Frontier, Imperial Navy, Ace

Trust in Your Fear: +5 Perception, Gain Phobia.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
30 '50'' 30 [+1] 30 [+1] 50'' [+1] 45' '50'' '45'' 25 46

Wounds: 10/10
Fate [Fortune]: 2 [4]

  • Aptitudes:
    • BS, Agility, Perception, Willpower
    • Finesse, Tech, Fieldcraft


  • Trust in Your Fear: After the incident with the Chaos Reaver Sorcerers Gallach has a crippling fear of Psykers. Roll WP to interact with them. They may cause Fear at GM's discretion.
  • Close Quarters Discipline: +1 DoS to shooting attacks when at Close Range, Point Blank Range or in Close Combat.
  • Right Stuff: Use Fate Point to succeed on Operate or Survival test with DoS equal to Agility Bonus.
  • Rely on No-One: +20 to Tech-Use tests to apply weapon mods, +10 to Tech-Use when repairing items.
  • Dark Sight: Ignore penalties to sight from darkness.
  • Madness: [Haunted by Davrus] As Gallach moves into the realms of the radical he is haunted by his old ally, the ever righteous Davrus.

Known: Acrobatics, Athletics, Command, Common Lore (Imperial Navy, War, Imperial Guard, Askellon), Deceive, Forbidden Lore (Xenos [T'au, Eldar, Necrontyr], Inquisition, Criminal Cartels, Askellon), Inquiry, Logic, Medicae, Navigate (Stellar, Surface), Psyniscience, Tech-Use, Trade (Voidfarer, Armourer, Technomat).
+10: Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Interrogate, Operate (Surface, Voidship), Security, Survival.
+20: Awareness, Dodge, Stealth.
+30: Operate (Aeronautica), Scrutiny.


  • Hotshot Pilot: When you pass Operate or Survival tests may add DoS equal to 1/2 Agi bonus at the cost of a point of fatigue. When you fail Operate or Survival tests you may remove DoF in a similar manner.
  • Quick Draw: Draw a weapon as a free action.
  • Weapon Training: Solid Projectile, Low Tech, Bolt, Las, Melta, Launcher, Power, Plasma
  • Peer: Imperial Navy [I], Imperial Guard [I], Ecclesiarchy [I], Inquisition [I]
  • Enemy: Void Pirates [I].
  • Hatred: Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • Jaded: After years of violence and horror you have steeled your mind against mundane terrors.
  • Rapid Reload: Halve the time taken to reload ranged weapons. (Included)
  • Mighty Shot: Add 1/2 of BS Bonus to ranged damage. (Included)
  • Ambidextrous: Use either hand without the -20 penalty.
  • Marksman: No penalties for double or long range.
  • Push the Limit: Once per round add +20 to an Operate test. If you fail by 4 or more roll on the motive systems critical table.
  • Leap Up: May stand from prone as a Free Action.
  • Step Aside: You may use two Reactions per turn.
  • Resistance: [Fear] You gain +10 on applicable tests.
  • Target Selection: Do not suffer -20 for shooting into combat. When you aim you cannot hit allies.
  • Witch Finder: Treat Psyniscience as a trained skill, ignoring the psyker prereq.
  • Death Dealer: [Ranged] Add Perception bonus [5] to all critical damage.
  • Sprint: Move 12x Agi bonus in a Run action.
  • Bolter Drill: When firing on Semi or Full Auto with a Bolt weapon increase the RoF by 1.
  • Rapid Reaction: May attempt an Agility test to avoid being surprised.
  • Adamantium Faith: Subtract your WP bonus from failed Fear tests. Please note this may cause a test to pass.
  • Weapon Tech: Once per combat, as a Free Action, increase damage and pen by Int Bonus for one round with plasma, energy, power or exotic weapons.
  • Keen Intuition: Re-roll failed awareness tests at -10.


  • Lacertus: A black bionic with bronze workings, this is an exquisite piece befitting of a servant of the Adeptus Astartes. It was given to Gallach by Brother Albrecht of the Deathwatch after he lost his arm fighting side-by-side with Albrecht on Kalto.
    • Contains the command codes for the warship Northern Regalia.
    • +10 to applicable Agility Tests involving fine manipulations.
    • +10 to applicable Strength Tests using the limb.
    • Adds 2 Toughness Bonus to that location.
    • Concealed Cavity: may contain a single one-handed weapon with the Compact upgrade. -40 to locate via Scrutiny tests (including the -20 for Compact). May be readied as a Free Action.
    • Compact Melta charge: A cleverly hidden single-shot melta charge is contained in the upper forearm of the cybernetic, installed for Gallach by the Techmarine aboard Watch Fortress Achilles. (Melta; Pistol; 5m; S/-/-; 2D10+9+3; Pen 12; Clip [1]; Melta, Compact). -40 to locate via Scrutiny tests (including the -20 for Compact).
    • Auspex holo-display: Functions as Auspex, but the character does not need to sacrifice a hand to use it.
    • Rosette display. Thought activated.
  • GQ Bionic Legs:
    • Adds 2 Toughness Bonus to that location, apart from this behaves as a leg normally would.
    • +20 bonus to Agility tests made to jump or leap.
    • Gain the 'Sprint' talent.
  • GQ Bionic Arm:
    • Adds 2 Toughness Bonus to that location, apart from this behaves as an arm normally would.
    • +10 to applicable Agility Tests involving fine manipulations.
  • GQ MIU:
    • +10 to Tech-Use, Operate, Logic, Inquiry and BS when interfaced.
  • GQ Bionic Eyes:
    • +10 to tests based on sight. +20 to resist effects to eyesight.
    • Grants 'Dark Sight' trait.


  • Lothric-Pattern Plasma Caster
    • Basic; Plasma; 80m; S/2/-; D10+10+3; E; Pen 8; Clip [30]; Reload [1 Full, 1 Half]; Maximal (?), Reliable
    • [30], [30], [30], [30]
  • Lorica Harness: An archeotech combat rig that integrates directly with the nervous system of the wearer. Able to be equipped with armour plates and other additions, it makes the bearer a force to behold.
    • Unnatural Strength [+1], Unnatural Toughness [+1], Unnatural Agility [+1]
  • Lorica Knight-Lord's Plate: Archeotech power armour that attaches directly to the Lorica Harness. Overlapping plasteel plates are stylised to look like an ancient knight and make the bearer an imposing sight on the battlefield. Gallach was gifted with an officer's set of plate, seared black and marked with an imposing 'I' of the Inquisition.
    • 9-All; Max Agility [50]; Half weight
    • Environmentally sealed. Includes a rebreather, respirator and comm link.
  • His Voice: A black and red-chased storm bolter, compacted for ease of use and concealment, once belonging to the Interrogator of Cell Iscariot. Gifted to Gallach by Lord Inquisitor Spiron Hark. Calisto was a firebrand of a different sort - capable of tempering his zealous nature when the mission required it. However, when the need for overwhelming force became apparent, he was to be found on the front line, his blessed storm bolter spewing forth deluges of holy munitions at the enemies of the Emperor.
    • GQ Compact Storm Bolter w/ motion predictor and fire selecter. 4.5kg
    • Bolt; Basic; 45m; S/3/5; D10+4+3; X; Pen 4; Clip [30]; Reload [1/2]; Storm, Tearing, Compact
    • [15/15 Toxic], [30], [30], [15/15 Toxic]
    • Toxic: -2 damage. -10 Toughness test or take D10 additional wounds ignoring armour and toughness.
    • Storm: Doubles the amount of hits and ammo expended up to the max RoF. Eg. Full Auto is 4 shots, each shot grants 2 hits so only need 2 DoS to hit with all 4 (using 4 ammo).
  • 'Redeemer': A bolt pistol originally intended for the Sovereign Guard of Juno. It was stolen by the Harvestmen on Kalto before Gallach reclaimed it. Cold steel, with a royal blue frame, the pistol is exquisitely made and utterly deadly.
    • GQ Bolt Pistol.
    • Bolt; Pistol; 30m; S/3/-; D10+5+3; X; Pen 4; Clip [8]; Reload [1/2]; Reliable, Tearing.
    • [8], [8], [8], [8]
  • Recoil Gloves
  • Inferno Pistol
    • Pistol; Melta; 10m; S/-/-; 2D10+10+3; E; Pen 12; Clip [3]; Reload [1/2]; Melta
    • [3], [3], [3], [3]
  • Interrogator's Garb: A simple black naval uniform with no markings of any kind. The lack of ornamentation leads this uniform to have a certain sinister air to it.
    • BQ Clothes.
  • Lokhart Boarding Sabre: Taken from a slain naval captain aboard Port Lokhart, Gallach took the blade to serve as his own as a trophy. A typical weapon issued to officers of a more ferocious bent, the sabre is short and brutish, containing a micro-shock generator within the hilt.
    • Power; Melee; D10+5+Str; E; Pen 5; Power Field.
      • Shock Hilt: D10+Str; I; Shocking
  • Bone Aquila Amulet: An amulet carved for Gallach by the wife of a chieftain on Rund who was saved by Gallach. He holds it close, as it symbolises the simple loyalty of these tribespeople to the Emperor.
  • Stone Relic from Thirdstone: A piece of carved plascrete bearing a stylised 'D'.
  • Backpack:
    • 4x Manacles, Las-Cutter, Combi-Tool, Glow Lamp, Flensing Knife.
  • Climbing Pack [Grapnel, Line and Clip Drop Harness] 2kg
    • A character using a clip harness to ascend/descend vertically gains a +30 bonus on tests to Climb and cannot fall if he fails.
    • Fires a Hook up 100m. Once the grapnel attaches to the desired spot such as a rooftop, a user can manually climb the line or activate a powered winch that can lift the user roughly 5m per round

Stored: Concealed Compartment:

  • Haas Automatic: Sidearm taken from a slain member of the Kataproc Mercantile House on Metothine Station above Kalto. Augmented and altered to serve as a covert weapon it has been Gallach's hold out through numerous close calls.
    • GQ Compact Stub Automatic w/ Silencer. Stored in hidden compartment in bionic arm.
    • SP; Pistol; 15m; S/3/-; D10+2+3; I; Clip [5]; Reload [1/2]; Reliable, Silent.
    • Regular Clips: [5], [5], [5]. *Manstopper Clips: [5]
        • Manstoppers: +3 Pen

Flaw: Bold to a fault, Gallach has stared death in the face and laughed so many times that his own safety takes little consideration in his decision making. With the exception of psykers, who for Gallach represent all that is wrong and terrifying about chaos.

Plutarch VII was the site of the Battle of Plutarch, a great clash between the original inhabitants of the Askellon Expanse and the Imperial. Hundreds of ships were destroyed, and the atmosphere was irreversibly damaged. Several millennia later after the sector had been founded Plutarch VII still bears the scars of that great battle. Despite the semi-poisonous air and the lack of food some still pick out a living on Plutarch VII, scavenging from the ruined ships and growing what food they can in the irradiated soil. Families like the Gallach family had done this for many generations, living short brutal lives in the tech-wastes. Elroy Gallach made do in the early years of his life scavenging what he could from the many crashed ships on Plutarch VII, working alongside his father and best friend Gavriel to survive in the wastes. When his parents passed away from the Fading sickness he decided to leave the cursed world once and for all. Leaving Gavriel behind he took his few possessions and ran to Ironhead, the only space-port on the ruined planet. He spent months waiting in the violent port, but eventually a ship arrived and Gallach left his home. Jumping aboard the next Imperial ship that made port Gallach signed up to serve in The Emperor's Imperial Navy.

Years in the Imperial Navy would follow, where his quick reflexes and slight frame led him rising from crewman to ships armsman eventually to the flight wing. Using the skills he had learned on Plutarch he enjoyed the work repairing and maintaining the ships, but most of all lived for the thrill of combat. Aboard the imperial warships he spent months without breathing fresh air or seeing the sky, but after the dank atmosphere of Plutarch the recycled air of the naval ships seemed like home. Reassigned to the warship Medusa he saw combat in the Koronus Expanse as co-pilot of boarding craft before rising to the rank of Flight Lieutenant and piloting a vendetta gunship for in-atmo assaults. During his time leading boarding parties he came to befriend a naval armsman called Coldo. The pair often shared victory cigars after a successful mission, ignoring the usual distance between ranking officers and their troops. The Medusa mainly saw action against the Chaos Reavers that were troubling the Expanse at the time, and on one occasion Gallach served as personal pilot for one Inquisitor Grendel. This is a connection that would do him very well later in life. He was placed on a list of possible assets without his knowledge, and continued to live the hard life of the battlefleet.

Eventually however Gallach would face a foe far beyond him. The Imperial Navy was landing troops on the moon of Cer at an outpost known to harbour dangerous chaos pirates and reavers. The mission was an absolute disaster, the naval security troops cut down by hails of sorcerers' bolts and waves of warp flame even as they grav-chuted onto the facility. The vendetta Gallach was piloting barely made it out in time, the warp powers of the sorcerers utterly destroying the machine spirit of the craft even as it broke orbit. Left drifting alone Gallach waited aboard his destroyed craft for almost a week, his mind filled with the horrors of the chaos pyskers and the pure power they controlled. Eventually he was discovered by search and rescue craft, and the Cer facility was bombarded from orbit.

The events of that day stayed with Gallach however, and even after he was debriefed by Naval Intelligence and the Koronus Inquisition he could not escape the memories of the pure power of the sorcerers of chaos. A few months were spent as a guard aboard Footfall, but his heart was no longer in it. When his ten years of service came to an end he soon left the navy and returned to the Askellon sector. Unwilling to return to Plutarch he made his way to Port Aquila, spending the last of his military pay just to keep himself alive. He still carries with him his officer's sword from the Medusa and the naval pilot's sidearm he earned half a decade ago. Haunted by what he has seen he seeks purpose and a way to stand up to the darkness of chaos.

'Dead Below': A few years out of his Navy Career Gallach leapt eagerly into his new position as an Inquisitorial acolyte. He would find it an experience that would test him beyond even what he had experienced before. On Aincrad Station he learned of a world with shades of grey he never had to deal with as a Naval Officer, and on Vanth itself was physically marked when a firebomb thrown by an Adeptus Mechanicus agent contesting the Inquisition's claim burned him from head to toe. Scarred and changed, he would go into a medicae facility for some time after the success of his cells mission on Vanth.

'Killing Smile': Covert entrance into Desoleum was of prime importance to Interrogator King for Raptor Cell, and so Gallach was sent in a week before the rest of the cell, acquiring work in the Desoleum Mercantile Shipping Company. On his first solo-flight a week later he carried a special cargo, and some weeks later when his contract was up he rejoined the allies he had helped down to the planet.

-Interim: After the events of the 'Killing Smile' investigation Gallach went MIA from the Inquisition, hot on the tail of his one time friend and now enemy Gavriel. After discovering Gavriel had developed psychic powers Gallach swore to hunt him to the ends of the earth, and as the rest of Raptor Cell departed on their mission with Inquisitor Fallon he was closing in…

'Legerdemain': After months of tracking Gallach faced Gavriel across an abandoned street on Hrax. Having slain the men psychically enslaved by Gavriel he had finally tracked his old companion to a small town on the outskirts of the an abandoned settlement. The two faced off across the dusty road, but for all of Gallach's skill he was no match for Gavriel's psychic skills. His memories of the events were wiped, as were those of the entire hunt. He returned to Juno unsure of why he had originally left, rejoining the Inquisition.

'Fields of Gold': During the investigations on Kalto Gallach took a more active role in the subtle side of proceedings, often operating alongside Silens as Davrus' right hand man in the cell. After the death of his cell-mate Gallach's hatred for the Adeptus Mechanicus, which had been growing since the encounter on Vanth, grew into a full blown loathing. He found himself lost to despair, but found his faith once again when fighting side by side with the Astartes of the Deathwatch chapter.

-Interim: After the events on Kalto Gallach hit the ground running, imbedding himself with the Terminus Imperial Guard 'Watchdog' regiment, where he assisted in the pacifying of the population of Kalto. Going through boot camp and getting more combat experience, Gallach was assigned as a sharp-shooter in a purge unit that killed many Harvestmen and Harvestmen sympathisers. After these events Gallach was offered the position of Interrogator by Inquisitor Grendel, a position originally intended for the now-deceased Davrus. He refused the position and move on to serve as 2IC in Cell Alloy.

'Dogs of War': The pure mental toll of the Hulee V mission on Gallach is difficult to pinpoint. He encountered the foul flame daemons of the Spire several times, and fought the Rat-King abomination alone at the bottom of the lost titan. He was interrogated numerous times, tortured others. He began to become recklessly violent, his already fragile mind bent to near breaking point by the psykers of Spire 6. Ultimately the trauma only serves to make Gallach more jaded, and after destroying Spire 6 he begins to question his faith.

-Interim: Gallach makes his way to the feral world of Rund, where missionaries of the Emperor were trying to bring his light to the savages there. Wanting time to renew his faith in the Emperor Gallach instead finds many of the tribes on the planet follow old gods and must be put to the sword. He struggles against this at first, but in the end sees it as a sign from the most holy that his true purpose is violence. He returns to the Fury Untold with his resolve hardened.

'Regicide': Hunting the heretical Agent Pion to Port Lokhart Gallach finds that the strategies that had led the Cell to success in the past were no match for the heresies of these ex-Imperial Agents. After Castus remained on Port Lokhart Grendel once again offers Gallach the post of Interrogator, and this time Gallach accepts. Forming 'Medusa Cell' Gallach takes his pick of Grendel's agents to forge his new hunting party. Travelling across Askellon Cell Medusa proves to be a brutal and efficient collection of agents. The agents of Malik fall one by one to this new Cell Medusa and Gallach begins to truly take on his role as Interrogator.

-Interim: After the death of Lord Inquisitor Hark Gallach attempted to fill the void and persecute as many heretics as he could. He rebuilt Cell Medusa, recruiting new members and repairing the damaged gun-cutter. During an investigation into the Forraliss Curator xenos Cold Trade he uncovered something far more troubling. A vast alien threat that could wipe out the system at any time. Investigating this threat he found it to be none other than the Necrontyr, immortal metal xenos who dwell on a number of worlds in Askellon. He travelled to the Watch Fortress of the Deathwatch, finding out what he can about the Necrontyr and undergoing intensive training under the watchful eye of Brother Edmund.

Upgrades: Matching Aptitudes

Starting: 1000/1000
Tech Use [200] 1
Operate (Surface) [100] 2
Awareness [100] 2
Dodge [200] 1
Quick Draw [200] 2
Trade (Voidfarer) [200] 1

Dead Below: 1000/1000
Trade (Armourer) [200] 1
Survival [100] 2
Stealth [100] 2
BS +5 (I) [100] 2
Agi +5 (I) [100] 2
Per +5 (I) [100] 2
Scrutiny [100] 2
Operate (Aeronautica) +10 [200exp] 2

Killing Smile: 2700/2700 [4700/4700]
Deceive [300] 0
Operate (Voidship) [100] 2
Scrutiny +10 [200] 2
Common Lore (War) [200] 1
Security [200] 1
Medicae [200] 1
WT (Bolt) [200] 2
Jaded [300] 1
Trade (Technomat) [200] 1
Awareness +10 [200] 2
Operate (Surface) +10 [200] 2
WT (Las) [200] 2
Rapid Reload [200] 2

Legerdemain: 1500/1500 [6200/6200]
Security +10 [400] 1
Per +5 (II) [250] 2
Agi +5 (II) [250] 2
Mighty Shot [600] 1

Fields of Gold: 3400/3400 [9600/9600]
Dodge +10 [400] 1
Logic [300] 0
Acrobatics [100] 2
Hatred (Adeptus Mechanicus) [300] 1
Forbidden Lore (Xenos- Tau) [300] 0
Interrogate [200] 1
WP +5 (I) [250] 1
Ambidextrous [300exp] 1
+5 BS [250exp] 2
Marksman [300exp] 2
BS +5 (III) [500exp] 2
Push the Limit [200exp] 2

Peer [Imperial Guard]
Common Lore [Imperial Guard]

'Dogs of War': 3400/3400 [13000/13000]
Stealth +10 [200exp] 2
Leap Up [200exp] 2
Forbidden Lore (Psykers) [300exp] 0
WP +5 (II) [500exp] 1
Stealth +20 [300exp] 2
Awareness +20 [300exp] 2
Step Aside [600exp] 1
Navigate (Surface) [200exp] 1
Pilot (Aero) +20 [300exp] 2
Pilot (Aero) +30 [400exp] 2

Peer [Ecclesiarchy]
Resistance [Fear]

'Regicide': 5800/5800 [18800/18800]
Scrutiny +20 [300] 2
Interrogate +10 [400] 1
Peer (Inquisition) [Free]
Forbidden Lore (Inquisition) [300] 0
Inquiry [300] 0
Target Selection [400] 2
Survival +10 [200] 2
Forbidden Lore (Criminal Cartels) [300] 0
Int +5 (I) [500] 0
WP +5 (III) [750] 1
Common Lore (Askellon) [200] 1
Forbidden Lore (Askellon) [300] 0
Forbidden Lore (Psykers) +10 [400] 0
Witch Finder [450] 1
Death Dealer [400] 2
Dodge +20 [600] 1

Forbidden Lore (Xenos- Eldar)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos- Necrontry)
Bolter Drill
Rapid Reaction
WT (Melta) [200] 2

'King of Cowards': 2900/3000 [21900/22000]
WT (Launcher) [200] 2
WT (Power) [200] 2
Scrutiny +30 [400] 2
Operate Voidship +10 [200] 2
Adamantium Faith [600] 1
WT (Plasma) [200] 2
Weapon Tech [300] 1
Per +5 (III) [500] 2
Keen Intuition [300] 1

Stored: Gun-Cutter:

  • Saviour: A dark-steel shotgun tarnished with blood, rust and grime, its grips worn and marred from decades of use. The Archivist tells you that the weapon once belonged to a Missionary who spent a 100 year sabbatical on Enkidu - the longest any Imperial has survived on the horrid death-world. The Missionary, now anointed St. Valtr the Bold, would eventually depart the Askellon Sector, heading rimward into the unexplored regions of the Madrigal Frontier at the head of a hundred-thousand strong force of zealots intent on bringing the word of the Emperor to any and all. This item is but one part of the set the Missionary took to Enkidu - the rest are spread across the sector in museums, private collections or in the hands of other Inquisitors.
    • BQ Shotgun 2.5kg
    • Basic; 30m; D10+4+3; I; Clip [8]; Reload [Full]; Scatter, Cannot Jam; Tainted
    • [7- Nitidus Rounds], [8- Inferno], [8- Inferno]
    • *Inferno: Gain the 'Flame' quality.
    • *Nitidus: Anyone with the Psyker Trait to make a -10 Wp check when wounded or be stunned for rounds equal to DoF.
    • Tainted: Adds the users Corruption Bonus or Daemonic Trait value to damage - whichever is highest.
  • Excrutiator Kit:
    • +20 to Interrogate.
  • Longshot: [Unique] 40kg An esoteric weapon of unknown providence, the Longshot is a grotesque affront to the teachings of the Omnissiah bearing none of the standardized markings or makes of the wider Imperium. Almost a full six meters in length and absurdly heavy, this weapon bears a capricious loyalty spirit, lashing out at any who it does not recognise.
    • Exotic; Heavy; 2000m; S/-/-; 1d10+9+3; I; Pen 5; Clip [3]; Reload [1/2 Action per round]; Accurate, Reliable, Tearing, Custom Grip, Fire Selector, Omni-scope, Loyalty Spirit (Locked to Gallach)
      • Standard Rounds: 3
      • Implosion Rounds: 1 [Gains Blast (3), Damage Type X, Loses Accurate]
      • Breaker Rounds: 1 [Gains Graviton, Damage Type E, Loses Tearing]
      • Vengeance Rounds: 1 [Gains Vengeful (8), Damage Type R, Loses Reliable, Gains Overcharge]
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