Fields of Gold

Mission Dossier


++Mission Dossier
++Date: M41.816.0221
++Classified: Omega Epsilon
++Subject: Investigation “Fields of Gold”
++Threat Rating: Majoris
++Location: Askellon Sector, Kalto

Loyal Acolytes. Inquisitor Grendel is most pleased with your recent performances – believe me when I say that he is not a man known to personally meet with his subordinates unless they are of extreme interest to himself. In reward for your services you have been elevated to CLASS:VR equipment, allowing you access to more varied tools in the execution of your mission.
Following the trail left by the information recovered from “The Killing Smile” we have determined that Kalto will be the next destination for our attentions. In the last few years there have been the beginnings of an anti-production revolutionary movement within the agri-workers of that most verdant world, and recent sudden spikes in encoded communications leads us to believe that parties from off-world are now invested in whatever machinations are occurring. Having no Arbites or PDF presence it fell to the local Compliancers of Kalto to enforce the Lex Imperialis. Unfortunately the sheer brutality of the methods employed by the heretical dissidents has quailed the Compliancers to quite a severe degree.

Your task, as dictated by His most Holy Inquisition, is as follows:

  • Discover the identities of those who procured the Boneweed for Hereticus Biologis Amina Zaman.
  • Infiltrate and dismantle the revolutionary group known as the Harvestmen.
  • Investigate which factions, both off-world and on-world, have been supporting and supplying the Harvestmen.
  • Recover any and all artefacts which resemble the Arleen Diamonds. Do not make utterance in the presence of such artefacts.

As always: If any key players be of Hereticus or Recidivist quality you are ordered to make all efforts to detain and deliver them to the Inquisitor and myself. If they be of Xenos, Horribilis, or Malific quality you are ordered to exterminate them with extreme prejudice.

++Ave Imperator


Asset Report

Lady King,
It is with the utmost honour that I serve the most holy of organisations once more - I pray that I may be of useful service to you and yours.
The Metothine Gate holds a facade of order whilst in the shadows there is naught but turmoil. The machinations of the Harvestmen have reduced the annual output for M41.815 by almost 7% - a frankly inconsiderable loss for not only the merchant magnates of Kalto, but for Askellon as a whole. Merchantmen and traders live in fear and do not dare move throughout the Gate nor venture to the surface without openly armed guards, for to date there have been many murders in the name of anarchy and heresy. Furthermore, the forges of the Adeptus Mechanicus are mysteriously silent. They have remained dedicated to task, repairing and producing the holy Skerabs in service to the Imperium, but not a single un-encrypted communication has been intercepted in almost 6 sidereal months. Governor von Maunx is livid with their silence and I fear it will not be long before he enacts militaristic efforts in order to re-open communications by force. Meanwhile my contacts in the Praefactor Palace of Adeptus Praefect Torintane inform me that the old man is preparing his own forces for a strike against the Metothine Gate, believing that von Maunx is intentionally allowing or even worse, funding, the terroristic efforts of the Harvestmen.
I await your cells arrival with bated breath. The Metothine offices are prepared at their convenience.
Forever loyal,
Agent Torren

The surface of Kalto is in disarray. Every day dozens if not hundreds of cowardly workers defect to the rebellious Harvestmen, eager to escape their rightful servitude to the Imperium. The Compliancers have taken to operating heavily armed and armoured auto-carriages in running down the defectors, regardless of the collateral damage, which ironically enough leads to more workers escaping for the Loradon Mountains. In the past month we have lost two Production Hamlets to sabotage attributed to the Harvestmen, as well as half a dozen nigh-on irreplaceable Skerabs. At the current rate I predict a full-scale revolution will grip Kalto within one sidereal year, no doubt resulting in a violent response from the Processional Worlds.
I will meet with your cell when they arrive on the surface. The granary is ready for them.
Agent Resnovich

Location Data

++Name: Kalto
++Designation: Agricultural
++Satellites: A single major satellite, coined the Metothine Gate, sits in geo-stationary orbit above Kalto
++Government: Planetary Governor Naullis von Maunx, Adeptus Praefect Torintane, Adeptus Mechanicus Forgemaster Paellus
++Populace: Unknown - [the Imperial census has not been taken in some time due to the deadlocked political strife of the last hundred years. Estimated to be approximately 12-25 billion.]
++Environment: Verdant fields of nutrient rich soil backed by Mechanicus induced weather patterns makes Kalto a veritable paradise of agriculture. 36% landmass, 62% salt-water. 2% fresh-water.
++Tithe: Exactus Extremis
++Capital: Metothine Gate


++Overview: Located along the Grand Processional, the most stable Warp route in the Askellon Sector, Kalto is a large agri-world whose bountiful production has made it the breadbasket for the untold billions who dwell within the neighbouring sub-sectors. This high productivity is believed to be due in part to Kalto’s negligible axial tilt which, when combined with the planet’s stable orbit relative to its brilliant orange star, creates a near perpetual growing season ideally suited for agriculture. Kalto is particularly known for its production of padonus rice, a genetically-modified crop developed by the Magi Biologis of Core Theta, as well as large quantities of local emdur grain. Such advantageous planetary qualities have led many scholars to believe Kalto is actually the result of ancient terraforming during the sector’s founding, or of some other nameless techno-sorcery from the Dark Age of Technology. Others interpret the world’s relative Warp route stability and remarkably earth-like gravitational pull as evidence of divine providence, while some within the Inquisition and elsewhere view the deadly boneweed, prolific xenos relics, and other unexplained events during Kalto’s history as evidence of an as yet unidentified threat.
++The most catastrophic of these events happened scant ages ago, when a merchant vessel arrived to discover Kalto’s verdant lands and gothic structures inexplicably abandoned, with fields of overgrown crops and livestock wandering loose. Search as they might, the crew found no answers to the mystery, save for a few desiccated corpses locked inside a tarnished security spire, and a grainy vid log of spectral figures. This sudden disappearance of the planet’s inhabitants precipitated an intense famine amongst nearby hive worlds. In the following decades, the numerous attempts at appropriation and infighting among political factions made Kalto a byword for bickering and intrigue. The most egregious of these was the founding of Forge Paellus, which occurred when a huge Adeptus Mechanicus cruiser deposited the forge’s prefab foundation into the hollowed-out heart of the Loradon mountains. It is said that cries of consternation over this act rang out in the highest levels of the Pellucid Tower on Juno, and that it came remarkably close to dragging the Rubicon Sub-Sector into war. Eventually, after months of fierce politicking, numerous assassination attempts, and intense negotiations, the competing interests finally renounced their claims on the valuable world. Kalto is now firmly under the control of the Adeptus Administratum. The Adeptus Mechanicus, however, still retains a substantial presence there, much to the resentment of the august Kaltan Ecclesiarchy.

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