Zaxyrrian Fellsnow

Officer of the Ironsail Company, Master of Coin, Runebearer of Prince Ogrin Silverpeak

Trueborn Daemonfey, Sun Elf, Armsman
Character: Fervid, Felicitous, Foolhardy, Furibund
Date of Birth: 13th of the Pale Lady EE 1187
Features: Long pale abdominal scare, one long thin diagonal scar that bisects eyes and nose, 2 adamantium canines in lower jaw to replace knocked out teeth.

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 13 12 16 12 16

Taint: 7

  • Disorders:
    • Level 2 Histrionics: Check Cha at GMs discretion, whilst in circumstances that would provoke this (such as performances in which the character could participate in) to resist trying to attract attention to themselves. Additionally check Cha in the same manner to resist attempting to seduce potential sexual partners. -2 to resist being seduced.
    • Level 2 Dependent personality (Ogrin Cannonhammer): Must pass a Charisma check - 2 when trying to make decisions when unaccompanied by those he is dependent on. It is -4 act against the express instructions of the dependee. Dependency persists until scorned or the dependee character dies. A new dependee is then taken up immediately.

Age: 44
Move: 7m
Experience: 4450/5950
Mercantile Purchased [700 exp, 724 swords, 76 amateur training]
Heal Purchased [1250 exp, 250 discount]
Hardened [500 exp]

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarf, Low Elven, High Elven), Literacy, Nobleborn, Nobility, History, Weapon Training (Simple Blades, Military Blades, Bows), Parry, Dodge, Charm, Arcana, Extremely Attractive (+2), Spellcraft (Pyromancy), Mercantile, Heal


  • Heightened Senses +2 (All)
  • Sanguine creature: Extremly Attractive (+2)
  • Darkvision (Coloured)
  • Elven Grief
  • Tainted form (7) :
    • Infernal Grace: +1 Dex
    • Infernal Intelligence: +1 Int
    • Infernal Power: +1 Str
    • Infernal Charisma: +1 Cha
    • Alu fiend: Extremely Attractive +2, Androgynous


  • Goriun's Salvatory Blast
    • 20m range, roll to hit, people within 2m of it make a Perception or are Dazed as this makes a large flaring light that can be seen from miles around should it be shot into the air.
  • Gorium’s Thankful Cauterisation
    • Does d6 fire damage on touch but stops one level of blood loss.

Full Arcana:

  • Purple Flame of the Syveri
    • For 1 round your weapon is coating in purple flame. Add +d6 fire damage to all hits.
  • Flynn's Firestrider
    • Move your move distance through creatures dealing d6 fire damage to each you past through. At end of move explode in a 2m radius dealing 2d6 fire damage.
  • Castor's Dragonbreath (-2)
    • Breathe flames in a 5m cone dealing 4d6 fired damage.

Equipment: 12/12

MQ Clothes 0 MQ Wintercloak 0, Drow Shadeleaf Armour [HABL: 3 +1 to stealth in ships/wood]0 AQ Ribbed Adamantium Alloy Lamellar Armour 0 AQ Ribbed Adamantium Alloy Lamellar Cuisses 0 AQ Adamantium Barbute (-2 Per) 0 Equipment harness 2 Potion Bandoleer 1

-"Heldane's Daughter" MQ drow shamshir w/ deulist's grip (Heft [1] Balance [2]; D8+6; High Critical (+1), Defensive [+1]) 1
-"Skyfire" MQ Somatic Longsword w/ duelist's Grip (Heft [2], Balance [2]; D10+6; Versatile, Defensive [+1]) 2
-MQ Bow (60m; D10+6; Piercing; Reload [Half]; Strength Factor)2 w/ 20 broadheads 1
-w/ 25 Springheads (50m; D10+11; Slashing; Reload [Half]; Strength Factor) 2
- Boots of the Manic Frog (doubles jump).

  • Bag of Holding [9/30] 1
    • [First Aid Kit 1 Waterskin 0 Ink Vial 0 Quill 0 Document Case 1 5x Sheets of Vellum 0 Mirror 1 Journal 1 Magnifying Glass 0] 1 (5)
    • Beautiful Handthrower 1
    • 1x Scroll of Bone 0
    • 1x Scroll of Blood 0
    • Frost Arrowhead
    • Smiley badge
    • Vicious looking arming sword
    • Composite circlet.

Head: 8/7
Body: 7/8 v Piercing
Arms: 6/7 v Piercing
Legs: 6/7 v Piercing

0 Dragons
0 Drakes
1 Swords
5 Slaves

Extremely Attractive +2 [2000]

  • House Fellsnow is a minor Syveri Elven House based in Tantras, the City of Ice, capital of Syveria. Whilst relatively minor in power Fellsnow is one of the few daemonfey houses in the Empire. Fellsnow dates its origin to their first matriarch, an who made an eldritch pact with the ice daemon that resides in the very heart of Tantras. Her progeny has since become the noble daemonfey of house Fellsnow.
  • Fellsnow's males are specifically bred to be warrior elves. Fellsnow females are generally increibly beautiful by elven standards, and they seek out mates with suitable qualities to breed warriors. These mates (generally other daemonfey) are selected to maximise strength, speed, toughness, daemonic abilities, physiologies and often multiple limbs and talons amongst the male offspring. As such Fellsnow makes its way by the prestige that its male elves, more akin to daemons than elves, win on the fields of slaughter. Fellsnow is known at the Court of Prince Skyfrost for these warriors, some even being Knights of the Wintercourt.
  • Zax, as deft a warrior as he, is doesn't compare to the normally bestial males of his house. Due to his hellish intellect and willpower he was tutored by his sisters in the arcane and sent to the Arcanium for several cycles. However in a last ditch effort from the house matriachs to forge a knight out of Zax he was removed from his studies in pyromancy at the Arcanium and enrolled to attend the Academy Melee.
  • Whilst being proficient at the sword Zax did not live up to the same standard as his older brothers (multiarmed, scaled, taloned, axewielding daemonfey behemoths who are both Knights of the Wintercourt) continously being a disappointment to the matriarchs. And so even by his graduation from the Academia Melee the house matriarchs were somewhat at a loss with what to do with Zax.
  • Ultimately they have charged him with adventuring to prove his worth as a warrior to the house. It is the hopes of the matriarchs that at the very he least he may one day be considered as Fellsnow house mage, a position that has been understandably vacant for some time with the Fellsnow matriarchs penchant for breeding many armed, acid spiting fiendtouched warrior males.
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