The Thule Campaign

Thou Shalt Not Consult The Dismal Texts.
Thou Shalt Not Succour The Criminal.
Thou Shalt Not Suffer The Presence of the Xenos.
Thou Shalt Not Summon the Daemon.
Thou Shalt Not Turn Thy Hand Upon Your Brother.
Thou Shalt Not Gainsay the Order of Your Superior.
Thou Shalt Not Take Up The Tool of The Damned.
-Commandments of the Inquisitor

Throne Agent Cell Bashere Status: Active

Cell Bashere Irregulars
Dramatis Personae

Reassigned Assets:
Cell Gnosis

Cell Osiris


Part I: Impact Winter M41.905
Part II: Market Entry Protocol M41.907
Part III: The Hecate Agenda M41.912

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