Captain's Log

- Servo-Savant 216 on behalf of Captain Xarn by dictation
- 618260816.M41

Session 1 - arrived at Footfall. Recruited Kroot Mercenaries. Attended Liege Moross' faux noble party. Praetus eats Warp Eel to impress guests. Investigated 'Fortelling'. Bid a favor from Silas Marr at Auction. Witnesses 'Dread Pearl' prophecy.
*a treasure planet, surrounded by a thousand year warp-veil which will lift very soon*
Met competitors Cpt Able, Ctp Fell, Lady Lee, Lady Clarabell. Observed the strength of Lord Admiral Bastille, Baron Scourge, Lady Lee's flotillas. Fired upon by spiteful gunnery crews. Encountered Stryxis Junkers.

Session 2 - allied with xeno junkers to destroy "hated ones" (corsair raiders). Rescued Captain Fell of the Maxim's Gambit. Long warp-journey; Recovered Pre-Heresy archeotech probe "Titan 1" - transferred drives into Librarium Archives. investigated and destroyed a mutiny by malcontents in the waste plants. Staged elaborate assassination of mutiny leader, rescued hostage Tech-Priest.

Session 3 - arrived unexpectedly early on Quppa Psi 12 by slingshotting through a reality storm. Lander grounded by destructive psychic weather. Defended against local fauna feeding frenzy (Kroxipedes and immense Dragon Hornet). Recovered "time-map" from ruined Eldar civilisation, destroyed caste of Xenos Warlocks.

Session 4 - first 'Nexus Point' on Vaporius (desert world). Entered glass city of La'nda. Learned of Priest Kings, Sand-People, and marooned templars. Entered into negotiations with the Priest King - the location of the 'temple of first men" and a stock of Vaporian Water in exchange for eradicating missionary order. Learn of Eldar terraforming pikes, water-child sacrifices. Ally with imperials, Sand Chieftains, begin planning to double cross the King.

Session 5 - recover location of 'Temple of First-Men' - the first Nexus at the bottom of an ocean ravine. Encounter strange ferro-creatures inhabiting temple. Witness invasion of La'nda by the forces of Baron Scourge, including armor and air-support. Evacuated 2000 missionaries and Sand People, many of whom later succumbed to unnatural thirsts (side effect of King's Water). Travelled to 2nd Nexus Point. Wraithbone sky-hook in the rings of a gas giant. Receive signal from the Light of Terra -pre imperial Mega-Cruiser lost in Drusus Crusade. Notice degree to which Titan controls Dark Reign, disable him. Enter wreckage of Terra with guncutter.

Session 6 - reach the mad captain of the Terra; he begs us to restore his control of the ship so he may find glorious death in service of the Emperor. Encounter primitive tribes, remnants of Terra's crews breeding over 2 thousand years. They believe the ship is the entirety of the world, and worship the damaged genetorium as the giver of light, air and heat. Insane Astartes warriors guard the vaults along with "prophet" of the Machine - Lazarus provokes them for some reason and narrowly avoids death. Mutant dreg population is massive; their vast matriarch is a mountain of warped flesh, once a navigator. We battle to the heart of their lair and slay the Abomination.

Session 7 - admitted by the Captain into the treasure vaults and leave with some items of value, including a functional Vendetta gunship. Praetus is trapped or lost during the teleportation. Light of Terra detranslates with him aboard. -
Arrive on Zayth. World characterized by nuclear ash-wastes and vast, crawling mega-cities. Technological level high; high altitude torpedos, unmanned Tarantula cannon platforms, sophisticated stellar communication in evidence. Captains Blitz and Clarabelle also present. Encounter Scavenger Convoy - refugees from defeated "land-ships" who trade in salvage with remaining cities. They are working to collect part from a Mechanicus Shuttle - aboard are orders intended for infiltrators, instructing them to obtain plans for the Zaythian autoloaders and Macrocannons, but to strictly deny the locals access to Melta-tech. Successive negotiations, with Scavenger general and later, Elder Tactician Graves of the Invictus, stall, as the topic turns to Imperial tech on offer. We stand on the brink of an accord, as we negotiate the matter.

Session 8 - Captain Jeremiah Blitz present at negotiations; he has already struck his own deal for the Nexus Map. Plans to build large scale lance weapons are traded to the Elder Tactician. Lazarus steals information from the Engine-Brotherhood which allows Bezelbub to produce highly unstable versions of the technology - we hope this will facilitate a coup by our allies among the Gun Masters. Reach the temple by Valkyrie; Blitz's crew have reached the dry ocean trench first. Gunfight across narrow canyon ends as Captain Xarn decaptiates Blitz' senior Navigator.

Session 9 - differences are lain aside as Ork Freebootaz invade Zayth. Lady Clarabell aids the Dark Reign in destroying smaller vessels. Captain Blitz is plagued by technical problems and crashes through an Asteroid belt. He eventually combines fire with the other Captains and the Invictus, to destroy the Ork Hulk in orbit.

Session 10 - xenos portal flings the ship across the system - the final Nexus is hidden in the Processional of the Damned. Sprawl of wreckage presents serious obstacle to exploration/survival. A labyrinth world and it's deserted Orbit Shrine hosts marooned voiders who have resorted to the heresy of cloning to survive. Lazarus leads boarding party to retrieve castaways; madness from exposure to the system's star plagues their community. Communications with their leaders are cut short as 'the Carrion' attack the ship and begin stripping it for scrap. (Librarium Update; "Carrion"; hulking creatures apparently made of dust, contained within massive bronze void suits- appear unintelligent, but vastly resistant to damage). The Prophetess secures an oath from Captain Xarn that he will return them to Footfall. In exchange, he secures the final Nexus.

Session 11 - the final Nexus leads us at last to the Dread Pearl. It is shrouded in warp-tendrils and ghost ships, each of which makes some attempt to prevent our arrival. A landing zone is found high in the mountains by a waterfall. The scene, against all odds, is idyllic. The climate is temperate and the seas abundant with life, as near to a true paradise as I have discovered. Some sort of psychic marker in the form of an Eldar goddess renders many of our soldiers insensible with grief, only the Opprobrium Imperialis reinvigorates them. Xenos ruins are encountered, walled garden-cities littered with galleries of terracotta soldiers; they take the form of the Eldar war-god, Khaine. We are approached by a curious civilian indigene, who fails to cooperate with Lazarus and is executed. The next is encountered by Marcus, who negotiates a meeting with their cultural leaders. They believe they have reached heaven, and we are daemons from darker planes come to despoil their afterlife. Rival Rogue Traders have begun landing; slave barges move against one settlement, and the Baron sends an emissary to demand the surrender of an artifact we have recovered. The Lord Admiral and Lady Lee send fighters against one another, dueling overhead. The indigents resolve to fight the invaders and begin to gather an army. The arrival of possible allies in Clarabell and Blitz may shift the balance.

Session 12 -END Blitz and Clarabell oversee the excavation of the xenos gate at our direction. The party is joined by a strange local creature, the Grynx. It later proves a valuable companion. Marcus conducts reconnaissance of nearby landing zone, proven to belong to 'the Bastard' Krawlin Feckward who is conducting slave-raids. Marcus steals his lander and returns to our LZ at the waterfall. The Baron returns with Lady Lee and their entourages in tow. The Admiral is too cowardly to attend the negotiations, and I destroy his drone-proxy. Each Captain makes a play for the prize they desire. The Baron acts in a manner unbecoming and is shot by Marcus. His large military escort fires upon the meeting, but as the Captains scatter, a mythical Eldar Craftworld arrives. A powerful Xenos witch confronts the group, and battle ensues. I strike the decisive blow as the Craftword obliterates the fleet in orbit. 90% of the human vessels are destroyed…the remnants of the Dark Reign crash into the sea. We escape through the portal just as it is destroyed, finding ourselves upon a quarantined world in the Sector Calixis. We now await rescue…though i find myself reluctant to leave. I have discovered yet another paradise.
- Xarn


1) ++1337 Frequency 979.54/3060/.002


Mapping Routines Online…

+Current Course: Orbit / Planetoid designation: Vaporius
"Start recording"

"Recording IX.618260817M41 beginning…"

## GeoSynchronisation Protocols Current

+Gellar Field: Online

+Void Field: Active

+Systems 3-9 online
+Retro-Thrusters Offline

+Cruise Velocity holding at 1VU's p realside hr

"You know why I had to bury that xenos structure, there are some things that Wrex will not let me turn a blind eye to. There will come a time when I am able to make these decisions on the merits of the case but for now let us continue in finding the next piece to this infernal quest we are on."

"Lazerus, gather your instruments of death, it is time we visited this Priest King and got what we came for."

2)+BRIDGE COGITATOR -VOX LOG - BKsv*vu6626/Titan/Engine/djeifq344fx**?vb23???

+Current Course: Orbit / Planetoid designation: *unknown* Gas Giant/Ringed

"Our scans are producing little workable data Captain. The damage to the hull and inner working are quite extensive."
"Alright Praetus. Cool the thrusters and drop us into sync with the Terra. "

+"Captain. This is Dockmaster, do you read?"

"Go ahead Dockmaster, you have the bridge."

+"Uh, yes sir. Master Krell has awaiting you aboard the Guncutter sir and he's…"


"Well sir, he's…requesting that I encourage you to board too sir. That I, er… remind you that he's waiting."

"Beezelbub, take over will you? I'm heading below."

"Aye Captain."

+"Dockmaster, this is the Captain speaking. Begin the launch prep, we're on our way"

+"Aye sir."

"Where's my frakking re-breather?"

+The Dark Reign+


+Signal Acquired…

+Current Course: Orbit / Planetoid designation: *unknown/interference*
+Velocity Holding…
+All systems cycling for diagnostic check…
-system 6842 - Vox online -

"They shouldnae be here…"

" I'd pray the Captain doesn't overhear you. He's in one of his moods."

"I canne countenance it lad…such creatures aboard the Reign."

"They're just survivors Bezelbub. The Emperor only protects those who protect themselves."

"They betrayed their own flesh! And you sound suspiciously like yer impressed."

"They did what was necessary to stay alive…I can respect the bare determination that takes. It would be a rare thing to see a castaway not driven to measures they'd once have found unsavory."

"This is a 'verse full of darkness Lazarus…and there are limits to what decent folk should do to save their own skin."

"What should they have done? Died?"

"No lad, not suggestin' that…just suggestin' that they aren't decent folk."

"We have all made compromises in the pursuit of this treasure…even the Captain. Your precious ship can bear the burden of a few heretics if it means we come out of this with the prize."

"If we come out o' this alive, I think I'll consider a career change. I've begun to find the service of the Inquisition a distasteful thing. Rather left to better men than me."

"There are none."

"Well…perhaps to taller men. Ha! Is that a smile?"

" {chuckles} you'd be missed my friend; where would we be without your constant moralising?"

"Long dead. Though the Captain little appreciates my efforts."

"Well, he has alot on his mind."

"So it seems; he bore the final Nexus today."

"Yes. We will be setting off when morning comes. The final leg."

"Scarcely hours away! I'd best get some rest! Much will be expected of us tomorrow, and we'll be of no use to anyone if we hang about all nigh gossipin' like hearthwives."

"Good Night Bezelbub."
"Night' lad."


"This was recorded tonight?"
"Alright. Log it for me and close the door on your way out."

"They are not wrong to consider the cost of this venture Ignatius. It is a concern for all of us."

"So long as they are not insubordinate they have nothing to fear from me."

"They have nothing to fear even then. You are the Captain of this ship, but you are not so far above us as to disregard our opinions. To challenge your orders is within our purview."

"That is heresy!"

"No, it is not! Remember yourself Ignatius. You are not the Emperor!"
"I am well within my rights to have you vented for mutinous incitement!"

"I am a treasured asset of the Officio Assassinorum; you'd better have a damn good explanation, and a hell of a head-start before you try anything like that! Our enemies are out there Ignatius! They are forging their way towards our prize, and they will snatch it from us if we waste time with infighting!"
"Get out of my office! I will not tolerate this!"

"You've been drinking. I'll see you tomorrow when your head is clear."
"You cannot judge me, Marcus. I will see this mission though to the end, don't think I have lost sight of our goal! But i will not allow myself to side-tracked by inane speculation and moral conjecture!"

"Will it be worth it? Will you think it a triumph if we return with the treasure but as sinful as Sydom? I count my soul as too high a cost for any venture."

"Don't be so melodramatic. It's just a couple of tech heretics."
"Good Night Captain. We have both been given much to think on."

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