Jarrion Torrmanis

Jarrion Torrmanis, Versipex Adept of the Inquisition

Forgeworlder, Adept, Munitorum Quastor, Versipex Adept

Truth is subjective

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
20 38 26 28 30 51 32 30 26


+3 Int, +3 Int, -5 WP, -5 Fel

Wounds: 9
Experience: 400/400
Corruption: 3
Insanity: 0
Fate: 1

Basic: Command, Inquiry, Search, Common Lore (Tech, Machine Cult)
Trained: Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Guard), Literacy, Medicae, Scholastic Lore (Legends), Security, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Trade (Copyist)

Talents and Traits:
Light Sleeper, Paranioa, Pistol Training (SP), Technical Knock, Unremarkable, Total Recall

  • Forge World Skills: Common Lore (Tech, Machine Cult) as basic skills
  • Fit for Purpose: +3 Intelligence
  • Stranger to the Cult: -10 on Tests involving knowledge of the Imperial Creed, -5 Fellowship when dealing with members of the Ecclesiarchy in a formal setting.
  • Credo Omnissiah: Technical Knock talent

- Stub Automatic (30m, S/3/-, Dam 9I, Clip 9, Reload Full)
- Street Clothes (CQ Clothes)
- Auto-quill (+10 to Trade (Copyist) tests)
- Chrono (Tells the time)
- Data-slate (40k Kindle)
- Backpack (Holds up to 50kg of equipment)

Thrones: 97

Born to Ministorum adept parents on the forgeworld, responsible for the reporting of production to the Imperium.
Followed familial profession and was allocated as a Questor, responsible for visiting various worlds kept in supply by the FW to ensure supplies went in full to correct recipients.
Came to attention of Inquisitor Thoran Barstow after alerting authorities to substantial differences in supply of weapons, traced supply requisitions to heretical cell planning revolt.
Assisted Interrogator Chael King in the subsequent investigation, proving his ability to defend himself and the Inquisitor's own adept during the final firefight, earned Inquisitor's appreciation after being able to unjam Inquisitor's archeotech bolter.
Inducted into Inquisitorial cell under command of Interrogator King and managed to not die during fateful mission of assignment 8524A

Ministorum Questor (100 exp)
Total Recall (200 exp)
Medicae (100 exp)

Level 1:

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