Mission Dossier

++Date: M41.819.0116
++Classified: Iota Tau
++Subject: Investigation “Regicide"
++Threat Rating: Hereticus Diabolus/Extremis
++Location: Askellon

++Overview: Your next mission takes place across the Askellon Sector, chasing the path of a rogue band of Inquisitorial Throne Agents after the death of their Inquisitor. A year prior, Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Malik was declared excommunicates traitorous by Lord Inquisitor Witch-Hunter Spiron Hark and subsequently hunted down and eliminated by the Ordo Sicarius. Her loyal, if misguided, band of Throne Agents managed to elude capture and termination, and have gone into hiding throughout the sector. Make no mistake. This is a wetwork assignment. The throne agents of Malik must be captured, interrogated, and then exterminated with all haste, for the sources of the Inquisition tell us that they are still executing the last orders of their master.
Ave Imperator

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Cell Medusa

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