Brother Librarian Lorgath

Demeanour: Studious
Chapter Demeanour: Aspire to Glory

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
50 30 47 [+4+2] 40 [+4] 40 45 40 60 40

Wounds: 21
Fate: 2/3/4
Move: 4 (+1 in armour)


  • Astartes Implants
  • Unnatural Strength: +4
  • Unnatural Toughness: +4


  • Ambidextrous: May use either hand equally well.
  • Astartes Weapon Training
  • Deathwatch Training: Automatically confirm Righteous Fury against Xenos targets.
  • Bulging Biceps: No need to brace when using Heavy Weapons.
  • Heightened Senses: [+10] Hearing, Sight.
  • Killing Strike: When making an All-Out-Attack you may use a Fortune point to make your attack unavoidable.
  • Nerves of Steel: Re-roll failed Pinning Tests.
  • Quick Draw: Draw a weapon as a Free Action.
  • Resistance: Psychic Powers.
  • True Grit: Halve the result of critical damage, rounding up.
  • Unarmed Master: Unarmed attacks do D10-3 + Strength.
  • Hatred: Necrontyr.

Trained: Awareness, Ciphers (Chapter Runes), Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War), Dodge, Drive (Ground), Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Intimidate, Literacy, Navigate (Surface), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Stealth, Survival, Tactics (Assault Doctrine).

Psychic Powers:

  • Avenger
    • Action: Extended (3)
    • Opposed: No
    • Range: Self
    • Sustained: No
    • Description: Rending the veil between worlds, the Librarian creates a rift through which he and his allies might pass. The Librarian chooses an exit point for the rift at any point within 10 kilometres x PR. The size of the rift depends on the power used to create it, and it will have a width and height of 2 metres x PR. The rift will remain open for 1 Round x PR or until the Librarian himself passes through it, at which time it will instantly close. While it remains open, creatures may pass through the gate freely provided they can fit. This power is incredibly taxing and requires at least 12 hours recovery before it may be used again.
  • Iron Arm
    • Action: Half or Reaction
    • Opposed: No
    • Range: Self
    • Sustained: Yes
    • Description: The Librarian sheathes his arm in an impenetrable field of energy with the power to ward off powerful melee attacks. While this power is in effect, the Librarian gains one additional reaction each round that may only be used to parry, with a bonus on the Weapon Skill Test to parry equal to 3 x PR. Note that this power prevents the Librarian from using his arm for any other purpose, such as wielding a weapon, climbing, and so on.
  • Smite
    • Action: Half
    • Opposed: No
    • Range: 10m x PR
    • Sustained: No
    • Description: The Librarian conjurers up lethal bolts of lightning that leap from his hands to burn and blast his enemies into ash. Smite must be targeted at a single creature. However, it may effect others nearby depending on its power. The Librarian does not need to make a BS test to hit the target. However, his Focus Power Test is modified as if he was making a ranged attack (using bonuses and penalties for range, lighting, enemy talents, etc.). Smite deals 1d10 Energy Damage x PR with a Penetration equal to his PR. Any creatures within 1 metre x PR of the target will also be affected by Smite.
  • Machine Curse
    • Action: Full
    • Opposed: No
    • Range: 20m x PR
    • Sustained: No
    • Description: The Librarian calls down a terrible curse on nearby machines and vehicles. The Librarian can either target a single vehicle (such as a battle tank or landspeeder) or a number of mechanical devices (such as guns or servitors) equal to his PR. If a single vehicle is targeted then it may not move or fire any of its weapons for a number of Rounds equal to the Librarian’s PR as it shorts and sparks alarmingly. If a number of mechanical devices are chosen then they will be rendered useless for the following Round. Guns will jam (see page 249) and must be unjammed before they can be used. Warded vehicles and devices may be resistant or even immune to this power at the GM’s discretion.
  • Veil of Time
    • Action: Half
    • Opposed: No
    • Range: 5 metre radius x PR
    • Sustained: Yes
    • Description: The Librarian attempts to predict the near future, seeing the flow of events and the actions of others. While this power is in effect, the Librarian benefits from this foreknowledge. . Each Round, the Librarian has a pool of rerolls, equal 1/2 to the PR used for this power (rounding up), which he may only use for himself. Any re-rolls not used by the beginning of the Librarian’s next turn are lost. Remember that a re-roll may never itself be re-rolled.
  • Crown of Lightning
    • Action: Half
    • Opposed: Yes
    • Range: 5 metres x PR
    • Sustained: Yes
    • Description: The Librarian encases one of his foes in a crackling cage of lightning, searing his flesh and contorting his muscles. This power may only be used against a single target. The target suffers 1d10 Energy damage x PR counting as having the Shock Quality (see page 144). If this power is sustained, the target suffers 2d10 Energy damage in each of the Librarian’s turns.


  • Astartes Bolter:
    • Basic; 100m; S/3/-; D10+9; X; Pen 4; Clip [28]; Reload [Full]; Tearing
    • [24], [24], [24] w Fire Selecter
  • Astartes Force Sword:
    • D10+11R, Pen 5, Balanced. If opponent damaged, opposed WP test, 1d10 wounds per DOS, counts as Psy-Focus +15
  • Astartes Bolt Pistol:
    • Pistol; 30m; S/2/-; D10+9; X; Pen 4; Clip [14]; Reload [Full] Tearing.
    • [14], [14], [14]
  • Chapter Item
    • Tempest Amulet
    • Amulet of Might: Add +2 to Strength (after all other modifiers).
    • Victory Scripture: Gain +2 WS when fighting an enemy in single melee combat.
    • Guardian Amulet: The enveloped scripts venerate the Storm Warden’s lost 1st Company, so that they will send aid to the bearer in times of greatest peril. The amulet counts as a Charm.
  • Power Armour
    • Body 10, HAL 8
    • Count Strength Bonus as 2 higher.
    • Dark Sight, Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound) which stacks with implants.
    • Environmentally sealed.
    • +10 to resist Toxins.
    • Ignore Critical effects for D10 rounds (6 doses).
    • Stunned for a maximum of one round.
    • Vox link, magnetized boots.
    • Hatred: Necrontyr
  • 3x Frag Grenades (2D10+2; X; Blast [4]; Tearing)
  • 3x Krak Grenades (3D10+4; X; Pen 6; Tearing)
  • Combat Knife
  • Repair Cement

Rank 1 (0 - 3,999) - 4900
Awareness 200
Ciphers (Xenos markings) 200
WP 200
WP 500
FL - Daemonology 400
FL - Adeptus Astartes 200
FL - Warp 400
FL - Psykers 400
Rite of Sanctioning 400
Duty Unto Death 800
Intelligence 200
Machine Curse 1000

Rank 2 (4,000 - 8,000) - 8,300
Psy 4 500
Veil of Time 1500
Crown of Lightning 1000
Invocation 400

Rank 3 - 8,800
Psy 5 500


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