Forge World, Outcast, Penitent
To war is human: Gain Dodge or +2 Ag

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
41' 38' 40' 40' 40 40' 25 33 20 27

Experience: 2400
Fate: 4
HP: 11

* Intelligence, Toughness, Agility, Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill
* Fieldcraft, Offence,


  • Omnissiah's Chosen: Once per encounter, increase Dam of a Power/Plas/Melta/Exotic weapon by Int for 1 round.
  • Cleansing Pain: Gain +10 to your next test each time you suffer = or >1 Dam.
  • Never Quit: +2 TB for purposes of determining fatigue.

Acrobatics, Deceive, Dodge, Navigate (Surface), Stealth, CL (Underworld), Tech Use, FL (Archeotech), SL (Tech), Trade (Armourer, Technomat),

Weapon Training: Chain, SP, Las
Die Hard: When you would suffer Fatigue due to Blood Loss, on +0 WP, do not suffer Fatigue.
Whirlwind of Death: As a half action, make one Standard Attack against each melee opponent up to WS.


  • Puzzler 600 Long serving sidearm of Rhodin IV manufacture
    • Silenced Stub Automatic
    • (30m, S/3/-/ d10+3I, Pen0, Clip 9, Rld1 [1/2 distance and –20 Awareness]), 2kg
  • Taurus Angry, growling wastelander weapon, constructed by tradition on reaching majority
    • Chainsword w/ GQ Exterminator: Wastelander (Melee, d10+1R, Pen 2, Balanced [+10 Parry; 1x 0.5 action flamer attack d10+4, Flame, Spray. Can be Rld2. GQ Exterminator Cartridge, acquired as grenade] Tearing [+d10 Dam, pick highest]) 7kg
  • Tex A weathered, pump-action model almost as good as a bludgeon as at range
    • Shotgun
    • (30m, S/-/-/ d10+4, Pen 0, Clip8, Rld2, Spray)
  • Mechanicus Robes [All1] [worn] 4kg
  • Armoured Bodyglove: (2ABL) 5kg
  • Combat Vest: Store up to 15 kg of items which can be drawn as a free action. [worn]
  • Clip/Drop Harness: Magnetic clip, spooled wire & harness. +30 to Climb and cannot fall. 2kg
  • Choke Grenade, Frag Grenade
  • Multikey: +30 to Security tests
  • Microbead: Coms up to 1km
  • Respirator: +30 T & reroll failed v gases.
  • Combi Tool: +10 to Tech Use.
  • Stummer: +30 to Stealth Tests for 20m. 1 hr recharge.
  • Gear Bag [Valospex Envoy Cog, Ironmonger Axe [d10+1], Spare Multikey, Spare Chainsword 6kg, Lasgun 4kg]

Tech Use [200] 1
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) [200] 1
Scholastic Lore (Tech) [200] 1
Trade (Armourer) [100] 2
Trade (Technomat) [100] 2
WS [100] 2
S [100] 2
T [250] 1
Int [250] 1
BS [250] 1
Whirlwind of Death [450] 1
Medicae [100] 2
Navigate (Surface) [100] 2

  • Born on Rhodin IV; remote, rad-effected Forgeworld with extensive scrap-wastes.
  • Worked as a Reclaimator for militaristic Mechanicus sect, thrived as scavenger & road warrior in rad-mutant territory.
  • Fascinated by new and unsanctioned tech, believing it to be the gift of "Ironskull".
  • Displaced when a conservative Magos bought the Forge he supplied and refused to trade.
  • As a lone scavenger, came into conflict with rad-mutant tribes, finally killing a Junk-Shaman who had been under Inquisitorial surveillance.

Flaw: Practicing obscure Rhodin worship of "Ironskull", has low regard for tradition/ceremony/authority of modern church & Admech
Goal: Accrue power/authority required to accumulate and possess powerful new tech and artefacts for study/experimentation/personal use.
In: A combat-capable artifact expert, ideal PQ acolyte for Dead Below mission.
Dead Below: Underwent psychic reconditioning after 1st mission.

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