The Dead Below

Mission Dossier


++Mission Dossier
++Date: M41.815.0612
++Classified: Omega Epsilon
++Subject: Investigation “The Dead Below”
++Threat Rating: Minoris
++Location: Askellon Sector, Vanth
A contact within the vapour-mining operations conducted by the Rogue Trade House of Roth on the world of Vanth has received unconfirmed reports of an artefact of significant importance being sighted on the death-world. You are to make contact with Agent Mercutio on the sub-orbital waystation of Aincrad above the surface of Vanth. He will direct you further. The artefact in question is a small, crystalline item set in a gilded stone. Speed is of the essence - we do not know who else may be aware of the artefact but if the House of Roth has gotten wind of this you can be assured that they will be on the trail.
Your task, as dictated by His most Holy Inquisition, is as follows:

  • Contact Agent Mercutio - he will lead you to the supposed location.
  • Recover the artefact.
  • Do not under any circumstances make physical contact with the artefact, nor attempt to utilise it, nor speak in its presence. You will be provided with a stasis-chamber in which to place the item upon recovery, after which you may speak again.
  • Do not cause an interstellar incident. The last thing we need so early on in our deployment in Askellon is a war between the Inquisition and a powerful Rogue Trader house. Use discretion.

++Ave Imperator
++Interrogator Chael King

Location Data


++Name: Vanth
++Designation: Death
++Size: 9,000km diameter, approx.
++Government: Business magnate operated by Rogue Trader Brenton Rosh under tithe to the Adeptus Administratum and Holy Terra
++Populace: 2,000,000, approx
++Environment: Humid, fetid swamps and boglands make up the majority of Vanth's environment. Small patches of solid ground exist among the shifting mires but few if any are suitable foundation for infrastructure
++Gravity: 1.09 Terran Standard
++Atmosphere: Nitrogen 69%, Oxygen 29%, trace other gasses
++Tithe: Exactus Extremis
++Fauna: Reportedly unidentifiable creatures inhabit the shallow swamps. Some xenologists assume them to be a collective gestalt creature living under the planet crust, but such things are the ramblings of the mentally ill
++Infrastructure: Suborbital waystation designated Aincrad is the main home for the some 2,000,000 residents. Indentured workers regularly travel to the surface in large bulk carriers to mine gasses from the swamps
++Resources: Gasses required for use in Rejuvenant products are abundant - almost exclusively trapped beneath the surface in gas-pockets

Cell Raptor

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