Brother Siegfried the Just

Scornful: Pity has no place in this Space Marine’s heart.
Zealous: Time outside of combat is for prayer and contemplation.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
65'' 35 40 [+4+2] 40 [+4] 40 30 40' 55 50

Wounds: 21
Fate: 1 [3]
Move: 4 (5 in armour)


  • Astartes Implants
  • Unnatural Strength: +4
  • Unnatural Toughness: +4


  • Ambidextrous: May use either hand equally well.
  • Two Weapon Wielder: [Melee]
  • Astartes Weapon Training
  • Deathwatch Training: Automatically confirm Righteous Fury against Xenos targets.
  • Bulging Biceps: No need to brace when using Heavy Weapons.
  • Heightened Senses: [+10] Hearing, Sight.
  • Killing Strike: When making an All-Out-Attack you may use a Fortune point to make your attack unavoidable.
  • Nerves of Steel: Re-roll failed Pinning Tests.
  • Quick Draw: Draw a weapon as a Free Action.
  • Resistance: Psychic Powers.
  • True Grit: Halve the result of critical damage, rounding up.
  • Unarmed Master: Unarmed attacks do D10-3 + Strength.
  • Swift Attack, Lightning Attack:
    • Swift: +0, hit per 2 DoS.
    • Lightning: -10, hit per DoS.
    • Both max WS Bonus.
  • Wrathful Charge: When charging a hoard inflict an additional D10 Magnitude damage.
  • Crushing Blow: Add +2 to all Melee damage. (Included).
  • Abhor the Witch: Roll a base WP test to ignore the effects of psychic powers.
  • Signature Wargear: Power Sword.
  • Hatred: [Orks, Psykers, Tyranids] +10 to WS tests against these enemies.
  • Hunter of Aliens: +10 WS and +2 Damage when fighting Xenos.
  • Scourge of Heretics: +10 WS and +2 Damage when fighting Heretics.
  • Sure Strike: May choose to reverse the hit location dice.

Black Templars

  • Righteous Zeal: [Solo Mode]

Trained: Ciphers (Black Templars Runes, Deathwatch), Command, Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Ecclesiarchy, Imperium, War), Dodge, Drive (Ground), Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Interrogation, Intimidate, Literacy, Navigate (Surface), Pilot (Personal), Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Stealth, Tactics (Assault Doctrine).
+10: Awareness, Survival.

Attacks Rolls:

  • 65 stat.
  • +5 WS in power armour.
  • +10 against Xenos and +2 damage.
  • +10 against Heretics and +2 damage.
  • +10 against Orks or Psykers.


  • ‘Crusader’s Malice’: Ornate power sword given to Siegfried after he slew the Ork psyker Weirdboy Lolok in single combat.
    • Melee; Power; D10+6+12*; E; Pen 6; Balanced, Power Field.
    • * Crushing Blow (2) + Strength (4) + Unnatural Strength (4) + Power Armour (2)
  • 'Duty's End': Storm Shield once belonging to Brother Sergeant Artor of the Imperial Fists. Legends say Artor's squad held a position against 10,000 Orks, even in their deaths denying the foul Xenos access.
    • Unique Storm Shield.
    • +10 to WS; Melee; D10+12*; E; Defensive [+15 parry, -20 to attack].
    • * Crushing Blow (2) + Strength (4) + Unnatural Strength (4) + Power Armour (2)
    • Protection Rating [65]; Overload [01-05]
    • +8AP to Arm, Body and Leg.
  • Astartes Bolt Pistol:
    • Pistol; 30m; S/2/-; D10+9; X; Pen 4; Clip [14]; Reload [Full] Tearing.
    • [14], [14], [*14- Kraken]
    • *Kraken Rounds: Pen 8, +50% range.
  • Champion’s Tabard
    • +2 to Fellowship Tests.
  • Power Armour
    • Body 10, AL 8, Head unarmoured.
    • Count Strength Bonus as 2 higher.
    • Dark Sight, Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound) which stacks with implants.
    • Environmentally sealed.
    • +10 to resist Toxins.
    • Ignore Critical effects for D10 rounds (6 doses).
    • Stunned for a maximum of one round.
    • Vox link, magnetized boots.
    • Thine Arm by the Scourge of the Impure: +5 WS and -5 BS when in the suit.
  • 1x Frag Grenades (2D10+2; X; Blast [4]; Tearing)
  • 4x Krak Grenades (3D10+4; X; Pen 6; Tearing)
  • Combat Knife
  • Repair Cement

Lived on a Black Templars recruitment world. Grew up in feudal society and was trained as a knight. As part of an ancient tradition he won a tournament and was inducted into the Black Templars.

Nearing one hundred years as an Adeptus Astartes. Most recently served aboard the ‘Blade of Sigmund’ battleship. Fought in the Shakis Crusade against the Orks. Last surviving member of an assault team who boarded an Ork Rok. Siegfried kill the Ork Warboss in single combat and was recruited to the Deathwatch when the crusade was disbanded.

Deeply religious, fights with zealous hatred. Intends to be inducted into the Sword Brethen, the First Company of the Black Templars after his service in the Deathwatch. Aspires, as all Black Templars do, to one day become the Emperor’s Champion.

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