Davrus Octavius

Noble Born - Astra Telepathica - Mystic

Divination: A suspicious mind is a healthy mind.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
25 25 25 30 30 35 37 50 50 39

Wounds: 14
Fate: 3/4

  • Aptitudes:
    • Fellowship, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower
    • Defence, Knowledge, Psyker

Known: Awareness, Charm, Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica), Deceive, Forbidden Lore (the Warp), Psyniscience, Inquiry, Interrogation


  • Weapon Training: Las, Low-Tech.
  • Resistance: [Psychic Powers, Fear] +10 to resist the appropriate.
  • Peer: [Noblity, Astra Telepathica]
  • Enemy: [The Followers of Putrifex]
  • Cover-Up: May reduce Influence to increase party subtlety. One Influence lost = +5 subtlety gained.
  • Contact Network: May use Fellowship in the place of Influence for making Acquisition tests.
  • Warp Sense: Use Psyniscience as a Free Action.
  • Strong Minded: May re-roll failed Willpower tests to resist any psychic powers that affect his mind.
  • Warp Lock: Once per game session, may ignore the Psychic Phenomena he has rolled (including the Perils of the Warp), completely negating its effects. Suffers 1d5 Energy damage to the Head location (not reduced by Armour or Toughness), cannot make any Focus Power tests or sustain other psychic powers until the beginning of his next turn.
  • Jaded: Mundane events, from death’s horrific visage to xenos abominations, do not force him to gain Insanity points or make Fear tests.
  • Adamantium Faith: Subtract your WP Bonus (5) from DoF on a failed Fear or Pinning test. If this reduces the result to 0 you count as having succeeded with 1 DoS.

Equipment: 4/27

  • Nobles Walking Cane: Acquired after his injuries on Desoleum, Davrus has kept the cane long after his wounds healed. Ivory and worked with adamantium, it is an accessory worthy of his station.
    • Stats as BQ Compact Staff
    • +10 to WS; Melee; D10; I; Balanced, Primitive [7] 1.5kg
  • Broken Stone Aquila: A half broken aquila made from old stone, found about Kaygee Station. 0kg
    • Psy Focus able to cast Sanctic powers.
  • Psy Focus (BQ Chrono) 0kg
  • BQ Clothing 2kg
  • BQ Dataslate 0.5kg
  • Microbead 0kg
  • Fake Grox-Gun


  • GQ Void Suit 8kg
  • Fallon's Dagger: Carved from obsidian with a razor sharp edge and marked with runes of protection this dagger was once owned by a famed Ecclesiastical daemon hunter, before passing to Inquisitor Fallon. Upon his death his protege gifted on to the men who uncovered the mystery of his death.
  • +10 to hit; D5+1; R; Pen 2; Sanctified 0.5kg
    • 6kg
  • Needle Pistol: A slender piece the colour of midnight, this Needle Pistol was taken from the body of a fallen Demagogue who served the Prophets of the Severed Tongue in Desoleum. It has since been ritually cleansed by the Adeptus Mechanicus and Inquisitor Grendel himself, and is ready for use against the enemies of the Imperium.
    • Exotic; Pistol; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10R; Pen:0; Clip:6; Rld:Full; Accurate, Felling (1), Toxic (5), Built-in Silencer 1.5kg
  • Ballistic Suit: A simple suit of black material with buttons along the side, this unremarkable clothing is weaved with rare ballistic mesh that makes it capable combat armour.
    • ABL-3; Appears to be mundane clothing. 5kg


Psychic Powers:

Psy Rating [5]

-powerful noble house
-trades in information gleaned through sages and divinations
-investigate by the Inq several times due to high yield of psyker births within the family - basically inconclusive investigations

-After 'Killing Smile' went to the 'Emperor's Song' and was made into an Astropath.

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