Eldar Corsair Player Characters


25 25 20 20 30 25 30 25 25

Wounds; 2x TB +(d5+1)
Fate; 1:1-3, 2:4-7, 3:8-10

Non Imperial; – 10 to all CL, FL, SL test relating to the Imperium

Speak not Unto the Alien – all interaction tests are 2 steps more difficult, unless the player has earned the trust of the other character (GM’s discretion). Having any aliens onboard a ship results in -2 modifier to crew morale.


All Eldar PC’s are upon the ‘Path of the Outcast’, known variously as the Path of Adventure, Piracy and Damnation. This Path calls to all Eldar at some point in their long lives, a Path that draws them away from the structure and strictures of their societies. Upon completing this Path, they are welcomed back joyously, but until that moment are treated more akin to walking spirits than true Eldar by others of their kind. It is understood by all Eldar that by embarking upon this Path, they lay aside all the concerns of their former life; indeed this aspect of the Path appeals greatly to many. For this reason an Outcast may freely interact with Eldar of any society without carrying the connotations of their birth. To humans, it seems madness that Dark Eldar may walk freely upon Craftworlds, or Exodites the City of Commoragh, yet the Eldar are capable of far more subtly in their exchanges. Nevertheless, Eldar Outcasts are colored by their pasts, defined more by the skills they bear than the title. It is a delineation made purely by humans however, who feel it necessary to distinguish world-wandering Slayers from serene Rangers. To the Eldar they are only Outcasts, figures of portend, destiny and sorrow.

Corsair; Begin play with +5 BS, Evaluate, and Pilot; (Choose One)

Dark Eldar; Begin play with +5 WS, Decadence and Intimidate

Exodite; Begin play with +5WS or +5BS, and (Talented) Silent Move, Tracking

Craftworlder; freely allocate 8 characteristic points to represent the player’s former Path. Swap the upgrade path (100,250,500,750) for Perception with Willpower (250,500,750,1000)

No matter their origins, any character on the Path of the Outcast begins play with Peer (Eldar).


The Dying – Eldar are famed for their eerie, otherworldy grace. Player Characters begin play with Unnatural Agility (x2).

No Eldar Character will ever be mistaken for a human, even if their features are concealed, so long as they are observed in motion.

Eldar are a highly psychic race, so powerfully so that the aetheric energy released upon death (which humanity simplistically call souls) retains an imprint of their memories and personality after it reenters the Warp. This is the great curse of their race, as Slaanesh savors the torture of this rare energy more than any other. For this reason, the Eldar capture their escaping in essences in ‘Soulstones’, which are then merged with the great Infinity Circuits all Eldar societies preserve. Every Eldar (with the exception of Dark Eldar who avoid death altogether), wears a Soulstone. This is their most precious possession, and if separated from it will become utterly obsessed with it’s recovery. The stones themselves are near enough to indestructible, so are far more likely to be stolen than broken. If this ever occurred the Eldar PC will have a desperate and unique motivation; the quest to save his soul!

Eldar characters denied contact with their Soulstones, receive the benefit of Hatred against the group or individual who took it, and may enter Frenzy in combat if the GM agrees that this one victory may lead to it’s recovery. During it’s absence, the Eldar will begin to feel the yawning hunger of Slaanesh, and be haunted by nightmares of a pale, fleshy creature stalking them through dark cities. This inflicts d5 insanity points for each month of separation, or until a new Soulstone can be crafted (available at Extremely Rare in Koronus Ports).

All Eldar treat Psyniscience as a Basic Skill. For the purposes of gaining such skills as Warp Sense, Eldar players are considered to possess an innate Psy Rating (effectively 0 until improved).

Eldar Characters have the “Brook No Insult” trait as described in Rogue Trader, to reflect the immense arrogance of this ancient race. Given their highly alien concept of honor however, this should be treated carefully; an Eldar may serenely ignore one grave insult if the speaker is of insufficient importance to warrant their attention, and equally, respond with scathing diatribes if an Imperial official presumes to give him an order. Most importantly, Eldar rarely display their emotions; until of course they unleash a planetary assault or some other, equally vicious rebuke. They are long-lived, and their revenge may be decades in the coming.


Eldar biology has been evolving for several million years longer than that of humans. While superficially similar, Eldar have a vastly different, mostly psychic process of healing; accordingly they prefer to heal themselves, and are very difficult for humans to treat.

Medicae tests performed by members of other races on Eldar incur a -10 penalty

No Eldar would ever consent to the crude bionic augmentations utilized by the lesser species, nor does their bizarre physiology accommodate it.

No Eldar character may ever acquire augmetic enhancement.

Any injury (which the character survives) may be fully regenerated by Eldar spirit-singers, so long as the character can locate them. No test is required to purchase these services, but treatment will invariably involve several weeks of downtime as the character travels to and from an Eldar community. Eldar distain the graceless weapons and armor of other races. More than any other character, they will place great value on their starting equipment, which will often have been grown especially for them.

//Any character forced to employ human weapons will suffer a -10 penalty to any associated test due to the overwhelming revulsion they experience. Additionally they do not benefit from the advantages of quality ratings for such equipment, never regarding such sloppy manufacture as anything but utilitarian. //

Wearing human armor denies Eldar characters the benefit of their Unnatural Agility Trait.
Other equipment imposes no penalty except where the GM deems appropriate.

For reference, Eldar versions of any technology can be obtained at one step higher difficulty; as a general rule, apply a -1 Damage reduction, +2 Bonus to AP and halve the weight. No item of Eldar manufacture ever has the Unreliable/Unbalanced/Overheat quality


Eldar are functionally immune to the warping effects of Chaos. Even the utterly depraved Dark Eldar display no mutability, perhaps owing to the immense age of their race. Eldar are far more likely to exhibit degeneracy of character than body; use the alternative Corruption table in the Radical’s Handbook to reflect this. At the very heights of corruption, an Eldar PC may begin to feel the caress of Slaanesh against his soul, suffering fatigue, visibly aging and being plagued by horrific nightmares. These symptoms can only be alleviated by the infliction of bloodshed and pain, as determined by the GM


All Eldar experience sensation at a much keener pitch than other races. As their mind erodes, the determination to hold themselves within reasonable bounds of behavior weakens too; their madness manifests as violent mood swings, arcing from joyous rage to paralyzing despair at the slightest provocation. For this reason, phobias and physical symptoms are much rarer than distinct behavioral changes. They may wallow in depthless misery, or hurl themselves into utter debauchery for days at a time, laying all other concerns aside. They will invariably become preoccupied, either with Slaanesh (who waits to consume their souls in the Warp) or the Rhana Dandra (the prophesized final death of their race, which all Eldar fight to avert).


Grace of Isha – The Eldar are more in tune with their psychic selves than the physical. The severity of wounds they suffer (insofar as humans understand it) has much more to do with the damage to the spirits than the body. A seemingly simple wound may gravely weaken them, or a dreadful blow may heal swiftly. Whenever an Eldar PC with this trait benefits from a Medicae test (including those administered to themselves) they may choose to roll a WP test. For each degree of success, the number of wounds healed by the test increases by one. If the test is failed, the degrees of failure apply as a penalty to the number of wounds healed. This trait may also be applied when recouping wounds by spending a fate point. The GM may impose a penalty to this test where he deems appropriate. Wounds dealt by Daemons for example are notoriously difficult for Eldar to heal. This trait never inflicts wounds, merely slows the healing process.

Speed of Asuryan – The otherworldly speed of the Eldar is their most defining trait. Their untrained civilians are capable of striking with speed and grace to match the mighty Astartes. Those who dedicate their lives to the perfection of warfare can scarcely be followed by mortal senses. Any time a character with this trait is engaged in close combat, shoots, attacks or is fired upon by an opponent, apply the following effect. Compare the Initiative score of the Eldar with the highest score rolled by his attacker/s or victim/s. If the Eldar character’s Initiative is equal or greater than 2 times the Initiative of the attacker/opponent, he may choose from the following benefits;

Once per turn, the Eldar PC may either – make one additional reaction during this combat. It may be used to dodge or parry, subject to the usual restrictions or bonuses.


The character may make a single half-action attack for free, exactly as though he had spent a fate point. Again, any penalties or bonuses applied to ordinary combat apply to this free attack. This half action may not be used to supplement any other action (to aim for example). A character with Swift attack could make 2 attacks as a full action and choose to gain an additional free half-action attack as well. Equally, a character with Dual Shot could employ that talent as a full action and unleash the additional attack with either a pistol or close combat weapon. Finally, a character with this trait could fire his shuriken Catapult on full-auto as a full action, then fire a single shuriken as a free half-action.

Wrath of Khaine; As the Eldar grow nearer to perfect comprehension of one style of combat, their resonance with the mighty war-god Khaine becomes keener. Channelling this infinite pool of proficiency, Eldar are capable of otherworldly martial feats. A Character with this trait may substitute the use of their Willpower Bonus instead of Strength when dealing Damage in close combat.

Wisdom of Vaul; the Eldar society has existed longer than any other save the Necrontyr. The learning of their race is impossibly vast, and birth into such a society, not stifled by the superstitious fear of knowledge, guarantees that all manner of exotic (and occasionally dangerous) esoteria may be held within their minds. Eldar treat all forbidden lore and Scholastic Lore tests as Basic Skills, subject to the “Non-Imperial” trait.

Serenity of Cegorach; The Laughing God is a powerful and mysterious figure in Eldar myth. The Foiler of Plans is a great nemesis to Tzeentch himself, and a constant thorn in the side of Slaanesh; many of her feasts are spoiled as Eldar souls are snatched from her Maw in the moment of victory. Cegorach is the consummate trickster, guiding his favorites through tangling and improbable strands of destiny; those who venerate him sail unharmed through the tempest of battle, as bullets curve around him and swords fall clumsily from enemy hands. Not idly is Cegorach called the Master of Fate.

An Eldar with this trait may choose to re-roll a single failed Reaction roll per turn, exactly as though they had spent a fortune point to do so. Cergorach is fickle however; if the results of this second roll are worse than the first, he has become bored with the Character who may not benefit from this Trait of the remainder of the encounter.



Skills; Awareness, Acrobatics, Dodge, Literacy, Speak Language (Eldar), Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Psyniscience,

Traits; Unnatural Agility x2, 'the Dying*' ,

Talents; Basic Weapon (Shuriken), Pistol Weapon (Shuriken), Melee Training (Basic)

BQ Xenos Crafted Las Pistol (s/-/- d10+3E PEN 1 100, Reliable, Accurate) or CQ Shuriken Pistol (s/3/5 d10+2 PEN 4 40, Reliable)

CQ Shuriken Catapult - (s/3/10 d10+4R PEN6 100, Reliable)

BQ Eldar Monosword d10+2 PEN 2 Balanced, +10 to hit or CQ Eldar Powersword d10+4 PEN 8, balanced +10, power-field

Eldar Void Mesh (Head 5, Body 5, Arms 4, Legs 4) - inbuilt void impellor unit granting Flyer 12 in null gravity, full life-support, long range vox, auspex and Dark Sight. Xenocraft Medikit, Runic Talismans (BQ Charm) BQ Corsair's clothing, Soulstone.

WS 100 250 500 750
BS 100 250 500 750
S 250 500 750 1000
T 500 750 1000 2500
AG 100 250 500 750
INT 250 500 750 1000
PC 100 250 500 750
WP 250 500 750 1000
FL 500 750 1000 2500


Acrobatics 100
Awareness 100
Concealment 100
Dodge 100
Silent Move 100
Tracking 100
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) 100
Exotic Weapon Training (Any)(x2) 200
Basic Weapons Training (Universal) 200
Leap Up 200
Psyniscience 100
Pilot (Personal) 200
Speak Language (Low Gothic) 200
Literacy 100
Ambidextrous 200
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse) 200
Forbidden Lore (Warp) 200
Speed of Asuryan 500
2 Weapon Wielder (Melee) 500


Acrobatics +10 200
Awareness +10 200
Dodge +10 200
Shadowing 100
Catfall 200
Quick Draw 200
Search 100
Scrutiny 100
Foresight 200
Sound Constitution (x2) 200
Forbidden Lore (Black Library) 200
Rapid Reaction 200
Lightning Reflexes 200
Resistance (Psychic Techniques) 200
Sure Strike 500
Medicae 200
Sprint 500
Grace of Isha 500
2 Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) 500


Acrobatics +20 200
Awareness +20 200
Evaluate 200
Dodge +20 200
Hard Target 300
Scrutiny +10 200
Speak Language (any one)l 200
Silent Move +10 200
Swift Attack 500
Resistance (Fear) 200
Pilot (Flyers) 200
Dual Strike 500
Counter Attack 500
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse)+10 200
Forbidden Lore (Black Library)+10 200
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) +10 200
Shadowing +10 200
Wrath of Khaine 500
Precise Strike 500


Bloodtracker 500
Blademaster 500
Combat Master 500
Berserk Charge 500
Sound Constitution (x2) 200
Search +10 200
Unarmed Warrior 200
Warp Sense 200
Silent Move +20 200
Shadowing +10 200
Jaded 200
Exotic Weapon Training (Choose 1) 200
Psyniscience +10 200
Deadeye Shot 300
Polyglot 300
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)+20 200
Pilot Space Craft 200
Medicae +10 200


Trade (Armourer [Eldar]) 200
Demolitions 200
Gunslinger 500
Dual Shot 500
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse)+20 200
Forbidden Lore (Psykers) 200
Forbidden Lore (Warp) +10 200
Heightened Senses (Sight) 200
Hatred (Chaos) 200
Nerves of Steel 200
Talented (Dodge) 500
Crack Shot 500
Step Aside 200
Frenzy 500
Psyniscience +20 200
Improved Warp Sense 200
Battle Rage 500
Wisdom of Vaul 500
Crippling Strike 500

RANK 6 - Serenity of Cegorach 500, Lightning Attack 500

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