Cell Medusa


Tarl Zarath



Tarl grew up outside the cities of Vouxis Prime in a tribe with his family. Living above the surface of Vouxis he hunted and fought amongst the millions of statues that coat the surface. He was conscripted into the Ivory Knights Imperial Guard regiment that comes from that world and underwent combat training on Vouxis Prime. Serving with the Ivory Knights he fought as an assault trooper, excelling in close quarters fighting. He saw combat on Gregorn against the Orks that infest that world before the ship Emperor's Benediction was reassigned to give troops to the war on Laran 9k.
The Benediction stopped at Juno and Tarl was recruited by Gallach to be his personal bodyguard. He took a feral worlder's pledge to protect him and pledged his sword to the Inquisition.

Feral World, Imperial Guardsman, Crusader
The only true fear is dying without your duty done.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
42'' 25 42' [+1] 44'' [+1] 34 [+1] 31 31 31 30

Wounds: 13

Known: Athletics, Command, Common Lore (Imperial Guard, War), Forbidden Lore (Orks), Operate (Surface), Navigate (Surface)
+10: Parry

Talents and Traits:

  • Feral Worlder: Remove primitive quality and primitive weapons gain Proven [3]
  • Hammer of the Emperor: When attacking a target with an ally, re-roll damage dice of 1 or 2.
  • Smite the Unholy: Use Fortune to automatically pass Fear tests. When attacking creatures with Fear deal additional damage and pen equal to Fear rating.
  • Weapon Training: Las, Low Tech, Power
  • Bodyguard: May use Reaction to move 1/2 move distance and intercept an attack. May attempt a Parry as part of this reaction.
  • Resist: [Fear]


  • Genova-Pattern Power Fist: A slim and elegant design from the 'Regalia' that is powered by the Lorica harness. Powerful enough to punch through a tank it is an utterly brutal and unstoppable weapon.
    • Melee; Power; 2D10+Sbx3 (15); Pen 9; Powerfield, Unbalanced
  • Lorica Harness: An archeotech combat rig that integrates directly with the nervous system of the wearer. Able to be equipped with armour plates and other additions, it makes the bearer a force to behold.
    • Unnatural Strength [+1], Unnatural Toughness [+1], Unnatural Agility [+1]
  • Lorica Knight Plate: Archeotech power armour that attaches directly to the Lorica Harness. Overlapping plasteel plates are stylised to look like an ancient knight and make the bearer an imposing sight on the battlefield.
    • 8- All, 9 against fit hit of the round; Max Agility [50]
    • Environmentally sealed. Includes a rebreather, respirator and comm link.
  • Scion Compact Volleygun
    • Basic; Las; 30m; S/2/4; D10+6; E; Pen 7; Clip [20]; Reload [2 Full]; Reliable, Storm
    • [20], [20], [20], [20]
  • Omni-Shield: A grenade that projects a protective shield using some unknown and archaic Cult Mechanicus technology.
    • Thrown; SBx3; S/-/-; Field (30), Overload (01-05), D5+1 rounds
  • Vouxis Honour Blade
    • Greatsword w/ mono and reinforced.
    • Low-Tech; Melee; 2D10+Sb; R; Pen 2; Proven [3], Reinforced, Unbalanced [-10 to parry].
    • 4- All. 5 against explosive.
  • Graviton Gun: A strange creation of the Adeptus Mechanicus that amplifies gravity in an area for a short term, weaponising it. This weapon was found on a fallen cultist of Zadok in the Necrontyr ruins of Angel KZ-8G.
    • Exotic; Basic; 30m; S/3/-; D10+6; I; Pen 8; Clip [9]; Reload [2 Full]; Concussive [2], Graviton
    • Graviton: Does extra damage equal to the targets armour in the location hit. Additional effects against vehicles.
    • [9], [9], [9], [9]
  • Grenade Launcher: A six clip grenade launcher originally used by Adeptus Arbites for crowd control, reworked by an unknown cultist of Zadok.
    • Launcher; Basic; 60m; S/-/-; As Ammunition; X; Clip [6]; Reload [Full]
    • [6- Krak Grenades- 2D10+4+3; Pen 6; Concussive]
  • Backpack
    • [Grapnel, Lho sticks, Magnoculars]


  • Sword
    • Low-Tech; Melee; D10+Sb; R; Balanced.
  • Laspistol
    • Las; Pistol; 30m; S/2/-; D10+2; E; Clip [30]; Reload [1/2]; Reliable
  • Ivory Knight Flak
    • Imperial Guard Flak Armour w/ combat vest and respirator.

Caleb Hessk

Interrogator of Inquisitor Tortane's acolyte cell which went missing on Angel KZ-8 Epsilon several decades past. Hessk passed through the Gate of Angels and has been living as a vagabond on Questorus ever since. A tall, thin man with thinning grey hair and violet eyes, Hessk carries only his barely functional rosette as evidence of his once-vaunted position.
Hessk was rescued by acolyte Cell Medusa in the dungeons of House Arakon on Questorus and began to serve in the Inquisition again.

  • 2x Tronvasse Autos
    • 35m; S/3/6; D10+3+3; I; Pen 2; Clip [18]; Reload [Half]; Reliable
  • 2x Fulmen Pistols
    • 25m; S/-/-; D10+5+3; X; Pen 4; Clip [2]; Reload [Half]; Tearing
  • 2x Hussar-Pattern Lance Pistol: A long brass pistol that miniaturizes the weapon systems found on voidships. Shoots a bolt of impossible powerful energy that easily cuts through almost any armour.
    • Pistol; Exotic; 100m; S/-/-; D10+4+3; E; Pen 3; Clip [5]; Reload [Half]; Reliable, Lance
  • 'Nothern Regalia' Carapace Armour: Black carapace armour worn by the more human Skitarii who once served aboard the 'Nothern Regalia'.
    • 5-All, Includes micro-bead and respirator.
  • Omni-Shield: A grenade that projects a protective shield using some unknown and archaic Cult Mechanicus technology.
    • Thrown; SBx3; S/-/-; Field (30), Overload (01-05), D5+1 rounds
  • Broken Rosette

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