Ark of Lost Souls

"The Carrion's Call" - the cursed hulk makes sporadic detranslations throughout the Jericho Reach, has done so for centuries if not millennia. She is of great interest to the Deathwatch - those most noble and driven of Astartes, for she carries within her bounties both profane and pure in equal measure. Once again the great terror has sprung into the material realm, and once again the Deathwatch will answer the call. Aboard the Xiphos-Class Forerunner ship, The Testement, you and your brothers speed with haste to meet The Carrion's Call. Your mission: to recover the body and possessions of Watch Captain Erskine Saul, a hero of the Deathwatch, lost over a century ago when the hulk last materialised. You must act without hesitation, for none know how long The Carrion's Call will remain in real-space before returning to the nightmarish realm of the warp, along with any who are trapped aboard her…

++Mission Priority: Recover Watch-Captain Erskine Saul's remains
++Mission Secondary: Recover the Relic Tactical Dreadnought Armour "Bastion"
++Mission Tertiary: Recover the Relic Storm Bolter "Avelyn"
++Mission Tertiary: Recover the Relic Thunder Hammer "Faraam"
++Mission Tertiary: Recover any and all artefacts deemed worthy of the Death Watch

Kill Team 3828


Mission Log

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