Cell Assets

[Mission Designation 'Dead Below]


Vanth Swamp-skimmer

Armour 8 [Front] 8 [Side] 8 [Rear] Integrity 15
Cruising Speed 50mph Combat Speed 10m
Maneuverability +20 Size Enormous
Crew Driver Carrying Capacity Driver, Gunner, +5


  • Turret: 270° Flamer Forward Mount [20m; S/-/-; 1d10+4; Pen:2; Clip:30; Rld:N/A; Flame, Spray]

Vehicle Traits

  • Amphibious: Treat bodies of water as open ground.
  • Open Topped: Passengers may fire weapons out and be targeted with the Called Shot action.
  • Rugged: +20 to repair tests.
  • Special: May cross flat bodies of land as long as the vehicle both begins and ends its turn on water. While crossing land both the vehicle's combat and cruising speed are halved.


Stored aboard the swamp-skimmer:

  • 3x House Rosh Armoured Survival Suits [HABL: 3]
    • +20 bonus to any test to withstands the effects of extreme environments.
  • 4x Aincrad Station Security IDs
  • 3x Stimm
  • 4x Choke Grenades (SB*3m, Causes Toughness Test or suffer fatigue equal to DoF, smoke remains for 2d5 rounds in a 3m radius)
  • 5x Lasguns (8 clips total)
  • 2x Laspistols (6 clips total)
  • 3x Batons (Melee; D10+1; Impact; Concussion [+0])
  • 4x Vanth Swampfangs (Extended Machete; Melee; D5+1; Rending)
  • Arm Mounted Archetoch Laspistol [15m, S/2/-, 1d10+3, Pen:2, Clip:15, Rld:Full, Reliable, Forearm Weapon Mounting, Compact, Aesthetic, Extremely Rare]


Agent Mercutio

Inquisitorial agent imbedded on the planet Vanth

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