Cell Assets


Hectin Autocarriage


Armour 15 [Front] 10 [Side] 8 [Rear] Integrity 20
Cruising Speed 70mph Combat Speed 15m
Maneuverability +15 Size Enormous
Crew Driver Carrying Capacity Servitor and 4 passengers

Vehicle Traits:

  • Rugged:
    • All Repair tests are at +20.
  • Wheeled:
    • -20 to difficult terrain tests. +10 to maneuverability tests.
    • Wheeled Vehicles are extremely difficult to control once they suffer serious damage to their motive systems; the loss of even one wheel can make even the most experienced of drivers struggle to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line, especially in the heat of combat. Vehicles with the Wheeled Vehicle trait suffer Motive Systems Critical damage as normal, but once any such damage has been taken, all forms of movement require Operate tests, and all tests related to the vehicle’s Manoeuvrability, are made at a –10 penalty.
    • Wheeled mechanisms are generally far less complex than those belonging to tracked vehicles. Repairing Critical damage to the vehicle’s Motive Systems, as well as any lasting Motive System damage (such as Motive Systems Damaged, Motive Systems Crippled, etc.) takes half as long as normal (see page 259).
  • Enclosed: Passengers cannot shoot out, enemies cannot shoot in.
[A55] Mono-Task Servitor Drone
T Agi Int Per WP
35 25 15 20 20

Skills: Operate (Surface) +10
Talents & Traits: Iron Jaw.

  • Dark Sight
  • Machine [3]
  • Mind Lock
  • Unnatural Toughness [+2]

Resist: 8 All [5 toughness, 3 machine armour]

Arvus Lighter

Armour ? [Front] ? [Side] ? [Rear] Integrity ?
Cruising Speed ? Combat Speed ?
Maneuverability ? Size ?
Crew ? Carrying Capacity ?



  • 3x Vanth Swampfangs [Common] 1.5kg
    • Extended Machete; Melee; D5+1; Rending
  • Thumpgun [Average] 6.0kg
    • 60m; S/-/-; Rld [1]; Clip [1]; Indirect
  • 2x Autopistols [Average] 1.5kg Simple ganger sidearms - few if any of the Fleshcutter gangs bother with aiming, so volume of fire is preferred
    • Pistol; 30m; S/-/6; D10+2; I; Reload [Full]
  • 2x Flensing Knives: [Common] 1.0kg Gangers of the Scalpel Kings must forge their own flensing knives, which are then used in the ceremonial scalping initiation rites. Each one is personalised to the grip of the user
    • Thrown/Melee; D5+1; R; Pen 2; Razor Sharp.
  • Bar Room Broom: [Common] 2.0kg Often kept as a last, or first, resort weapon, the Bar-room Broom has a fearsome reputation among gangers in Desoleum Primus. With just a pull of the trigger, this mutli-barrelled stub auto empties its entire magazine across a 30° arc in a devastating salvo.
    • Pistol; 3m; S/-/-; 1d10+4; Pen:0; Clip:1; Rld:N/A; Scatter, Inaccurate, Compact, Storm, Spray, Unreliable.
    • If a roll of 91 or more is achieved, this weapon detonates. Treat as if the user has received a single hit from this weapon to their arm location with 1 DoS. Requires a +30 Tech-Use test in a suitable situation to reload.
  • 1x Handcannons

Attire and Armour:

  • 1x Hive Leathers [Common] Marked in the bright blue chased by bone white trim of the Scalpel Kings, these leathers mark one as clearly in service to the gang
    • AB 1.
  • Armoured Survival Suit
    • +30 to resist toxins etc. Includes Respirator.
    • Provides 2AP to all locations.


  • 2x Hallucinigenic Grenades
  • 1x Stummer [Average] 2kg
  • Lascutter
  • 2x Data Leech
  • 1x De-Tox
  • 12x Ration Packs
  • Effectively unlimited Recaf
  • 1x Auto Quill
  • 11x Stablights
  • 1x Loud Hailer
  • 1x Magnoculars
  • 2x Manacles
  • 2x Micro-beads
  • 1x Regicide Set
  • 1x Writing Kit
  • 1x Vox-Caster

The Imperium's Due:

  • Ignaius Hot-shot Las Pistol [VR]
  • Obelisk Sword [NU]
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