Dnd Thori

Level 5 Runewarden
Gruff, Honourable, Protective, Decisive,

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
20 19 8 10 11 10
+5 +4 -1 +0 +0 +0
Fort Ref Will Speed Passive Insight Passive Perception
15 10 11 5 Sqr 10 10

AC: 21 (10+4+3+2+2)
Initiative: +0
HP: 64 Bloodied: 32
Surges: 13
Surge Value: 16

Magic Armor (Hide 3+2)
Dragon Shield (+2, 5 resist fire)

Avalanche Weapon (+1) Warhammer (d10) + 8 to hit
Property: when using a melee basic attack during charge or
Bull rush, add +1W damage bonus to attack.+6 dam

+5 to saving throws v poison.
May use second wind as a minor action.
Proficiency with hammers.
No move penalty for heavy armor or load.
Reduce push, pull and slide by 1 square, save v prone.

Font of Life
At the start of your turn, roll to save against any save ends affect.

Earthstrength Might
Add CON to AC, add twice for one turn after 2nd wind

Nature's Wrath
Once during each of your turns, you may mark any adjacent enemies until EOYNT.
They are then subject to your Warden's Fury/ Grasp

At will, primal, weapon,
Immediate interrupt,
Trigger: a marked enemy makes attack not including you.
STR v Fort: 1W + STR target grants CA to you and allies till EOYNT

at will, primal,
Immediate reaction, close burst 5
Trigger: marked enemy within range makes attack not including you
Effect: shift target one square, target slowed EOINT.

Rune of Mending (Multiclass)
Encounter2 divine, healing,
Minor action, close burst 5
Target:You or one ally in burst
Effect: target may spend a healing surge

Resolute Stamina: You may use your second wind twice per encounter.

Acrobatics -1, Arcana +0, Athletics +9, Bluff +0, Diplomacy +0, Dungeoneering +7, Endurance +11, Heal +0, History +0, Insight +0, Intimidate +0, Nature +5, Perception +0, Religion +5, Stealth -1, Streetwise -0, Thievery -1,

Common (Trade Dwarf), Dwarven (Provincial)

Strength of Stone
Standard action, one creature
Hit: 1W + STR, you gain temp hit points equal to CON

Weight of Earth
Standard action, one creature
Hit: 1W + STR, target slowed* until EOYNT

Shield of Sacrifice
divine, healing,
Minor action, close burst 5
Target: you or one ally in burst
Effect: target loses a healing surge, one or two allies in burst of target
may spend a healing surge. Target and any ally regaining hit points gain
+5 power bonus to AC until EOYNT.

Gale Strike
Target: one creature
Hit: 2w + str, each marked enemy other than the target suffers CON damage

Rough Strike
standard action, one ceature
Hit: 2W + STR, (+CON) target slowed*

Form of Mountain Thunder
Lightning, Polymorph, Primal, Thunder,
daily, minor action,
assume guardian form until EOE
Effect: Resist (all) 3, +1 AC. Every round you hit an enemy,
each enemy marked by you suffers STR thunder damage.

While in this form, you may perform;
Mountain Guardian's Wrath
Encounter, close burst 1, standard action,
Target: enemies you can see in burst
Hit: 1W + STR, knock prone
Miss: Half damage
Effect: each enemy marked by you takes lightning damage equal to STR

Rampant Forest
daily, standard
Target: 1 creature AC
Hit: 2W + STR. Target's space and all adjacent squares become difficult terrain to enemies. Remains until EOE.
Miss: 1/2 dam
Effect: Until EOE, after you use this power, whenever you hit an enemy for the first time that enemy's space and each square adjacent to it become difficult terrain for enemies.

Robust traveling clothes, runic keepsake, Woldish jewelry.
Adventurers Pack, Fur Cloak, identification papers, resurrection insurance. 500 gold, cheap spirits, components for one Blase Golem,


In the wild, misty forests and swamps of Mestria dwell the Drave - a hardy, multiethnic warrior culture. Living free of the Empire's crushing yolk, these wilding tribes distain and avoid the trappings of industry, revering local primal spirits and living in accordance with the 'old faith'. Moving from place to place to avoid the many organised militaries that roam creation, the Drave live a peaceful, spiritual existence. Thori Thunderbark was found in the freezing marshes during one such tribe's autumn mammoth-hunts. The screaming baby lay in the arms of a dead dwarf warrior, crumpled at the foot of an ancient, lightning-blasted oak. The soldier had staggered for miles from the west, leaking blood from a crossbow wound to his back, carrying only the boy, his weapon and a rune-incribed ring. The hunters took pity on the child, carrying him back to their campsite. He was named for the spirit-tree that had marked his discovery and was raised by the tribe as one of their own. As the Draves' only dwarf, Thori's was uniquely suited to the role of Warden. The tribe's warriors found him to be a quick study, instinctually grasping the use of the primal guardian form. Thori proudly took to his duties as protector of the vulnerable, even learning rudimentary runecraft and healing from the druid-elders. Though the hunters searched the lands for other clues, the truth of Thori's heritage was never found. Upon gaining full tribesman status, Thori undertook a pilgrimage to a distant dwarves ruin, thinking to use the carvings there to decipher the words on his ring. The journey, though long, was no great challenge and bore unexpected fruit; he learned that the singular relic of his birth bore a fragment of Skytounge, the language the spirits had spoken to fashion the earth. A fragment of the same tongue lay upon a stone tablet nearby - a protection rune that had preserved the ruin for centuries. Excited to introduce the rune into the tribes' arsenal, Thori hurried back to his kinsmen.

The trees of the great forest had been pillaged in great swathes, felled to make way for an ugly wooden fort. The Drave camp was a ruin, burned to the ground and blasted by sleety winds. Amid the smoldering wreckage, Thori found the bodies of those who had so trustingly taken him in and raised him. His adoptive mother and father, his little sisters, teachers, mentors and his chieftain lay in charred, tangled heaps at the centre of the camp. The telltale signs of Orcish brutality were everywhere, from crude glyphs painted in blood, to the bodies of rape victims scattered about. Collapsing in grief, Thori swore an oath. He knew, somehow, that the Orcs had come to kill him and that his family had died in his stead. He had failed in his charge to protect his people, selfishly pursuing the truth of his bloodline. Only a lifetime spent as a bulwark against destruction could come close to easing the burden of dishonor he now felt. He would forge together the lost fragments of Skytounge and create a place safe from the ravages of a senseless, violent world.

Thori's pursuit of the forgotten runes has led him west, out of the familiar lands of Snowspire. Upon reaching the border of the Silver Empire, he enlisted the aid of the wanderer Lucien Gladestrider as a navigator and guide. Together they have travelled the trackless wilderness of Eladria, sharing a reverence of nature, a hatred of Orc-kind and the pursuit of redemption.

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