The Boat

An aged and terrible beauty from eons past, the Fury Untold stands ready to serve the Inquisition as they conduct their affairs across the Askellon Sector

Fury Untold


Hull: Destroyer
Class: Iconoclast – mostly retrofitted for inter-sector transport.
Dimension: 1.3 kilometres long, 0.4 kilometres abeam at the fins.
Mass: Approx. 6.1 megatonnes.
Crew: Approx. 16,500 crew.
Acceleration: 7.2 Gravities
Captain: Sir Bartholomew Drake, Free Charter
Overview: A strikingly ugly vessel with an altogether inappropriate name for a merchant ship reveals a little of the history of the Fury Untold. Her hull bears the scars of over 9000 years of warfare, and no doubt has changed hands countless times, serving both loyalist and traitor. Some 2000 years ago the old girl was decommissioned as a warship and retrofitted for inter-sector use, delivering cargo and people instead of lasers and macro-shells. With void-piracy relatively high in the lawless reaches of Askellon, the Fury Untold still carries her assortment of arsenal in the from of dorsal macro and laser weaponry, although she has rarely had call to use them for some decades now.

Line of Drake

The line of Drake have served Askellon since centuries prior to its rediscovery by the Imperium, nominally under the watchful eye of the Port Aquila Combine. As dictated by the codes of the Free Charter, upon the thousandth year of servitude the current holder of the charter will be released from their duties along with the vessel they currently captain - this release shall last until the charter holder expires, at which time the charter, the new captain, and the vessel must return to the Consortium or face censure. It just so happened that Bartholomew was the lucky one to be granted such a level of freedom, although the machinations of the Inquisition had a different future in store than the one he had envisioned. Free-Captain Drake and the Fury Untold now serve a new master, one Inquisitor Sabela of the Ordo Xenos, ferrying her to and fro as she conducts her investigations across the Askellon Sector.

The Hub


This large communal area is shared by a handful of different acolyte cells. As part dining hall, part tavern, and part briefing room, the Hub serves a variety of uses. It has its own armoury, individual rooms and a collection of data stacks and cogitators for acolytes to use. The entry is guarded by armsmen personally chosen by the Inquisition, loyal men among the few that understand the true cargo of the Fury Untold. Although the Hub is fairly clean, the dark, worn bulkheads serve as reminders of the vessel’s storied past. A few hallways lead from this large room to other areas. In periods of downtime or travel, many find relaxation in this area – often finding seats around the mass-fabricated metal tables. The area is almost constantly filled with the sounds of various discussions, laughter, cursing, and of weapons being cleaned and inspected. This deck and communal areas are shared by roughly three dozen individuals of a variety of genders, ages, sizes, and languages. Attached to this room are two sets of blast doors leading to turbo-lifts.

The Lodgings

The main acolyte lodgings are found down one of the hallways leading from the 'Hub'. A series of heavy metal doors line the corridor on both sides. Eventually, acolytes arrive at the keypad-coded room that has been assigned to their cell. Each room contains comfortable furnishings - a bunk, table, chairs, glow-lamp, shrine, locker, and privy.

  • Gallach:
    • Large gun locker with DNA encoded lock
    • Imperial Aeronautica manuals Volumes 2-25, Terminus 'Infantryman's Uplifting Primer', 'Liber Divinitus'.
    • Scale model of an Imperial Lightning.
    • Bleached Kalto-Grox skull
    • Case of Ossur Cigarillos. Bottle of Champogne from the wineries of Juno.
    • Shrine: Aquila forged from Astartes Bolt Shells.
    • Memorial Reliquary: Silens' scarred aquila. Thrane's Cog amulet. Carved Inferno Shotgun Shell from Addison Knight. Golden ring from Davrus Octavius. Doc Ocano's Hulee V dogtags. Ensign Patrick's 'lucky' pistol.
    • Workbench: Deathwatch Bio-Toxin bolt round.
    • Other Facilties: Simple bunk, table, chairs, glow-lamp, and privy.
  • Lazarus Hayl:
    • An adamantium-chained codex locked with a strange mechanical device bearing no keyhole.
    • A sealed glass flask of viscous black liquid held in an archeotech stasis field.
    • A neat stack of velum scrolls still sealed with blood-red wax. They are curiously warm to the touch.
    • Inquisition Fallon's walking cane.
    • Arch-Cardinal Harus' partially melted golden aquila.
    • Other Facilties: Simple bunk, table, chairs, glow-lamp, shrine, and privy.
  • Gavriel Zane:
    • Braille edition of the Liber Gothica Astronomicon.
    • A hand-made pistol-cleaning kit crafted from various scrap items.
    • Small vial of sand from an unknown world.
    • Khlor Durran's broken and charred Rosette.
    • Ident papers for 'Alkin Fargrave'.
    • Other Facilties: Simple bunk, table, chairs, glow-lamp, shrine, and privy.
  • Players resting in their Lodgings remove twice the level of Fatigue as usual, and heal at twice the natural rate

The Armoury

Behind a blast door labelled 'Workshop and Armoury' the Acolytes find a small counter and blast-window built into the side of a wall in a room filled with steel benches and tools. A small metal hatch sits at the end of the counter, allowing goods to be passed from one side of the thick glass to the other. Located behind the window are many rows of metal shelving, holding a variety of basic goods and materiel. A large locked and sealed blast door is visible at the back of the room. Covered in warning labels, acolytes can only assume that this is the weapon lock-up. These storage rooms have no direct access save for a guarded door around the corner - further secured by keypad and biometric scanner. This area is the domain of Rune-Priest Artikos, once underling of the late Armello and no less strict in the diligent pursuit of his responsibilities. The mundane armoury is staffed by Quartermaster Quartermain, an ex-Imperial Guard officer who laughs at anything except for jokes about his name. He can often be found puffing his cigars while checking logistics and orders for the ship's many weapons.

  • Players can be assured of the safety of their more unwieldy or large equipment in the Armoury
  • Any weapon upgrades can be applied here without needing to test
  • Any weapon repairs can be performed here without needing to test
  • Grants a +20 modifier to any relevant tests

Hidden Armoury: Behind a hidden wall sits weapons that even certain members of the Inquisition cannot know about.

  • T'au Pulse Weapons

The Chapel

Down a twisting hallway, a broken hatchway leads to the darkened chapel. The small room seats no more than fifty and is poorly lit by a handful of large white candles scattered about the room. A musty smell clings to the back of the acolytes’ throats. Piles of parchment and old, leather-bound books are stacked around the peripheries. A lone figure sits at the end of one of the pews, silent in contemplation. The acolytes learn that this figure is a young acolyte named Marianne von Witgoth, a blind missionary from Gregorn who has been recently recruited by Inquisitor Sabela. After Silens' material wealth was put towards repairing the chapel Marianna has made good progress in turning it into a shrine worthy of the Emperor. Golden light flows in from a light above and the sense of piety is obvious to any who enter this holy place.

  • Players may remove choose one of the following for each act of faith they perform within or for the Chapel (Acts of Faith can take many forms, but usually cost something either tangible or role-play wise e.g. Swearing to slay a demon, destroy an object of profanity, recover and donate a holy relic, etc)
    • Gain the Holy Special Attribute for one item which lasts the extent of the mission
    • Remove 1d5 Insanity Points
    • Remove 1d2 Corruption Points
    • Remove one Mutation
  • Grants a +20 modifier to any relevant tests

Relic Shrine:

  • Silens' greatsword 'Censura' in a glass display case.
  • Bolt shell used in the slaying of a Herald of Chaos.
  • The Plate Armour of Sister Yasta

The Librarium


The unmistakable smell of musty tomes draws you down a dimly-lit corridor to a set of well-worn and oddly out of place wooden stairs leading up into an attic-like hatchway. Inside you find a small conservatory, a series of cleverly designed and well-placed monitors displaying the outside void in place of windows typically found in such a structure. From wall to wall are dozens upon dozens of shelves carved from the same strange wood as the aforementioned stairs - each holding it's fair share of books, codices and tomes. Sitting patiently at a lacquered table reading a steel-bound novella is young man, his shaven head reflecting the candle-light. Hearing your footsteps, he calls out to you "Take what you like, just be sure you fill out the register before you go" indicating the gigantic tome mounted on a pedestal to his left.

  • The Librarium grants you bonuses to knowledge tests as long as you are either there to study yourself, or have clear vox access to the ship (in which case The Archivist aids you). If you collect tomes and other items of knowledge the bonus provided can be increased, as well as the range of topics covered. (This does not grant you the Skill as if it was trained, so if you were to make an untrained Skill test it would still be at the traditional -20, plus any bonuses the Librarium provides)
  • Common Lores
    • +10: All
  • Scholastic Lores
    • +10: All
  • Forbidden Lores
    • +10: Xenos (T'au, Orks)
    • +10: Adeptus Astartes
    • +10: Daemons
    • +10: Criminal Cartels
    • +10: Navigators
    • +10: Rogue Traders
    • +10: Warp
    • +10: Askellon
    • +10: Inquisition
    • +20: Xenos (Necrontyr)

Noteworthy Texts:

  • 'Liber Hereticus Askellon' On stone pedestal is tome of known and wanted heretics in Askellon.
  • 'Saint Augustine and Her Apostles': Contains many secrets and teachings from the Sororitas and the Ecclesiarchy itself.
  • 'Liber Malleus Accersito': A book bound in still-living human flesh found on the corpse of the witch Ruto Berenk, leader of the Silence. The tome speaks of terrible creatures locked behind the veil of reality.

The Flight Bay


Off one of the main hallways and down a set of metal grated stairs you find the Fury Untold Flight Bay. Inside sits a variety of shuttles, landers, and cutters. Stacks of plasteel crates line the far walls, tied down by thick cargo straps. The cavernous room is sealed from the void by large blast doors. This private bay sits away from the many landing bays used by the Fury's regular crew. The smell of oil and sweat claws at the senses. A small gathering of pilots, mechanics, and technicians sit in the centre of the bay, using overturned toolboxes and cargo containers as makeshift tables and chairs. A boisterous laugh rings out as a single figure throws down a few cardboard icons, stands, and pulls a pile of tokens towards himself amid a chorus of "Corvath, you frak! Again?". It seems that many of the pilots, mechanics, and technicians stationed on this deck call the Flight Bay home. Once their daily tasks are completed, the Flight Bay is a place of relaxation, inebriation, and gambling.


  • Arvus Lighter [Cell Medusa]
  • Gun Cutter [Interrogator Gallach]

The Medical Bay


Down a main arterial hallway from the lodgings, a dirty sign marks the Medical Bay. With stained tile floors and grimy walls, the acolytes would never voluntarily seek treatment here. Even still, the med-bay is constantly busy. It seems as though the med-bay is staffed only by a young woman and a pair of ancient-looking medical servitors. With numerous acolytes coming and going from mission to mission, the med-bay staff are obviously overworked and under-equipped for the rigours of inquisitorial life. Discarded and broken equipment is piled in a dirty corner at the back of the room. The Chief Chirurgeon Tonya Chevar is notoriously hard to please. Many players may be better off working around her, rather than with her. Perhaps once they’ve brought the med-bay up to her standards, players will shake her harsh demeanour. That being said, should the acolytes be injured, Chevar will always attempt to offer the finest levels of care.

  • Grants a +20 modifier to relevant tests
  • Extended Care can be performed here
  • If Acolytes are being healed aboard the Fury Untold they are assumed to gain the maximum amount of wounds back each day under Extended Care or First Aid (Int Bonus of Tonya Chevar, plus 2 per day, plus 1 per consecutive day)

Specimen Morgue:

  • Kroot and T'au Corpses.
  • 'Stalker' blood and tissue samples.
  • Navigator Judicale Clone
  • Inquisitor Malik ('Shifter' drug)

The Dojo

At the furthest end of the Hub lies a compact yet ornamental room sealed with a simple portal ringed by prayer papers. Inside is a well-equipped training room complete with mats, dummies, dulled weapons and a combat-cage populated by servitors. Never too far from the Dojo is Master Kellen, an aged and weathered man dressed in simple loose fitting robes of dark carmine. Acolytes can be found here training against each other in various forms of martial arts - especially brave Acolytes test their skills against the combat-servitors and their surgically implanted weapons.

  • No mechanical impact, but gives a fluff reason for improving combat skills and talents
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