Level 2 Deva Psion
Personality: Patient, Stoic,

Experience: 30/40

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
8 10 17 18 14 11
-1 +0 +3 +4 +2 +0
Fort Ref Will Speed Passive Insight Passive Perception
11 16 14 6 Squares 17 17

Initiative: +0
Senses: Perception ;

HP 34(4)
Healing Surges: 6

Race Features

Class Features
Distract, Send Thoughts, Sneak Attack

Elan Heritage
Expanded Discipline Focus (Hybrid Talent)
Ritual Casting
Sneak Attack


Common, Draconic

At Will Powers
Force Hammer: Vs Will. Range 10(1). Hit: D6 + Int. Slowed.
Augment 1: Slowed and can't shift.
Augment 2: 1D8 + Int knocked prone.

Dimensional Scramble: Vs Fort. Range 10(1). Target: Each creature in burst. Hit: 1d6 + Int. Teleport targets to a square adjacent to the burst
Augment 1:Each enemy in burst.
Augment 2:2D6 + Int. Teleport the targets to square in or adjcent to the burst.

Deft Strike: Vs AC. Melee or Ranged. Target: One Creature. Hit: W+Dex. Can move 2 squares before attack

Encounter Powers
Distract (Class)

Nasty Backswing: Vs AC. Trigger: Miss with a melee attack. Effect: You have combat advantage for this attack. Hit: W+Dex. Can shift 1 square

Daily Powers

Living Missile: Vs Fort. Range: 10. Target: 1. Hit: Immobilized (save ends). Miss: Slowed (save ends). Effect
Minor Action: While target affect, Slide target 10
Secondary target: Adjacent to the primary target at any point. Int vs Reflex. Hit: 2D6 + Int. Secondary Target: falls prone. Primary Target: 1/2 damage and falls prone. Miss: 1/2 damage. Primary target falls prone

Utility Powers

Teleport Self
Teleport Wis


Defensive Armour +1 AC
Daily. Trigger: An enemy hits. Effect: Immediate Interrupt: +2 to that defence
Augment 1:+5

Bag of Holding
Bridle of Conjuration
Everlasting Provisions
Orb of Life Conversion
160 Ritual Components

15 gp
Lent Money: Cal 1280

Comprehend Language
Endure Elements


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