The Legio of the Dark Reign

Ignateous Xarn

Master of Ordnance
Lazerus Krell

Arch Militant

Other Notable Crewmembers

Beelzebub - First Mate
demiurg refugee, skilled pilot, gunner, mechanic.
Lars - Enginseer Superior
Mechanicus Outcast, hard-plugged into the ship.
Titan 1 - self-aware, autonomous artificial intelligence
vastly knowledgeable archivist residing in librarium.

Sects -

The Faithful
Brother Roan, (Abbott), 200 missionaries, 100 Templar Knights
1700* Sand-People Tribesmen, families, Chief Onotep.

*The Reviled
estimated 3-8 blood-drinkers of 100 or so who succumbed to the "King's Thirst",
thought to have escaped voiding.

The Redeemed
Tex, (arch murderer) 6000 former Zaythian prison inmates.

The Damned
Argus (voider leader), the Prophetess, Siphus (bio-tech heretic)
500 clone hosts of original castaways.

The Hungry
Shaper "Quark" (Lightning Attack)
Quol the Swift(Ag 55), Cell the Strong (Str 52)
6 other Kroot Mercenaries

The Survivors
10,040 remaining original crew - Calixian void-born, including 500 combat trained
boarding squads. Current Rating; competent.

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