Mission Dossier

++Mission Dossier
++Date: M41.816
++Subject: Cell Re-activation.
++Location: Askellon Sector, Desoleum, Kappex Orbital Station.
++Overview: Acolytes, the Inquisitor calls upon your service once again. Return to Kappex as swiftly as possible aboard the Platinum Crown jump-ship and I will instruct you further. I have secured you passage under false identities, the data-packet is attached. You should know the Inquisitor has referred to this as a "personal business", I phrase I have never heard him use before, and let that influence both your haste and the seriousness with which you treat this task.
Awaiting your arrival.
++Ave Imperator
++Interrogator Chael King

Cell Raptor

Mission Data

Mission Log

Cell Assets

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