Cell Assets

Spire Holdings

Warehouse 3456

  • A seemingly abandoned warehouse in district 6, purchased by Castus off the record.
  • Currently occupied by the surviving Arbites forces.


Insertion Assets

  • 2nd Recon Regulars Fatigues
    • ABL: 1
    • +10 to Stealth in Urban environments
  • Spectre Pattern Flak Armour Imperial guard flak armour marked with urban camouflage, this is the standard armour of the 2nd Recon 'Grey Walkers' regiment. This suit was taken from a slain 2nd Recon member.
    • 4-All, 5 Against Explosives; +10 to Stealth in Urban Environments.
    • Max Agility- 50
  • Spectre Autorifle: A specialist weapon used by the 2nd Recon city-fight experts. Matte black and with an inbuilt silencer, they are weapons designed entirely for the close confines of a city. This model was taken from a dead member of the 2nd Recon in Spire 6 of Kapex Hive.
    • Basic; 90m; S/3/6; D10+4; I; Clip [24]; Rld [1/2]; Reliable, Silenced, Red Dot Sight, Aux-Grenade Launcher (30m; S/-/-; Clip [1]; Rld [Full]; Does not benefit from Red-Dot)
    • [24], [24], Manstoppers- [24]
    • Manstoppers: +3 Pen
  • Spectre Pattern Autopistol: A slight dark pistol used as a side-arm by the 2nd Recon. A covert weapon, this model was taken from a slain 2nd recon soldier and refitted.
    • 25m; S/2/-; D10+4; Clip [7]; Reload [1/2]; Silenced, Red-Dot
    • [7], [7], Manstoppers- [7]
    • Manstoppers: +3 Pen
  • Aurellian Sickle: A long curved blade of unknown origin found in the possession of a feral world hunter in service to the 2nd Recon traitor guardsmen.
  • Aurellian Bolt Thrower: A heavy crossbow of unknown origin found in the possession of a feral world hunter in service to the 2nd Recon traitor guardsmen.
  • 2x Choke Grenades

Stored [Fury Untold]


  • Bar Room Broom: [Common] 2.0kg Often kept as a last, or first, resort weapon, the Bar-room Broom has a fearsome reputation among gangers in Desoleum Primus. With just a pull of the trigger, this multi-barrelled stub auto empties its entire magazine across a 30° arc in a devastating salvo.
    • Pistol; 3m; S/-/-; 1d10+4; Pen:0; Clip:1; Rld:N/A; Scatter, Inaccurate, Compact, Storm, Spray, Unreliable.
    • If a roll of 91 or more is achieved, this weapon detonates. Treat as if the user has received a single hit from this weapon to their arm location with 1 DoS. Requires a +30 Tech-Use test in a suitable situation to reload.
  • Submachine Gun: [Scarce] 3kg
    • Compact Autogun with Extended Magazine.
    • Basic; 50m; S/3/10; D10+2; I; Clip [24]; Rld [Full]; Compact.
    • 8x Clips
  • Hot Shot Lasgun: [Rare] Black matte steel, this weapon was taken from the corpses of Skitarii hunter squads on Kalto.
    • Hot Shot Lasgun w/ backpack.
    • Basic; 60m; S/3/-; D10+4; E; Pen 7; Clip [40]; Rld [2 Full]
    • 3x Clips
  • Missile Launcher:[Rare] An unassuming grey tube that once belonged to the Desoleum PDF, moving onto the black market to the Metothine Gate where it was purchased by Davrus during the Kalto mission.
    • Heavy (Launcher); 300m; S/-/-; Clip [1]; Rld [Full]
    • 2x Krak Missiles (3D10+8; X; Pen Concussive [3]; Proven [2]) [Scarce]
  • Chainsword: [Average] A gift from Coldo to Silens, this weapon is as brutal as it is ugly. A revving beast of a weapon, it obliterates anyone it touches in a mass of blood and bone.
    • Melee; D10+2R; Pen 2; Balanced, Tearing 6kg
  • 2x Vanth Swampfangs: [Common] 1.5kg A long and rusted blade taken from the body of a House Rosh enforcer on Vanth. It is a simple weapon that packs a surprising punch.
    • Extended Machete; Melee; D5+1; R
  • 2x Cog Axes: [Average]Axes shaped like the Cog of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
    • Melee; D10+2; R; Unbalanced
  • Transuranic Arquebus:[Near Unique] 14kg A long barrelled and massive rifle with a long stand, this weapon is the height of Adeptus Mechanicus gunsmithing. Despite its high level of technology the weapon appears to have been created from some sort of biologically created plast-wood. Launches a magnetically propelled depleted uranium round which can punch through the heaviest plate. Anyone unlucky enough to survive such a blast is usually knocked into a daze by the sudden pressure differential wake left by the heavy rounds.
    • Heavy (Exotic); 500m; S/-/-; 2D10+10I; Pen 6; Clip [1]; Rld [2 Full]; Accurate, Razor-sharp, Concussive (2)


  • 5x BQ Alcohol:
    • A half-dozen of the finest bottles of Champogne from the wineries of Juno, this bubbling diamond liquid is highly sought after and gluttonously consumed by the rich and elite of Askellon.
  • 4x Cases of 10 BQ Lho Sticks:
    • Cigarillos hand rolled from the leaves of a broad-leaf plant found only on the shrine world of Ossur by the same artisans who crafted the megalithic statues of Imperial saints and heroes - one must make pilgrimage to the world and pay due deference to the God-Emperor before they be allowed to acquire such expertly-crafted finery.

Attire and Armour:

  • Chainmail:[Common] An oiled hauberk from a less-civilised era.
    • AP:3 All; Max Agi 35.


  • Regicide Set
  • Writing Kit
  • 2x Manacles
  • Auto Quill
  • 10x Stablights/Glow Lamps
  • Micro-bead
  • Loud Hailer
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