Gavriel Zane

Garden World, Telepathica, Desperado

Trust in your Fear: +5 Per, Phobia (Fear of the Sick)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
25 55'' 25 30' 50'' 25 40 55'' 50'' 50

Experience: 21900/22000

Fate: 3 [3]

Wounds: 10


  • Ballistic Skill, Agility, Willpower, Fellowship
  • Defence, Psyker, Finesse, Social


  • Survivor's Paranoia:A garden world character halves the duration (rounded up) of any result from Table 8–11: Shock or Table 8–13: Mental Traumas, and can remove Insanity points for 50xp per point rather than the normal 100xp.
  • The Constant Threat: When the character or an ally within 10 metres triggers a roll on Table 6–2: Psychic Phenomenon, the Adeptus Astra Telepathica character can increase or decrease the result by amount equal to his Willpower bonus.
  • Sanctioned: The emperor loves him or something like that.
  • Move & Shoot: Once per round, after performing a Move action, you may perform a single Standard Attack with a Pistol weapon you are currently wielding as a Free Action.
  • Psyker: Allows the character to purchase the Psyniscience skill and psychic powers.
  • Soul Bound: A soul bound psyker rolls an extra die when forced to roll on Table 6–3: Perils of the Warp then replaces either the ones die or the tens die with the extra die he rolled to determine the final result. The character has lost their eye sight.
  • Unnatural Senses (100): The creature can perceive its surroundings using senses other than sight or hearing. The range in metres is indicated by the number in parentheses.
  • Psy Rating: Seven.

Known: Acrobatics, Charm, Common Lore (Telepathica), Forbidden Lore (Inquisition, Warp), Interrogation,
+10: Deceive, Inquiry, Psyniscience (Awareness)
+20: Stealth
+30: Dodge


  • Weapon Training: Bolt, Las, Low-Tech, SP, Melta
  • Exotic Weapon Training: Pulse, Quill
  • Quick Draw: As a Free Action, the character may draw and ready a Pistol or Basic weapon, or a one-handed Melee weapon.
  • Mighty Shot: Add half your BS Bonus to ranged damage.
  • Second Sight: The value of the Astropath’s Unnatural Senses trait increases to twice his Willpower characteristic.
  • Warp Awareness: The Astropath may use his Psyniscience skill in place of his Awareness skill for Awareness tests.
  • Ambidextrous: This talent does not represent true ambidexterity so much as sufficient training with both hands to make the distinction moot.
  • Double Tap:When making a second ranged attack action in the same turn against the same target, he gains a +20 bonus to the attack test if his first attack scored one or more successful hits.
  • Jaded: The Acolyte’s wide travels have shown him both wonders and horrors beyond the ken of most. The galaxy has thrown its worst at him and he has yet to flinch. Mundane events, from death’s horrific visage to xenos abominations, do not force him to gain Insanity points or make Fear tests. Daemons, Warp manifestations, and other unnatural effects still affect him normally.
  • Marksman: Suffers no penalties for making Ballistic Skill tests at Long or Extreme range.
  • Rapid Reload: Halve all reload times, rounding down.
  • Resistance (Psychic Powers, Fear): +10 to relevant tests.
  • Strong Minded: Can re-roll failed Willpower tests to resist any psychic powers that affect his mind.
  • Step Aside: Can make an additional Evasion attempt (either a Dodge or a Parry) once per round. Can still only attempt a single Dodge or Parry against each individual attack.
  • Target Selection: He can shoot into melee with no penalty. If he also makes an Aim action beforehand, he prevents any chance of hitting friendly targets as well.
  • Two Weapon Wielder (Ranged): When armed with two one-handed weapons, after making a Half Action attack (this can be a Single Attack, a Swift Attack, or a Lightning Attack with a melee weapon, or it can be a single shot, semi-auto burst, or full auto burst with a ranged weapon), he can make a single additional Half Action attack following the same restrictions with the other weapon as a Free Action. In effect, this allows him to attack twice in a round, once from each of his weapons. Both of these attacks count as being part of the same Half Action, and both tests made to attack with the weapons suffer a –20 penalty.
  • Two Weapon Master: When armed with two single-handed weapons (such as a pistol or sword in either hand), he ignores the –20 penalty for Two-Weapon Fighting.
  • Warp Sense: The character can use the Psyniscience Skill as a Free Action instead of as a Half Action. He can also passively detect psychic effects and entities without the need to actively seek them out.
  • Warp Lock: Once per game session, he may ignore the Psychic Phenomena he has rolled (including Perils), completely negating its effects. Such rapid dislocation from the Warp, though, is stressful and traumatic to his mind. Suffer 1d5 Energy damage to the Head location (not reduced by Armour or Toughness) as a result, and cannot make any Focus Power tests or sustain other psychic powers until the beginning of his next turn.
  • Clues from Crowds: Once per day, he can re-roll a test made to gather information from a group of people.
  • Adamantium Faith: He can subtract his Willpower bonus from his degrees of failure on a failed Fear or Pinning test. If this reduces the result to zero or less, he counts as having passed the test with 1 degree of success.
  • Hard Target: When you perform a Charge or Run action opponents suffer a –20 penalty to Ballistic Skill tests made to hit with ranged attacks.
  • Cat Fall: Reduce fall distance by AB in metres (Min 0). Add +20 to Acrobatics when using the Jump special skill use.
  • Leap Up: Can stand up as a Free Action.
  • Death Dealer: Add Per Rating to criticals.
  • Paranoia: +2 to Initiative.
  • Independent Targeting: When firing two weapons as part of a single action, the character does not need his targets to be within 10 metres of each other.


  • Inferno Pistol: x2 [Extremely Rare] Burninating the peasants.
    • GQ Inferno Pistol
    • Melta; Pistol; 10m; S/-/-; 2d10+10+3E; Pen:12; Clip:5; Rld:Half; Melta, Reliable
    • Expanded Magazine
    • Red Dot Sight (+5 BS)
    • Custom Grip (+10 BS)
  • Sanctitas: [Extremely Rare] An expertly crafted Godwyn-De’az bolt pistol, handcrafted with each component sanctified and blessed through every step of construction. A literal icon of devotion to the Imperium.
    • GQ Godwyn-De'Az Bolt Pistol
    • Bolt; Pistol; 40m; S/2/-; 1d10+5+3X; Pen:4; Clip:15; Rld:Half; Tearing, Reliable
    • Expanded Magazine
  • Haeresis: [Extremely Rare] A matt white pistol whose plasma technology is clearly not of Imperial make. It's pristine casing shows signs of modification incomprehensible to the original creator as wires and pipes loop back and forward through the weapon.
    • Tau Pulse Pistol
    • Pulse; Pistol; 40m; S/2/-; 2d10+2+3E; Pen:4; Clip:16; Rld:Half;
    • Jokero Modifications: Silent, Vengeful (9)

Concealed Compartment:

  • Ghost: [Extremely Rare] A compact bolt pistol of a make no longer fabricated in the Askellon Sector, the weapon is coated in a strange finish causing it to reflect and imitate its surroundings like a chameleon.
    • Compact GQ Bolt Pistol w/ red dot sight and custom grip.
    • Bolt; Pistol; 15m; S/2/-; 1d10+4X; Pen:4; Clip:4; Rld:Full; Tearing, Reliable
    • Modifications: (+5 BS, +10 (Single Shot Only), -20 to find)
    • Tox Rounds: [4] [4] [4] [4] Tox rounds add the Toxic (1) quality to the weapon but reduce its damage by 2. (Loaded)
  • Warm Kiss: [Extremely Rare] A compact plasma pistol with the markings of House Lannick inscribed on it. A reminder of when flesh moulding goes too far.
    • Compact GQ Plasma Pistol w/ red dot sight, expanded magazine.
    • Plasma; Pistol; 15m; S/2/-; 1d10+5E; Pen:6; Clip: 9 Rld:1.5 Full; Maximal, Overheats
    • +10 to BS if single shot, -20 to find.
    • Maximal: +10m, +1d10 Dam, +2 Pen, 3x Ammo, Can't be used next round.
    • If it jams (91-100) then wpn dam, no pen to hand. Can drop it as a free action.
  • Haywire Grenades x 8:
    • Haywire [2] 0.5kg


  • GQ Flak Cloak: A well worn flak duster, drawn from supplies aboard the Fury Untold
    • Arms, Body, Legs; 3 AP; Max Agi 65. 4kg
  • Synskin: A bio-reactive body glove worn by Gavriel under his clothes.
    • All; 2AP (Doesn't stack) 2kg
    • Grants +10 to Stealth tests
    • Renders the wearer invisible to users of preysense goggles and those with the Dark-sight trait.
  • Conversion Field:
    • PR:50, Overload: 01-05
    • If the conversion field blocks more than 12 points of damage from a single attack, the release of light is strong enough to act as a photon flash grenade burst centred on the wearer (see page 158). The character wearing the conversion field is unaffected by this burst.


  • Respirator: A mask that covers the nose and mouth.
    • A character wearing a respirator gains a +30 bonus to a Toughness test made to resist the effects of gas and can re-roll the test if failed. 0.5kg
  • Survival Suit: A hooded suit with goggles.
    • The suit grants a +20 bonus to any tests to withstand the effects of extreme environments. n/a
  • Psy Focus: The only reminder Gavriel has of the his life before the light. A tetrahedroid fragment of strange metal that Gavriel found on Plutarch, even after repeated searches on the black ships it always seemed to find its way back to him.
    • Provides a +10 bonus for all Focus Power tests. n/a
  • Microbead:
    • Communication up to 1km. n/a
  • Chameleoline Cloak: A cloak requisitioned through the Inquisition following the events on Vanth. One of the few items returned to Gavriel from his first bout of inquisitorial service.
    • The wearer gains a +20 bonus to Stealth tests. If he remains stationary during his turn, Ballistic Skill tests targeting him suffer a –30 penalty until the beginning of his next turn. 0.5kg
  • Pack of Lho Sticks
    • Never seems to end.


  • Voss Pattern Mark 10: A Voss Pattern autopistol, known for its adaptability.
    • GQ Autopistol 2.5kg
    • Pistol; 30m; S/-/6; D10+2+3; I; Pen:0; Clip [18]; Rld: [Half]; Reliable
    • Expanded Magazine (Clip 18 -> 27, +1kg)
    • Concealed Holster: Attempts to detect suffer a –20 penalty, but Ready actions for this weapon become a Half Action instead of a Free Action. 1kg
  • Temperance Flak Coat:
    • ABL- 3
  • Old Flamer: 6kg A one-time guard-issue flamer now centuries old and marred by rust and corrosion. Gavriel has personally seen to its inner workings to ensure it functions without fault despite its decrepit appearance.
    • Flame; Basic; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+4+3; E; Pen:2; Clip:6; Rld:2Full; Flame, Spray
    • Average on Temperance
  • Deputy's Truncheon:
    • Low Tech; Melee; D10; I; Concussive [+0]
  • IDent Passport: (Temperence)
    • Bastion IDent [Zachariah Givens]
    • Deputy IDent [Deputy Givens]
  • Rogue Trader Body Suit: A tight leather bodysuit designed for a woman, stitched with the crimson markings of House Lannick.
    • BQ Clothes (Female)
  • Ataractic Quillpistols: A long barrelled pistol modified from the Quillgun design so popular with faceless traders within Askellon.
    • 2x Compact Binary Pattern Quillgun
    • Exotic [Quill]; 15m; S/-/-; D10+3; I; Clip [2]; Reload [Half]; Reliable, Compact
      • [2] Paralysers [Concussive (5)]
      • [2] [2] Toxic [Toxic (4)]
    • Concealed Holster: Attempts to detect suffer a –20 penalty, but Ready actions for this weapon become a Half Action instead of a Free Action. 1kg
  • 2x Naval Shot Pistol: [Scarce] A short barreled and brutal pistol favoured by naval officers and pirates alike for it's pure stopping power. Worn on the hips.
    • Pistol; 20m; S/3/-; D10+4+3; I; Clip [9]; Reload [Half]; Special Ammunition (Tearing), Expanded Magazines
  • Lucky Number 7: A uniquely patterned revolver of unknown providence, the wood grips are engraved with the image of a pair of die showing the '1' and '6' sides respectively. The pistol feels warm in your hand, as if it was made for you.
    • Stub Revolver 3kg
    • Pistol; 35m; S/2/-; D10+4+3; I; Pen:1; Clip [7]; Rld: [Full]; Reliable
    • 3x Manstopper Bullets [+3 Pen]
    • Concealed Holster: Attempts to detect suffer a –20 penalty, but Ready actions for this weapon become a Half Action instead of a Free Action. 1kg
    • Silencer (Awareness tests to hear shots made with a silenced weapon suffer an additional –20 penalty, and can only be attempted at half the normal distance.)
  • Firesprite Needler: [Near Unique] A strange Xenos weapon that fires a red coral-like substance that seems organically grown. Found on the heretic Dama during the 'Regicide' investigations.
    • SP; Pistol; 30m; -/4/8; D10+2; R; Pen 2; Clip [16]; Reload [2Full]; Innacurate, Toxic [2]
    • [16], [16], [16], [16- Scrambler Rounds]*
    • *Scrambler Rounds [Unique]: each time wounds are caused by these rounds, the target must make a toughness test or lose 1d5+1 Psy Rating. This effect lasts for 2d10 rounds, after which Psy Rating comes back at a rate of 1 per round.

Psychic Powers

Flaw: "Judged and found Worthy" Whether it be physically witnessing the Emperor's divine presence or some other moment of faith Gavriel knows that he does the Emperor's divine work. He will sacrifice whatever is needed to achieve the mission at hand and truly believes in the Inquisition's role as the guiding hand of the Emperor.

Gavriel is fully aware that he should be another redacted name on a scroll of service, that the service he gave the Inquisition in no way makes up the murder of the loyal throne agents sent to claim him. His stay of execution is whispered to be due to his survival following the harrowing of astropathy, but only Inquisitor Grendel knows why he continues to serve as a throne agent and instead of a choir singing in the voids of space. Gavriel deals with the steely glares and cold shoulders of the other acolytes who know his past without any remorse, sure that their sacrifice was required in him being where he is today.

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