Dogs of War

Mission Dossier

++Mission Dossier
++Date: M41.817.0506
++Classified: Lambda Omicron
++Subject: Investigation “Dogs of War”
++Threat Rating: Majoris
++Location: Askellon Sector, Hulee V, Hive Krakex, Spire 6

Loyal Acolytes,
We knew that the events on Kalto would have repercussions across the sector. The lack of food to the tributary and lower worlds has put a great strain on many, some of whose resolve is weaker than others. Hulee V is a fabrication world of great importance to the sector, providing the finished armaments utilized by the Militarum in their war against the enemies of the Imperium. Several years ago a disbanded regiment of the Desoleum Oathsmen were relegated to menial tasks in Spire 6 of Hive Krakex – sentinel plating and such. As the hive grew hungrier they were able to take advantage of the civilian riots to wrest control of the spire away from the imperium. As it stands they have Spire 6 in complete lockdown – no one is getting in or out. Their demands are simple: allow us to secede from the Imperium peacefully or we will take our freedom by force and subversion. Such a thing cannot be allowed to stand of course, but that is not all that troubles us. A report from the Adeptus Arbites on Krakex indicate that a minor cult of telepaths had been making noise in Spire 6 in the months leading up to the secession, and the Astropaths of Hulee V have record great disturbances in the balance of the immaterium. It is my suspicion that these witches have influenced the minds of the once-soldiers in order to cover their own heretical plot. The Arbites squad tasked with this assignment are currently trapped within the spire, led by Proctor Addison Knight. If you can find her you are authorised to expose the hand of the Inquisition and command her assistance if needed.

Your task, as dictated by His most Holy Inquisition, is as follows:

  • Infiltrate Spire 6 and ascertain the situation at hand
  • Suitably deal with the secessionists and the witches by the means you deem necessary
  • Minimize civilian casualties

++Ave Imperator


Asset Report

We are without a reliable asset in Spire 6. You will be going in mostly blind.

Location Data

++Name: Hulee V
++Designation: Industrial/Hive
++Satellites: A pair of moons, Vagoth and Dagoth, orbit in retrograde and prograde motion respectively. The resulting gravatic pressure causes intense periods of atmospheric super-heating to occur, making life outside of the hives near impossible.
++Government: Planetary Governor Nicodemus Zarkov
++Populace: Approximately 30 billion live on Hulee V, with close to 10 billion living in Hive Krakex and its surrounding structures. Number of nomadic Wasters is unknown.
++Environment: Mineral-rich veins of adamantium run beneath the super-heated surface of Hulee V, the unique astrological and environment situation making it a prime source of the rare metal which can only be formed under intense pressure.
58% Landmass, 33% salt water, 8% amonia-rich water, 1% fresh water.
++Tithe: Exactus Extremis
++Capital: Hive Krakex

Hulee V hosts a single enormous hive city centered squarely on the planet's equator, Hive Krakex, appearing more like a huge mountain than a building. Generations continually build new outer layers that roll off the hive’s outer surface like lava dripping down a massive volcano. Each new layer widens its circumference across the surrounding wastelands and consumes kilometres of land from the ragged millions teeming outside the hive shell. Billions more exist inside, transforming bulk-mined raw ores into the plate armour that protects the tanks and fortresses across Askellon. Most never see sky or sun, and cannot imagine a life without enclosed roofing, processed air, and immense crowds omnipresent on all sides. Located along megalithic highways akin to spokes from a gigantic wheel are a dozen spires radiating like the numbers on a clockface. Each spire is numbered as such, from 1 to 12, and each performs a certain task in the production of the Holy Imperial Tithe. Spires 1 through 3 are miners, dredging up the valuable ores and minerals in terrible dangerous conditions. Spires 4 through 6 are refiners and forgers, a multi-staged process which results in the finest quality of material ready for fabrication in Spires 7 through 9. Finishing touches are applied in Spires 10 through 12, including treatment, electronics fit-out, and appropriate blessings of the Omnissiah.
Throughout the millenia Hulee V has produced all manner of armaments - from simple cold-forge lasgun casings, to mighty starship hulls and macro weaponry. The bulk of these goods are transported to the nearby Port Lokhart and the Imperial Navy, while others are sent to the far away Laran 9K, the staging post for all military endeavours into the spinward fringe. Every military in Askellon in some way boasts goods from Hulee V, and has done since the birth of the sector.

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