Assets and Holdings


The Grail Carriage

Fortified Carriage pulled by a pair of Riding Horses:

  • With the army of the Order Eschaton.

With the Party

  • Two riding horses with saddlebags bulging with items.

In the Saddlebags of the Party:

  • Glass Acorn in wooden box
    • Creates zone of protection.
  • 1x Empty Vial
  • 18x Hag Coins
  • Fortified Chest:
    • 2x Unpredictable Magical Effect scrolls
    • Immense Bretonnian Flag [Bordeleaux]
    • Manaan Symbol of Power
    • Chime of Opening [1 Charge- Opens any mundane lock]
    • Ratcatcher's Flute: Command Animal.
  • Potion Case:
    • Potion Greater Healing (4D4+4)
    • Golden Locket Beautiful portrait [Value Unknown]
    • Potion of Animal Friendship
    • Potion of Clairvoyance
    • Potion of Waterbreathing
    • 1x Resist Lightning potion
    • 1x Resist Acid potion
    • Potion of Invisibility
  • Holy Scroll of Blindness/Deafness
  • Wand with flame engravings (Paralysis)
  • Shortsword feating skull motifs (can speak Khemri when held).
Party Slush

Followers and Allies

Old Allies

Löwenzahn: Bard in Al Haikk, ally and friend of Wolfgang.

Members of the Order

Wolfgang von Solidor: Steely Witch-Hunter, travelling companion of the Crusade since Araby. After his wounding in the Loren Forest he took a more subtle role in organising the political elements of the crusade. Upon Balin's resurrection he was gifted a golden plated rapier by the Grail Knight and assigned to be his left hand and Speaker in all things.


Morgan, Squire: Tilean peasant who joined the company during the mission to repair the Crusader's Road. He had his first taste of battle in the defense of the Riffraffa chapel and was inducted into the service of the party shortly after. He takes training with the members of the crusade, although was formally Alaric's squire.

  • Spear (D6/D8), Half-Plate, Longbow (D8), Traveller's Attire, Wolfskin Cloak. Von Solidor Tabard. Mounted on a white riding horse.

Renny D'Barbette, Man-at-arms: Previous a man-at-arms for the Duke of Quenelles, Renny was stationed at Summersfall castle when he joined the Crusader's service. Having passed through Loren forest with them he formally joined their party and is a valuable tracker and scout.

  • Spear (D6/D8), Shortsword, Necrotic Resistance Chainmail, Shield, Traveller's Attire. Von Solidor Tabard. Mounted on a grey riding horse.
  • Survival, Insight, Nature.
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