good reason for him to more ganger than phwoa psyker

Hive Gang Member [200exp]
Pistol Training Refund[+100exp]
Living Nightmare [300exp]

Level 1:
Quick Draw [100exp]
Level 2:
WP + 5 [100exp]
Psy Rating 2 [200exp]
Rapid Reload [100exp]
Paranoia [100exp]

Level 3:
Awareness +10
Rapid Reaction
Perception +5
Forbidden Lore (Psykers)
BS +5
Perception +10

Level 4
Psy Rating 3
Psychic Power (Mind Scan)
Dodge + 10
Die Hard
Light Sleeper
Intelligence +5

Level 5
Crack Shot
Deadeye Shot
Inquiry +10

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