Legerdemain Assets


Cred Chips

  • 1 Scarce, 3 Average, 5 Common.



  • 2x Cerix Auto: A compact short muzzled auto-gun meant for close quarters engagements. Despite the size these guns pack a punch and are favoured by private voidship crews.
    • GQ Compact Autogun with extended mag and fire selecter.
    • Basic; 50m; S/3/10; D10+2; I; Clip [24]; Reload [Full]; Reliable, ½ Weight
    • 2x Clip [12 Dum Dums, 12 normal] each. Dum Dums +2 Dam, double armour rating.
  • 3x Submachine Guns:
    • Compact Autoguns with Extended Magazines.
  • Combat Shotgun:
  • Compact Hellpistol: A small powerful las pistol with a jack in the palm to be powered by a tech-priest's internal energy source. Found on the Tech Adept aboard Kaygee Station.
    • Only useable by those with internal power sources.
  • 3x Vanth Swampfangs: [Common] 1.5kg A long and rusted blade taken from the body of a House Rosh enforcer on Vanth. It is a simple weapon that packs a surprising punch.
    • Extended Machete; Melee; D5+1; R
  • Thumpgun: [Average] 6.0kg A single clip grenade launcher typically used by less well equipped Imperial Guard units or Enforcer Tactical Response units. This unit was taken from House Rosh enforcers on Vanth.
    • 60m; S/-/-; Rld [1]; Clip [1]; Indirect
  • 2x Autopistols: [Average] 1.5kg Simple ganger sidearms - few if any of the Fleshcutter gangs bother with aiming, so volume of fire is preferred
    • Pistol; 30m; S/-/6; D10+2; I; Reload [Full]
  • 2x Flensing Knives: [Common] 1.0kg Gangers of the Scalpel Kings must forge their own flensing knives, which are then used in the ceremonial scalping initiation rites. Each one is personalised to the grip of the user
    • Thrown/Melee; D5+1; R; Pen 2; Razor Sharp.
  • Bar Room Broom: [Common] 2.0kg Often kept as a last, or first, resort weapon, the Bar-room Broom has a fearsome reputation among gangers in Desoleum Primus. With just a pull of the trigger, this mutli-barrelled stub auto empties its entire magazine across a 30° arc in a devastating salvo.
    • Pistol; 3m; S/-/-; 1d10+4; Pen:0; Clip:1; Rld:N/A; Scatter, Inaccurate, Compact, Storm, Spray, Unreliable.
    • If a roll of 91 or more is achieved, this weapon detonates. Treat as if the user has received a single hit from this weapon to their arm location with 1 DoS. Requires a +30 Tech-Use test in a suitable situation to reload.
  • Handcannon: [Scarce] Originally a 'Brass Bones' Desoleum gang piece, its marking have since been ground off to reveal a simple and functional heavy barrelled pistol.


  • 6x Frag Grenades:
    • Thrown; SBx3m; 2D10; X; Tearing, Blast [3]
  • 1x Demolition Pack:
    • 5x Det charges (as Krak Grenades), 100m of det cord, 5 ranged detonators.
    • Extended test to set up.
  • 2x Hallucinagen Grenades: Two simple grey cased grenades containing some of the least pleasant chemicals the Adeptus Mechanicus chemists have ever produced.
    • Thrown; SBx3m; Blast [6]; -20 Toughness test or roll on the Hallucination table. Effect lasts for 1 round +1 round per DoF.

Attire and Armour:

  • Desoleum Hive Leathers: Marked in the bright blue chased by bone white trim of the Scalpel Kings, these leathers mark one as clearly in service to the gang
    • ABL- 1.
  • Armoured Survival Suit: Used by the hunters travelling on Desoleum's polluted surface, it was purchased by Davrus in the Desoleum Primus Hive during the 'Killing Smile' mission.
    • +30 to resist toxins etc. Includes Respirator.
    • Provides 2AP to all locations.
  • 6x Inquisitorial Flak Coat: A simple grey storm coat marked with the Inquisitorial 'I' upon the breast, few agents would wear this for the pure brashness of its sigil.
    • ABL- 3; +10 to intimidate when invoking the Inquisition's name.


  • Stummer
  • Lascutter
  • 2x Data Leech
  • De-Tox w/ Injector
  • Auto Quill
  • 11x Stablights
  • Loud Hailer
  • Magnoculars
  • 2x Manacles
  • 2x Micro-beads
  • Regicide Set
  • Writing Kit
  • Vox-Caster
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