Gnaritas Seculis

Voidborn, Adeptus Mechanicus, Sage

A suspicious mind is a healthy mind: Per+2, Can re-roll Awareness tests to avoid being Surprised.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
30 40' 30 30 30 [7]50'' 32 35 25 42

Wounds: 11/11
Fate: 4


  • BS, Agi, Int, Per, WP
  • Tech, Knowledge


  • Child of the Dark: +30 bonus to tests for moving in a zero gravity environment.
  • Replace the Weak Flesh: Count the Availability of all cybernetics as two levels more available (Rare items count as Average, Very Rare items count as Scarce, etc.).
  • Mechanicus Implants: The character is a servant of the Machine-God, and has been entrusted with a suite of specialised implants; Cranial Circuity, Cyber Mantle, Electro-Graft, Electoo Inductors & Potentia Coil.
  • Quest for Knowledge: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points, a Sage character may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed at a Logic or any Lore skill test with a number of degrees of success equal to his Intelligence bonus.

Known: Awareness, Dodge, Inquiry, Interrogation, Operate (Void), Trade (Armourer, Chymist, Shipwright, Technomat, Voidfarer)

Common Lore (Adepta Sororitas, Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Adeptus Mechanicus, Administratum, Askellon Sector, Chartist Captains, Collegia Titanicus, Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Creed, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Imperium, Navigators, Planetary Defence Forces, Rogue Traders, Schola Progenium, Tech, Underworld, War)

Scholastic Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Administratum, Askellon Sector, Beasts, Chymistry, Cryptology, Legend, Occult, Imperium, Underworld, Tech, Adepta Sororitas, Adeptus Arbites, Judgement, Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Astra, Telepathica, Bureaucracy, Askellon Sector, Astromancy, Chartist Captains, Collegia Titanicus, Ecclesiarchy, Heraldry, Imperial Creed, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Navigators, Numerology, Planetary Defence Forces, Rogue Traders, Imperial Warrants, Schola Progenium, Philosophy, War, Tactica Imperialis)

Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Administratum, Archeotech, Askellon Sector, Beasts, Chymistry, Cryptology, Daemonology, Heresy, Inquisition, Legend, Mutants, Occult, Psykers, Imperium, Underworld, The Warp, Xenos [ Tau, Tyranids])

+10: Commerce, Logic, Medicae, Scrutiny

+20: Forbidden Lore (Xenos - Necrontyr), Linguistics (Techna-Lingua)

+30: Security, Tech-Use


  • Weapon Training: Solid Projectile, Las, Launcher
  • Enemy: [Void Pirates] He suffers an additional –10 penalty to Fellowship and Influence tests when dealing with this group, and the GM can use them to complicate his life from time to time.
  • Peer: [Adeptus Mechanicus II] He gains a +10 bonus to all Fellowship and Influence tests when interacting with this chosen group, and at the GM’s discretion can sometimes call upon them for favours.
  • Strong Minded: He can re-roll failed Willpower tests to resist any psychic powers that affect his mind.
  • Infused Knowledge: Counts as having all Common Lore and Scholastic Lore skills at rank 1. Plus 1 DoS to all Common or Scholastic Lore tests.
  • Armour Monger: The character gains an extra amount of Armour points equal to his Intelligence bonus, which he can distribute to any locations that his armour would normally cover, as long as he has at least an hour each day to clean and repair it or make minor modifications.
  • Constant Vigilance (Int): When rolling for Initiative instead of his Agility value, and rolls two dice for the roll (picking the highest of the two for his score).
  • Mechadendrite Use: Utility
  • Quick Draw: As a Free Action, the character may draw and ready a Pistol or Basic weapon, or a one-handed Melee weapon.
  • Lexographer: The character can attempt any Linguistics skill in which he is not trained as an untrained skill test as if it were not a Specialist skill.
  • Xenosavant: The character can attempt any Forbidden Lore (Xenos) test in which he is not trained as an untrained skill test as if it were not a Specialist skill.
  • Maglev Transcendence: Can hover for a number of minutes equal to 1d10 plus twice his Toughness bonus. He can move his Run speed when making a Half Move action and suffers no damage from falling if the coils are active. Each use drains half the power stored in the coils.
  • Superior Chirurgeon: He gains a +20 bonus on all Medicae skill tests. When providing first aid, he ignores the penalties for Heavily Damaged patients and only suffers a –10 penalty for those suffering Critical damage.
  • Sprint: Full move increase by +AB, 2x Run. (If twice gain 1 level of Fatigue).
  • Field Vivisection: When using the Called Shot action with a melee or ranged attack (depending on the Specialisation) against a target for which the character has the appropriate Forbidden Lore (Xenos) skill, he makes a Medicae (WS) or Medicae (BS) test in place of the normal Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill test.
  • Binaric Screech: The character releases a deafening screech in the mysterious language of the Mechanicum that causes technology to shut down or malfunction. The Tech-Priest chooses a point in line of sight within 30 metres, and as a Half Action makes an Ordinary (+10) Tech-Use test. If he succeeds on this test, a Haywire Field is created, centred at that point with a radius equal to the character’s Intelligence bonus in metres, as if the location had been struck by a weapon with the Haywire quality (pp 147).
  • Mighty Shot: Add half BS (rounded up) to damage with ranged weapons.
  • Quick Draw: As a Free Action, the character may draw and ready a Pistol or Basic weapon, or a one-handed Melee weapon.
  • Rapid Reload: Halve all reload times, rounding down.
  • Mastery (Tech): Can use a FP to autopass a test with Int Bonus DoS.
  • Weapon Tech: Once per combat encounter as a free action can enhance any Melta, Plasma, Power or Exotic weapon he is personally weilding. Increases damage and pen by Int bonus until the end of the round.


  • Calculus Logi Implant: +10 bonus to Literacy, Logic, and Scholastic Lore tests.
  • Luminen Capacitors: Allows the character to recharge devices or even unleash powerful energy blasts. With a successful Toughness test, the character recharges or powers machinery. This requires one minute of mental focus and meditation. The difficulty of the Toughness test varies depending on the nature of the powered system.
      • (+10): Simple power cell, glow-globe
      • (+0): Lasgun charge pack, dataslate
      • (–10): Shuttle launch systems, servo-skull
      • (–20): Lascannon charge pack, servitor
      • (–30): Cogitator core, xenos technology
  • Maglev Coils: Allow the user may hover 20-30 centimetres off the ground.
  • GQ MIU: +10 bonus to commune with machine spirits and for Tech-Use, Operate, Logic, Inquiry, and Ballistic Skill tests made as part of interfacing with the MIU systems.
  • Sub Skin Armour: +2 Armour A/B/L
  • Utility Mechadendrite: Counts as a combi-tool, (+10 bonus to all Tech-Use tests), 6x injector pistons (can hold Sacred Unguent), Half Action - create one “blast” of smoke (–5 to WS, Blast [2]) 15 Min cool down.
  • Optical Mechadendrite: Can extend up to 3 metres, +10 bonus to all vision-based Perception tests. Can examine surfaces at a microscopic level or be used as telescopic sight. Ignores combat or other penalties due to darkness within 40m. Includes stablight & choose colour on a whim.
  • GQ Cerebral Implant: Unnatural Intelligence (2), +20 bonus to Logic and Lore tests.
  • Auto Sanguine: Heal from Lightly Damaged, Natural healing is 2 per day.
  • GQ Bionic Legs: +2 TB to legs, Gain the Sprint talent, +20 bonus to Agility tests to jump or leap.
  • GQ Bionic Left Arm: +2 TB to arm, +10 to Agility tests requiring fine manipulation.
  • Bionic Respiratory System: +2 TB to body, +20 to Toughness tests to resists airborne toxins and gas weapons.
  • BQ Vocal Implant: Counts as a Loudhailer, grants the Binaric Screech talent.
  • Internal Reservoir: No longer gain fatigue from Luminene Capacitors, two charges, recover charges after one day.
  • MIU Weapon Interface (Needle Pistol): Fire linked weapon as a free action (still limited by one Attack action).
  • Internal Power Source Power Blade:
    • [Basic; Melee; 1d10+2+SBE; Pen:5; Powerfield, Compact, Internal]
  • Internal Power Source Hellpistol:
    • [Pistol; Ranged; 10m; S/2/-; 1d10+3E; Pen:7; Clip:20; Rld:N/A; Compact, Internal]


  • Spectre Autorifle: A specialist weapon used by the 2nd Recon city-fight experts. Matte black and with an inbuilt silencer, they are weapons designed entirely for the close confines of a city. This model was taken from a dead member of the 2nd Recon in Spire 6 of Kapex Hive.
    • SP; Basic; 90m; S/3/6; D10+4; I; Clip [24]; Rld [1/2]; Reliable, Silenced, Red Dot Sight
    • [24], [24], [24], Manstoppers- [21] (Manstoppers: +3 Pen)
    • Aux-Grenade Launcher (Launcher; Basic; 30m; S/-/-; Clip [1]; Rld [Full]; Does not benefit from Red-Dot)
    • 2x Frag Grenades(2d10X, Blast[4])
  • Spectre Pattern Autopistol: A slight dark pistol used as a side-arm by the 2nd Recon. A covert weapon, this model was taken from a slain 2nd recon soldier and refitted by Gnaritas.
    • SP; Pistol; 25m; S/2/-; D10+4; Clip [7]; Reload [1/2]; Silenced, Red-Dot
    • [7], [7], [7] Manstoppers- [7] (Manstoppers: +3 Pen)
  • Needle Pistol: A slender piece the colour of midnight, this Needle Pistol was taken from the body of a fallen Demagogue who served the Prophets of the Severed Tongue in Desoleum. Mounted on Gnaritas's bionic arm.
    • Exotic [Needle]; Pistol; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10R; Pen:0; Clip:6; Rld:Full; Accurate, Felling (1), Toxic (5), Built-in Silencer 1.5kg
    • [6], [6], [6]
  • Ballistic Robes: 5kg A set of dark robes, weaved through with rare ballistic mesh that makes it capable combat armour.
    • A/B/L: 3; Appears to be mundane clothing.
  • Dataslate: 0.5kg
    • The primary means of storing and reading printed text and other forms of data such as pict or audio recordings.
  • 2x Data Leech: 1kg
    • Tech-Use test, if passed the user can use it to receive a signal or transmission within 1km for a number of minutes equal to his degrees of success. If the character fails by a number of degrees of failure greater than his Intelligence bonus, the sender and receiver of the signal become aware that someone is attempting to tap in.
  • Micro-Bead:
    • A small device worn in the ear and allowing for short-range communications out to roughly 1 kilometre (depending on weather conditions and intervening terrain).
  • Multi-Key:
    • +30 to Security tests to open locks.
  • Basic Medi-kit: 2kg
    • Allows you to roll Medicae at +10. Includes 3 doses of De-Tox. 2kg
  • Lascutter: 4kg
    • Can cut or weld around 10cm of metal depending on the thickness involved.
  • Survival Suit:
    • +20 bonus to any tests to withstand the effects of extreme environments.
    • +30 bonus to a Toughness test made to resist the effects of gas and can re-roll the test if failed.


  • Hand Cannon 1.5kg
    • SP; Pistol; 35m; S/-/-; D10+4; I; Pen 2; Clip [5]; Rld [2Full]
    • [5], [5], [5]
    • Silencer
  • Hot Shot Lasgun: 6kg Black matte steel, this weapon was taken from the corpses of Skitarii hunter squads on Kalto.
    • Las; Basic; 60m; S/3/-; D10+4; E; Pen 7; Clip [40]; Rld [2 Full]
    • [40] [40] 10kg
  • Submachine Gun: Commonly used by boarding crews and armsmen on private vessels, these snub-nosed rifles can be brutal in close quarters.
    • Compact Autogun with Extended Magazine. 3kg
    • SP; Basic; 50m; S/3/10; D10+2; I; Clip [24]; Rld [Full]; Compact. Fire Selector
    • [24] [24] [24] [24]
  • Thumpgun: [Average] 6.0kg A single clip grenade launcher typically used by less well equipped Imperial Guard units or Enforcer Tactical Response units. This unit was taken from House Rosh enforcers on Vanth.
    • Launcher; Basic; 60m; S/-/-; Rld [1]; Clip [1]; Indirect
    • Red Dot Laser Sight (+10 to hit on Single Shot)
    • Stun [6] (Blast[4], Concussive[2])
    • Frag [14] (2d10X, Blast[4])
    • Krak [4] (2d10+4X, Pen 6, Concussive[0], Vengeful[9]-Veh Only)
  • Adeptus Mechanicus Robes
    • A/B/L: 1
  • Spectre Pattern Flak Armour: Imperial guard flak armour marked with urban camouflage, this is the standard armour of the 2nd Recon 'Grey Walkers' regiment. Incorporates a Carapace chest piece.
    • 5-Body, 4-BLH, 5 Against Explosives; +10 to Stealth in Urban Environments.
    • Max Agility- 50
  • Tau Carapace Armour
    • 6:ALL
  • Tau Pulse Pistol
    • Exotic [T'au]; Pistol; 40m; S/2/-; 2D10+2; E; Pen 4; Clip [16]; Reload [1/2]
    • [16], [16], [16]
  • T'au Rifle: Gallach secretly gathered the broken remnants of a T'au rifle from the assault on the 'Amber Spyglass', taking it back to the 'Fury Untold'. Gnaritas repaired it for him, keeping the deadly Xenos weapon secret.
  • Pulse Carbine 6kg.
  • Exotic [T'au]; Basic; 60m; S/-/3; 2D10+2+3; E; Pen 4; Clip [24]; Reload [1/2]
  • [24], [24], [24]

Scientia Omnia: Gnaritas is driven by the need to know more, regardless of the cost.
"Ignorance is the curse of the Emperor; Knowledge is the true form of the Omnissiah" Gnaritas Seculis, Speaking to an unknown Mechanicus operative whom ambushed Inquisitor Sabela's cell, M41.810

Lowly tech adept who grew up aboard an Imperial Navy ship (Enemy: Void Pirates, Peer: Admech)
Sent down to quarantine world whilst ship under requisition of Inquisitor Sabela.
Necron tomb on world awoke, bypassed by attacking Necron forces after he had plugged himself into one of their rembrancer circuits.
Rescued by Inquistorial forces and interrogated by Sabela, due to knowledge gained she recorded him as deceased on the world and added him to her retinue.
Has spent his time since absorbing as much knowledge as possible, feels an subtle but inevitable pull to return to the Necrontyr world from years earlier.

Interim Campaign - Working with Core Theta

Personal Log:

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