Gavriel Zane

Frontier, Adeptus Arbites, Desperado

There is no substitute for Zeal: Gain the 'Clues from the Crowds' talent

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
25 50'' 25 30 40'' 30 30 45' 40 27

Experience: 3700

Fate: 4

Wounds: 11


  • Ballistic Skill, Agility, Willpower, Fellowship, Perception
  • Defence, Psyker, Finesse


  • Rely on None but Yourself: You have +20 bonus to Tech-Use tests when applying personal weapon modifications, and a +10 bonus when repairing damaged items.
  • The Face of the Law: You can re-roll any Intimidation and Interrogation test, and can substitute his Willpower bonus for his degrees of success on these tests.
  • Move & Shoot: Once per round, after performing a Move action, you may perform a single Standard Attack with a Pistol weapon you are currently wielding as a Free Action.
  • Psy Rating: Three.

Known: Acrobatics, Awareness, Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Underworld), Deceive, Dodge, Inquiry, Intimidate, Interrogation, Psyniscience, Scrutiny, Stealth, Trade (Armorer)


  • Weapon Training: SP
  • Quick Draw: As a Free Action, the character may draw and ready a Pistol or Basic weapon, or a one-handed Melee weapon.
  • Clues from the Crowds: Once per day, you can re-roll a test made to gather information from a group of people.
  • Mighty Shot: Add half your BS Bonus to ranged damage


  • Lawbringer: A solid revolver chambered for large calibre rounds, powerful enough to deliver summary judgement to any who broke Lex Imperialis on Plutarch. The hilt is etched on either side with a mailed fist that holds the scales of justice.
    • GQ Handcannon 4kg
    • Pistol; 35m; S/-/-; D10+4+3; I; Pen 2; Clip [5]; Rld [2 Full]; Reliable, requires two hands.
    • Red-Dot Laser Sight (+10 when firing a single shot)
    • Silencer (Awareness tests to hear shots made with a silenced weapon suffer an additional –20 penalty, and can only be attempted at half the normal distance.)
  • Lucky Number 7: A uniquely patterned revolver of unknown providence, the wood grips are engraved with the image of a pair of die showing the '1' and '6' sides respectively. The pistol feels warm in your hand, as if it was made for you.
    • Stub Revolver 3kg
    • Pistol; 35m; S/2/-; D10+4+3; I; Pen:1; Clip [7]; Rld: [2 Full]; Reliable
    • 3x Manstopper Bullets [+3 Pen]
    • Concealed Holster: Attempts to detect suffer a –20 penalty, but Ready actions for this weapon become a Half Action instead of a Free Action. 1kg
  • Carbine Windrunner VIII: A cutdown rifle personalised over the many years that Gavriel patrolled the wastes of Plutarch VII.
    • Sniper Rifle 2.5kg
    • Basic; 100m; S/-/- D10+3+3; I; Pen 3; Clip[10]; Rld [Full]; Accurate, Reliable, Compact
  • Baton: Enforcer's truncheon for when taking targets alive is important, but their overall health isn't.
    • Melee; D10+1; Impact; Concussion [+0] 2kg


  • Autogun: An autogun claimed from Gavriel's first mission on Vanth.
    • Autogun 5kg
    • Basic; 100m; S/3/10; D10+3; I; Pen:0; Clip [30]; Rld: [Full]
  • Bar Room Broom ?kg
    • Often kept as a last, or first, resort weapon, the Bar-room Broom has a fearsome reputation among gangers in Desoleum Primus. With just a pull of the trigger, this mutli-barrelled stub auto empties its entire magazine across a 30° arc in a devastating salvo.
    • Pistol; 3m; S/-/-; 1d10+4; Pen:0; Clip:1; Rld:N/A; Scatter, Inaccurate, Compact, Storm, Spray, Unreliable.
    • If a roll of 91 or more is achieved, this weapon detonates. Treat as if the user has received a single hit from this weapon to their arm location with 1 DoS. Requires a +30 Tech-Use test in a suitable situation to reload.


  • Flak Cloak: A well worn flak duster that has kept Gavriel safe over the years.
    • Arms, Body, Legs; 3 AP; Max Agi 55. 8kg


  • Respirator: A mask that covers the nose and mouth, required to breath the foul airs of Plutarch VII.
    • A character wearing a respirator gains a +30 bonus to a Toughness test made to resist the effects of gas and can re-roll the test if failed. 0.5kg
  • Survival Suit: A hooded suit with goggles that allows its users to survive the harsh wastes of Plutarch VII for extended periods.
    • The suit grants a +20 bonus to any tests to withstand the effects of extreme environments. n/a
  • Psy Focus: A tetrahedroid fragment of strange metal that Gavriel found on Plutarch. Even when discarded it always seems to find its way back to him.
    • Provides a +10 bonus for all Focus Power tests. n/a
  • Microbead:
    • Communication up to 1km. n/a
  • Chameleoline Cloak: A cloak requisitioned through the Inquisition following the events on Vanth.
    • The wearer gains a +20 bonus to Stealth tests. If he remains stationary during his turn, Ballistic Skill tests targeting him suffer a –30 penalty until the beginning of his next turn. 0.5kg
  • Manacles x4 1kg ea
  • Lho Sticks x12 n/a
  • Identification Cog: Arbitrator ID (legit) n/a
  • Stimm x1 n/a

Psychic Powers

  • Telepathic Link
    • Half Action; Difficult (–10) Opposed Willpower test; Not Sustained; Concentration
    • 20 metres x psy rating
    • The psyker chooses a person in range and line of sight who opposes this power with a Willpower test. If the target fails, the psyker can either read the person’s thoughts or send him a brief mental message. If the target of this power is aware of what the psyker is trying to do, he can voluntarily fail the opposed Willpower test, counting as having rolled a 100.
    • Thought Reading: The psyker reads the target’s thoughts,with the GM determining the nature of the information gained. The more degrees of success scored on the Focus Power test, the more information is gained overall. The higher the PR of the power, the more secretive the information gained.
    • Thought Sending: The psyker causes a message to appear in the target’s mind as if he has just heard it spoken aloud. The message can be no longer than 5 x PR seconds long.
  • Erasure
    • Full Action; Challenging (+0) Opposed Willpower test; Not Sustained; Concentration
    • Range: 5 metres x psy rating
    • The psyker chooses a single foe in range and line of sight who opposes this power with a Willpower test. If he fails, the psyker removes a memory of a recent event from the target’s mind. The psyker can only remove an amount of time from the target’s memory up to 10 x PR minutes, and the event removed cannot have occurred more than PR hours prior to the use of this power. The enemy is left with a gap in his memory, with no recollection of what occurred during that time.
  • Dominate
    • Full Action; Challenging (+0) Opposed Willpower test; Not Sustained; Concentration
    • Range: 5 metres x psy rating
    • The psyker nominates a number targets in range and line of sight up to half his psy rating (rounded up) who oppose this power with a Willpower test. Each target that fails to resist the power must follow a simple command given by the psyker. Some example orders include “Flee,” “Fall,” or “Attack your friend.” If the command is a potentially suicidal act, each target receives a +20 to its Willpower test to Oppose the power. In all cases, the command must be achievable in a single round.
  • Hallucination
    • Half Action; Challenging (+0) Opposed Willpower test; Not Sustained; Concentration
    • Range: 10 metres x psy rating
    • The psyker nominates a single target in range and line of sight who opposes this power with a Willpower test. If the target fails to resist the power, it must roll on Table 5–3: Hallucinogenic Effects on page 146, and immediately apply the effects. The effect rolled on the table lasts for a number of rounds equal to half the psyker’s psy rating, rounded up.

Having ranged the wastes of Plutarch alone for much of his youth Gavriel is unused to relying on naught else but a quick draw and steady aim. He finds it hard trust those whom he hasn't known for a long time and keeps his secrets close.

Goals: Understand why he can hear the thoughts of others of make them forget things, Find someone to sanction him before a Black Ship inevitably picks him up, Find and establish himself in an organisation that accepts and uses his growing powers.

Possible 'in' to campaign: Having only recently become nascent (poss something to do with psy focus) he fled Plutarch rather than turn himself in. Fled to the only friend/acquantance he had off world (Elroy) on Askellon. When arriving his soulfire was noticed by the Inquisitor whom rated him a low enough psyker to not be an immediate threat. Decided to use Gavriel and Elroy (given they already know each other) as acolytes for Dead Below mision - Gavriel would either prove himself worthy of being given a chance or die during the mission.

Born on Plutarch
Spent his youth collecting scrap from the star ship wrecks scattered across the planet (same age & town as Elroy)
Became an outrider for Arbites (collecting Intelligence across planet as an informant)
Eventually deputised into Arbites ranks, continued to roam planet as a travelling marshal (chasing mutants, brigands, ect).
Eventually on a case that see's him investigating rumours of cold-trader, Ikram Ahmed, whom visits every few years to trade for items that locals scavenge from the wrecked planetbound ships.
Sets himself up at one of the locations, blows off Ikram's right arm with Windrunner rifle.
Ikram manages to escape back into his lander (possible future enemy).
When he inspects the site finds the traders lower arm still holding a weird fragment of metal (psy focus).
On picking it up his mind is wracked with foreign thoughts (becomes psyker).
As he travels back around planet to space port realised what he has become (after hearing surface thoughts, yelling into peoples minds instead of talking, ect).
Knows what would happen to him if he remains on planet so decides to flee off world.
Seeks out Elroy as the only person he knows who actually made it off world.

Upgrades: Aptitudes

Starting: 1000/1000
Psyker [300] n/a
Trade (Armorer) [200] 1
Acrobatics [100] 2
Dodge [100] 2
Psyniscience [100] 2
Telepathy [100] n/a
Erasure [100] n/a

Dead Below: 1000/1000
Inquiry [200] 1
Deceive [200] 1
Psy Rating 2 [400] n/a
BS+5 [100] 2
WP+5 [100] 2

The Killing Smile: 1550/1700
Agi+5 [100] 2
Stealth [200] 2
Dominate [200] 2
Agi+10 [250] 2

Psy Rating 3 [600] n/a
Hallucination [200] n/a

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