The King of Cowards

Mission Dossier

Finally, at long last, the way is clear to you. Far off of the rimward edge of the Thule Sub-Sector, the lost-system of Angel KZ-8 awaits. Grim-faced and determined, the Fury and her crew prep the ship the long voyage into the unknown reaches. In the war-room, Grendel addresses his collected agents and acolytes.
“Eight years. Eight, long, arduous, and bloody years you have all accompanied me on this journey. We’ve lost friends, allies, and sometimes our very minds in the pursuit of the Patternari Cabal and their machinations. I am overjoyed to say that we are nearer than ever to our goal. I have spent countless months scrying the Arleen Diamonds – cataloguing their hidden messages and relating them your investigations.”
With a wave of Grendel's hand the waiting hololith thrums to life, casting you all in a deep emerald glow.
“Angel KZ-8 – a long-lost system far from the gaze of our God-Emperor. It is my understanding that upon the world of Epsilon we shall find the Patternari and the fallen Inquisitor, Caprican Malachi. Your orders are simple: capture Caprican and his colleagues – kill all others you find. I will be accompanying you to the surface on this mission, for nothing less than the full force of our might will quell the Patternari. Ave Imperator – may the God-Emperor protect”

Cell Medusa

Mission Data

Mission Log

Location Data

++Name: Angel KZ-8 Epsilon, Thule Sub-Sector, Rimward
++Designation: Feral World/Uncolonised
++Satellites: Watch-Station Nostrodamus
++Government: Unofficially held by the Auriga Navigator Clan
++Populace: Unknown
++Environment: Temperate planet suitable for colonisation - 32% Landmass, 64% salt water, 6% fresh-water
++Tithe: n/a
++Capital: n/a

++Overview: Very little is known of the Angel KZ-8 system. The only solid descriptions are those logged by the Auriga Navigator Clan, which fled the Askellon Sector five centuries ago, and though scouts from the Surena Dynasty briefly examined this system for exploitation, the notes were sparse and interspersed with madness. Most hold the existing information to be unreliable at best, and the product of broken minds and shattered ambitions at worst.

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