Mission Log

The Ark of Lost Souls

Kill Team 3828

Brother-Sergeant Belebog

Original Chapter: Salamanders, tactical squad. Served in the siege of Asphel Hive as part of an assault unit as a sergeant.
Recruitment: Recruited to the Deathwatch as part of his trial for the position of Captain in the Salamanders.
Aptitudes: Tactical marine sergeant with noted skills in tactics and demolitions. Favours flame weapons like many in his chapter.

Brother Siegfried the Just

Original Chapter: The Black Templars, Shakis Crusade. Served aboard the battle-barge Blade of Sigmund.
Recruitment: After the slaying of Ork Warboss Krog Grimblade the Shakis Crusade was disbanded and Siegfried recruited to the Deathwatch.
Aptitudes: Skilled swordsman, particular experience in the slaying of Orks and psykers. Has show resilience to psychic and psychological effects.

Brother Taurox the Feral

Original Chapter: Flesh Tearers. 5th Vanguard Strike Company
Recruitment: The Flesh Tearers profoundly mistrust the Ordos since the events of the 3rd Armageddon War. As veteran of that conflict, Taurox is either a calculated political insult or a genuine attempt by the Chapter to deescalate tensions - he was accepted despite bare suitability.
Aptitudes: Barely restrained, often frenzied close quarter combatant. Specialised in "crowd control."

Mission Objectives

"The Carrion's Call" - the cursed hulk makes sporadic detranslations throughout the Jericho Reach, has done so for centuries if not millennia. She is of great interest to the Deathwatch - those most noble and driven of Astartes, for she carries within her bounties both profane and pure in equal measure. Once again the great terror has sprung into the material realm, and once again the Deathwatch will answer the call. Aboard the Xiphos-Class Forerunner ship, The Testement, you and your brothers speed with haste to meet The Carrion's Call. Your mission: to recover the body and possessions of Watch Captain Erskine Saul, a hero of the Deathwatch, lost over a century ago when the hulk last materialised. You must act without hesitation, for none know how long The Carrion's Call will remain in real-space before returning to the nightmarish realm of the warp, along with any who are trapped aboard her…

++Mission Priority: Recover Watch-Captain Erskine Saul's remains
++Mission Secondary: Recover the Relic Tactical Dreadnought Armour "Bastion"
++Mission Tertiary: Recover the Relic Storm Bolter "Avelyn"
++Mission Tertiary: Recover the Relic Thunder Hammer "Faraam"
++Mission Tertiary: Recover any and all artefacts deemed worthy of the Death Watch

Mission Log

Entry Alpha


[Killteam 3828 gain ingress to The Carrion's Call]


With roar born of the dark ages the Caestus tears its way into the corrupted skin of the Carrion’s Call, its forward melta-disintegrators vaporising compressed layers of adamantium. With a grinding screech of protesting steel the ship crashes to a halt, the boarding light switching from red to green. Mag-lock boots clang on decking plates as the Astartes enter the belly of the beast, their HUDs chiming weakly, pulling them in the direction of a number of non-Imperial power signatures. It is not long before their path is blocked by the bulk of a long-lost plasma torpedo, its machine spirit volatile after centuries of abandonment. Ever in-tune with the works of the machine god, Brother-Sergeant Belebog of the Salamanders calms the wayward spirit, allowing easy passage for Killteam 3828. Arriving at the flanks of an Imperial Destroyer they survey a deep hole burned in her hull, noting the damage is consistent with the weaponry deployed by the enigmatic T'au. Entering the flight deck, Brother Siegfried's auspex chimes just moments before a fusillade of burst rounds strafe the deck plates at their feet. Rocketing down from the vaunted hanger a pair of T'au Battlesuits flanked by Shield Drones engaged the Astartes. In moments Taurox the Feral is in the air, his Jump-Pack spewing bright blue contrails of plasma vapour as his twin axes cut deeply into the ochre-coloured armour of the Tau. Diving between cover, Siegfried and Belebog draw the second T'au into their firing zone, distracting shots from Siegfried's Bolt Pistol allowing Belebog to douse the battlesuit in burning prometheum. Engulfed in flames the battlesuit panics, firing its weapons in all directions as Siegfried makes a mighty leap into the air and hacks away at the Tau's exposed rear. Meanwhile Taurox's fury sends the second battlesuit crashing to the decks. The Fleshtearer follows, his adamantium boots slamming into the xenos cracking armour plates like egg shells. In a flurry of blows the T'au is reduced to scrap and pulp at the ends of whirring chain-axes. Seeking vengeance, the remaining battlesuit hoses Siegfried with xenos-melta fire, sloughing away chunks of armour and burning the Astartes underneath. Taking careful aim, Belebog lands a tight grouping of bolter rounds into the rent caused by Siegfried in the xeno's back, dropping the battlesuit like a doll with its strings cut. Blooded in battle, the Killteam checks their weapons and proceeds deeper into the hulk.


Arriving in a cavernous chamber across from an Imperial Strike-Frigate, a chittering of scuttling claws and talons soon drowns out all other sounds. While Belebog works to open the external bulkhead in the ship's hull, Taurox and Siegfried stand as two titans against a horde of vile Tyranids, their blades hewing and chopping into alien flesh - the work of butchers, not soldiers. Soon the scrabbling claws of the Tyranids find purchase in the battle-brother's armour, tearing into flesh and bone. With a shunting of depressurized air the bulk head opens and the Killteam make a fighting retreat into the Strike-Frigate, gouts of flame from Belebog pushing back the Tyranid horde until the ship is sealed once more. Following the transponder chime the Killteam locates the scene of an ancient, titanic battle in the observation deck of the vessel. A cyclopean Carnifex lies dead and decaying, the Thunder Hammer 'Faraam' lodged deep into its braincase, but of the Watch-Captain there is no sign. Moving forward to claim the first of the objectives, Taurox is alerted by a shout from Siegfried as a hideous stalker unfurls itself from the chamber's roof. In a lashing of tendrils, claws and talons the Beast of Carrion strikes out at the Astartes, the nimble marines diving out of harms way. In moments the Beast is scored by a dozen wounds as the flashing sword of Siegfried darts past its defences and bites deeply into its alien flesh. Shrieking in consternation, the Beast leaps into the darkened recesses of the chamber, scurrying away to bide its time. With the Thunder-Hammer in their possession, the Killteam pushes onward towards their next objective.


Reaching the bone-white flanks of an alien vessel, the Astartes cautiously enter the darkened interior. In moments the engulfing darkness and alien wizardry has dampened their heightened senses and left them separated and alone. Navigating the winding and narrow corridors webbed with black veins, the Killteam are ambushed time and time again by silent constructs wielding weapons of dark energies. In the face of such hopelessness any man would fall to his knees in despair, but the Astartes are not mere men. Girding their courage, the Killteam strikes down the constructs and their witch-master, the sorcery of the xenos no match for the faith of the Emperor. Even when struck from behind by a darting assassin, Belebog simply engulfs the room in fire, knowing the armour of the Astartes will preserve them from the righteous flames while turning the cowardly xenos-jester into ash and cinder. The alien vessel scoured of all life, the Killteam tear their way through the brittle bone hull, finding themselves suddenly back aboard an Imperial vessel. Siegfried's HUD chimes again, indicating a host of life-signs aboard. Moving with cautious speed, the Astartes reach a shoddily barricade mess-hall populated by thousands of prostrate humans, bowing in reverence to a statis-field held object. With words of warning from Belebog to bring no harm to Imperials, the Astartes carefully tread through the prone bodies towards the object of worship, finding it to be 'Avelyn', the sanctified Storm-Bolter belonging to Watch-Captain Saul. As Taurox moves to claim the objective, the massed humans all rise to their feet, a single one stepping forward to address the Astartes. To a man they are horribly mutated by the powers of the warp and exposure to radiation, and through a mouth of shattered teeth and torn lips the mutant pleads with the Killteam to not take the item of worship, claiming it protects them from the worst terrors of the hulk. Belebog, sympathetic to their needs but loyal to the mission, gives a rousing speech encouraging the faithful Imperials to live on the feet like true men, and to take the fight to the enemy rather than waste away like dogs. Emboldened by his words, the mutants begin moving en-mass out of the mess hall, fervor alight in their eyes. With a screech which rents the air the Beast of Carrion comes crashing down from the roof, pinning Siegfried to the decks and striking out with its multiple arms. Expertly defending behind his combat shield, Siegfried thrusts his blade upwards slicing into the belly of the beast as Hellfire rounds slam into its back courtesy of Belebog. Whirring teeth tear bloody chunks of armour and flesh away as Taurox joins the fray, his axes chewing into the beast over and over. Bested once more, the Beast of Carrion scurries away into the vents to lick its wounds, howling in pain and anger. With the Storm Bolter firmly in their possession, the Killteam make moves towards their final objective, leaving the mutants to seek death and glory in the name of the Emperor.


It is not long before a hideous malice is felt scratching at the edges of their sanity - a powerful psychic presence to be sure. Siegfried dutifully trudges towards the source of this, his hatred for witch-kin overwhelming all other emotion. Entering a Militarum ship once used to transport valuable war-assets to the numerous holy wars of the Imperium, the Killteam are forced into wading through a chest-high sump of decaying bodies, gore and effluence. As the malicious presence grows in strength, their perceptions of what is real is tested. Triggering the psychogenetic legacy of the Primarch Sanguinius, the malefic presence unleashes Taurox on his comrades. The Flesh Tearer smashes into his fellow Astartes, lashing out as he relives the final moments of the War for Terra - all are deeply bloodied before the madness momentarily lifts. Gritting through the visions, Taurox finally rips himself away from the conflict, barreling off into the deeper recesses of the hulk, howling "Horus! Horus!".

Pressing on despite the loss, the two remaining battle-brothers enter a chamber carpeted with corpses to observe a grisly and profane sight. The body of a man stretched to inhuman proportions, forming a kind of frame in which inky blackness seeps out. A psychic voice stabs into their minds, begging for death. The Astartes readily grant the wishes of the enslaved and tormented psyker, ending his wretched existence in a hail of bolter rounds. The malicious presence silenced, the Killteam moves towards their final destination.


Entering a tunnel slick with alien offal and chitinous walls, the Astartes find a shallow chamber filled with meter-deep bio-acid. In the center lies the body and armour of Watch-Captain Saul, his flesh long since eaten away leaving only the black carapace behind. Once more the Beast of Carrion leaps down from an alien tunnel in the ceiling, defending its prize with slashing talons and grasping claws. The next several moments are filled with grunts of effort and alien screeches, chattering bolter fire and whistling blades. Siegfried holds the beast at bay as Belebog lands round after round of Hellfire onto the creature, eating away at its alien armour. His shield rent into pieces, Siegfriend spies a gap in the beast's side, and with a cry of "For the Emperor!" he plunges his sword to the hilt, the point piercing the foul xeno's heart. With a final shriek of unbridled agony the beast lashes out at Siegfried, ripping his helmet asunder and slashing deeply into the face within before it sinks into the murky pool, it's purple ichor staining the liquid indigo. Dragging the remains of the Watch-Captain free, the battle-brothers take stock of their situation. Miles deep into the hulk, down one Astartes, and slowed by the need to honour the remains of the Watch-Captain, their chance of escape seemed unlikely. But such odds mean nothing to the Deathwatch, and with grim determination Killteam 3828 began the long walk back to the Cestus.

Suddenly, a shuddering groan shock the very bones of the hulk, and the battle-brothers felt the familiar feeling in their guts of reality tearing asunder. The Carrion's Call was translating to the immaterium, and with it any hope of escape…

Entry Beta


As the Carrion’s Call begins to shudder and quake the Astartes are alerted by the sound of heavy footsteps approaching from behind. Readying their weapons, the Killteam are surprised to see the armoured form of an Astartes lumber into view. His plate shows the wear and tear of decades of use, almost entirely bereft of lacquer and paint, and in one hand he clutches an intricately woven staff of shimmering steel topped with a winged skull surrounded by a network of circuitry. Unmistakably however, is the silvered and inscribed left arm of the Deathwatch. The moment is tense as the bloodied and battered Killteam grip their weapons with suspicion, unsure of the newcomer and his motives. Introducing himself as Lorgath of Watch-Captain Saul's Killteam, he tells the Astartes that he knows of a safe place to wait out the Immaterium Translation. Wary, but even more concerned about an unprotected jump into the warp, Killteam 3828 follow the Librarian into uncharted territory. On route, Lorgath informs the Astartes of the true threat aboard the Carrion's Call. A veteran of the Long War, a Traitor Astartes of the Iron Warriors, Warpsmith Draenor the Everforged. Trapped on the hulk with a contingent of traitors, Draenor had for decades gathered resources and conducted foul rituals to exert control over the corrupt Carrion's Call, a task which the Librarian fears he is nearing to completing.

Approaching a Universe-Class Mass Convyor, The Toil of Aedir, the unmistakable chants of greenskins reach the Killteam. Treading carefully, lest they alert the millions of orks around them, the Astartes find evidence of eviscerated and torn xenos bodies, rendered by the buzzing teeth of a monstrous chainweapon. Before they can discern much from their discovery, the ramshackle floor gives way, sending the Astartes plummeting into a vast cargo bay littered with scavenged machines. Taking up the centre of the chamber is a loathsome Gargant, the death-dealing Titans of the Orks. Thrumming into life the Gargant wastes no time unleashing brutal salvos of xenos fire at the Killteam, who dart across the vast decking from cover to cover. Return fire from the Astartes is to no effect, the Gargant's void shields more than a match for the weapons of the Killteam, when suddenly a red-streaked figure came bursting from the cargobay walls. Taurox, wreathed in gore and wielding a singular massive chainaxe plunges into the fray, his frenzied blows hacking away at power conduits and cabling. The Killteam follow his lead, blasting the remaining conduits into sparking piles of scrap. Bereft of power, the Gargant slumps like a drunkard as a horde of Ork barbarians pour from its belly, led by a titanic Ork clad in heavy plate. Sweeping flames from Belebog's flamer makes short work of the thinly-armoured Orks, while Siegfried moves to engage the Ork Mekboss. With a word Lorgath summons the gifts of the Emperor and casts a curse upon the Orks, their weapons and technology falling silent or jamming. With no means to defend itself, the Mekboss is swiftly dispatched by the flashing sword of Siegfried as the straggler beasts are chased down by a ferocious Taurox. Reunited with their comrade, the Killteam makes their way toward the safe-haven known to Lorgath.


Secure inside a long-neglected Kill-ship, the Astartes discuss their changing mission priorities. Belebog is loyal to the retrieval of Saul's equipment, while Lorgath argues that the machinations of Warpsmith Draenor should take precedence. Eventually a compromise is reach - the recovered artefacts will be locked aboard the Kill-ship for safe-keeping while the Killteam aides the Librarian in his quest, under the proviso that he return the favour when his duty is done.

The path to Draenor takes the Killteam through a decaying bioship carpeted with the sludge-like remains of dead tyranids, the spasming death-throes of the ship's dying brain sending out sporadic shocks of potent psychic energy. Ambushed by a horde of slavering xenos supported by a pair of floating brains spewing bolts spawned from the warp, the Killteam's faith holds them steady as they deal with the minions of the great devourer. Soon after leaving the horrid fleshy tunnels of the Tyranids, the Killteam are alerted by a communication from outside the hulk from the Imperial Navy. Confirming IDent codes, the Astartes are informed that the Carrion's Call has detranslated in the Acheros System, a launch-point for forces in the Achilus Crusade. The hulk is making a beeline for the primary Fortress and marshaling world of Iobel II, great engines on the skin of the hulk flaring to life. Scans by the Navy link the engines to a singular relay-tower, and implore the Killteam to disable it as soon as they can. Activating their magboots, the Astartes step into the void.


Jutting from the skin of the hulk like some cyclopean splinter is a ramshackle and cobbled together tower crackling with barely contained energies. Spinning chunks of debris fly past at ludicrous speeds, smashing into the surface of the Carrion’s Call and producing yet more debris to be hurled with wild abandon. As the Killteam neared the target, a pair of lumbering masses pulls themselves from the machinery, bodies forming out of plates and cabling. Standing before you are two obscenely swollen and grotesque Terminators, a cavalcade of profane weapons jutting from their split armour and distorted flesh. Without a word they raise their weapons and open fire. The abominations are tough but slow, the zero-gravity environment playing havoc with their firing solutions. Moving in perfect unison the Killteam make short work of the lumbering monstrosities in a cavalcade of bolter rounds, whirring teeth, slashing blades and hurled curses. Setting a melta charge to the tower, the Killteam return to the darkened corridors of the hulk. With the engines disabled the traitor, Draenor, must meet his doom.


Close to the surface of the Carrion’s Call the Astartes find the tell-tale twisted mockery of Imperial design that only the foul hereteks of Chaos could create. A Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser – the cursed hull of which the forces of Chaos harbour with great glee. Her scarred and pockmarked hull is left unpainted and unadorned, typical of the unimaginative and austere personality of the Iron Warriors. Creeping aboard the stench of death and decay is overwhelming, the unmistakable stink of taint in abundance. The corridors are corroded with verdigris and rust, with runnels of dripping oils and fluids filling into shallow pools of mire. Clanging echoes, the protesting grind of machinery and the thrum of a warming plasma drive fill the Killteam's external senses. A winking rune on Belebog's HUD indicates the location of the bridge, currently showing signs of drawing power. Funnelled into a narrow kill-corridor the Killteam are brought under fire by a clanking mass of twisted steel. The warp-spawned dreadnought howls in agony as it unleashed fusillades of autocannon rounds and gouts of promethium at the Astartes. Undaunted, the two blade-wielders brave death to close distance with the dreadnought, with Belebog laying down distracting fields of bolter rounds as Lorgath speaks words of sorcery, disabling key systems within the machine. Like wolves harassing a larger prey, the dreadnought soon falls silent, its leg servos severed and its sarcophagus split apart. Entering the command bridge, the Killteam finally come face to face with the Warpsmith.


Corrupted by decades in the warp and millennia in servitude to the dark gods, Draenor is a mass of swirling mechandendrites and distorted adamanitum. After the horrors faced thus far a single foe, even one so corrupted as a Traitor Astartes, offers no challenge to the battle-hardened Killteam, and Draenor soon falls to their blades. Assessing the situation through the cruiser's cogitators, Belebog discovers that even with the engines down and the Warpsmith dead, the Carrion's Call is still on a crash course with Iobel II. The Killteam has but one shot to avert disaster on the Achilus Crusade - send the Carrion's Call back into the warp from whence it came. Siegfried is the first to volunteer his life for the mission, with Belebog swiftly joining with him. Taurox and Lorgath would return to the Kill-ship to recover the artefacts of Watch-Captain Saul and find a way off of the hulk, carrying with them the deeds and acts of Killteam 3828. Clasping gauntlets in farewell, the Astartes depart for their destiny.


The Warp Drive is a mass of webbed gantryways and crackling energy, the evidence of considerable tech-heresy at the hands of the deceased Warpsmith. As Belebog moves to enable the Carrion Call's warp-engine, a trio of warp-afflicted creatures clamber from the glowing chambers of unbridled immaterium. Traitor Astartes once, now nothing more than feral abominations clad in the skin of men, the Possessed launch themselves at the the Killteam. The Possessed are thrown back as the hidden traps of Belebog detonate under their feet, and in their daze they are executed by the swift bladework of Siegfried. With a final stroke of keys the warp drives activate, hurling the Carrion's Call back to the realm of daemons and terror…

"It is done"
Siegfried grunted in reply as he pulled his sword from the chest of the fallen Possessed, the blade now glistening with corrupted blood. With a swift kick of his armoured boot he pushed the body off the gantryway, sending it tumbling after the others into the glowing blue maelstrom of warp energy.
"Then our mission is at it's end, brother"
Racking his boltgun, Belebog moved to stand alongside the Black Templar as the 'Carrion's Call' groaned and creaked under the immense pressure of translating into the immaterium. Already the walls were coated in a thick layer of warp-spawned hoarfrost, and the cackling and baying of denizens from beyond the veil echoed through the hulk.
No further words were passed between the two Astartes, for none needed to be. Each knew what to expect in the very near future, and each knew that their lives were at an end in the most terrible of ways. It was not fear they felt, but a heightened sense of things. For they are the Deathwatch, and they hold a vigil that will span an eternity – for the enemies of Mankind are many, and the night is dark and full of terrors…

Mission Report

2 T'au battle suits, 16 T'au drones
104 Tyranid Hormaguants
1 Tyranid Lictor
40 Tyranid Genestealers
200 Tyranid Rippers
2 Tyranid Zoanthropes
5 Eldar Wraithguard
1 Eldar Warlock
1 Eldar Harlequin
Ork Mech-Boss
200 Ork boys
2 Traitor Astartes Obliterators
Traitor Astartes Dreadnaught
Traitor Astartes Warpsmith
3 Possessed Traitor Astartes

Mission: Operation Sunray
Killteam: 3828
Report: Brother-Sergeant Belebog and Brother Siegfried were successful in their attempt to return the Carrion's Call to the warp, saving the Acheros System from incredible loss of life.
Brother Taurox and Brother-Codicer Lorgath, aboard a recovered Arvus, appear to have been pulled along with the hulk into the immaterium.
The result of short-range translation shook loose a section of the hulk which was still on a direct course for the Fortress Dominatus on Iobel II. The Navy were unsuccessful in their attempt to destroy the section, resulting in the destruction of the fortress and the loss of 335,612 Imperial souls.
The whereabouts of the hulk and the missing Astartes is currently unknown - they are assumed MIA until the Carrion's Call returns and their fates can be ascertained.

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