The Killing Smile

Mission Dossier


++Mission Dossier
++Date: M41.815.0925
++Classified: Omega Epsilon
++Subject: Investigation “The Killing Smile”
++Threat Rating: Majoris
++Location: Askellon Sector, Desoleum, Desoleum Primus
A spate of vicious murders in the underhive of Desoleum requires the attention of His most Holy Inquisition. Victims of this barbarity have been recovered with their lips removed and their cheeks torn from their faces – some have even drowned in their own blood. The horrific nature of these killings leads me to believe that cultists may be the cause, for who else is depraved enough to mutilate a loyal servant of the Imperium in such a way.
A scattering of eye witness reports have informed us that prior to their deaths, the victims were witnessed suffering from a form of glossolalia – a fever of the mind which brings about incessant babbling in tongues. This only further cements in my mind that the foul lackeys of the ruinous powers are behind this. Seek out our embedded asset, Intelligencer Adrian Wolffe - he will guide you further.
Your task, as dictated by His most Holy Inquisition, is as follows:

  • Infiltrate Desoleum Primus; locate the source of the murders; bring the source to the Emperor’s Justice
  • Certain suspects may be suitable candidates for trial in the Chancellery Courts. Human, abhuman, recidivists, and heretics are all suitable for such public proceedings, and as such I expect you to conduct appropriate methods of subdual and capture. Profane, daemonic, xenos, or other such non-humans should be eliminated with extreme prejudice once their usefulness has been outlived.

++Ave Imperator
++Interrogator Chael King

Asset Report

Firstly, I am honoured to once again be in the service, and I pray I am of sufficient use to you and yours.
As per your instructions I have secured two bodies that were scheduled for incineration - they are currently in cold storage at the safe house I have organised for your team. From a quick appraisal of the bodies, I suspect one of the Fleshcutter gangs to be involved somehow - they have a penchant for such bold acts of mutilation, and with the up and coming recruitment drives to herald in the New Financial Year, I imagine many gangs are posturing to gain attention and patronage from one of the Consortium Houses.
The Hectin and your team's supplies are safe with me - I eagerly await their arrival. I can be found in the Main Hive at #4377 Caliphate Ave, District G89, Level 746.
I will provide more information if it arises.
In His Righteous Name,

Some more information prior to the imminent arrival of your Cell. In the void above Desoleum there are four stations, one of which is utilised for general traffic - Kappex Orbital. On Kappex you will be required to pass through several checkpoints to verify your reasons for visiting Desoleum. The Departmento Immigrant can provide you with Oath-Cogs dependent on whatever reason you have, provided your documentation is in order. Documentation such as Works Orders from the Consortium, a writ of character from a noble house, or an offer of employment from any number of factories and industries is usually enough to obtain an Oath-Cog. Of course, this can all be avoided if the right palms are greased. From Kappex you can transition to Port Gyre on-world at the outskirts of Desoleum Primus, where again you will be required to go through several checkpoints. While Kappex has the Departmento Immigrant, Desoleum and Port Gyre are under the control of the Sanctionaries, a far more vicious breed of enforcers. Nevertheless they are as corrupt as they come and are more than willing to turn a blind eye for the right price.
Once you are in Desoleum Primus, be aware of the restrictions of your Oath-Cogs. Travelling between the hive layers is heavily policed by the Sanctionaries, and even tho they avoid the Lower Hive and Under Hive there are no shortage of Unbonded Gangers in the dark to fear. Being an Intelligencer I have a large degree of freedom in my movements but due to clandestine nature of my work with yourself and your ilk I do not wish to arose unwanted suspicions and threaten the safety or security of the mission. The Desoleum Primus Judge Bowers has officially declared the investigation as not in conflict with the Lex Imperialis so I fear the Arbites will not be of great help unless more concrete evidence of heresy is brought to light.
Yours faithfully,


Location Data

++Name: Desoleum
++Designation: Hive
++Satellites: Four major void stations. Two are defense outposts, one is a port and the fourth a luxury holiday location for Desoleum's nobles.
++Government: The Consortium, a ruling council of mercantile families currently led by Planetary Governor Lady Aud Killian.
++Populace: 300,000,000,000 approx
++Environment: Barren to the extreme, almost all civilisation exists within the three hives on the surface. Outside of the hives waves of glasslike often liquified sand covers most of the surface. Numerous alien structures across entire surface houses with major holdings across the sector.
++Tithe: Exactus Prima
++Capital: Desoleum Primus

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