Emergency Warp Jump

An emergency warp jump is an extremely dangerous move witch no Navigator in his right mind will try, except in the direst situation.
The jump itself takes a full tactical turn to happen. If the jumping ship gets the initiative, the jump takes place at the end of the turn. If someone gets the initiative before the jumping ship, he can play another turn before the jump happens.

The "Adventurous" is attacked by 2 eldar ships. Eldar 1 got the initiative, then the Adventurous, and then Eldar 2. Eldar 1 shoots the cruiser, then the Navigator in the Adventurous launch an emergency warp jump, then Eldar 2 acts. Next turn, eldar 1 acts again. At last the jump takes place, before eldar 2 actions.

Someone using a Detection action on the jumping ship (like Lock on or Scanning) can make a free Perception + Detection test (+0) to detect the building energy in the warp engine. The next move will probably be to destroy the gellar field or the warp engine…

  1. The Navigator makes a -50 Navigation(Warp) test.
  2. Then, he rolls a D5 on the Emergency Warp Jump Table.
  3. Each degree of success subtracts 1 to the Emergency Jump result.
  4. Each degree of failure adds 1 to the Emergency Jump result.
  5. The effects of the table are cumulative. So on a 4, apply Lost, Crippled engines and Fire and Surly techspirits. This kind of chaos will be hard to handle! GM, don’t make it easy for your players: if the Munitorium is on fire, they have to act quickly. But maybe the way to the Munitorium is underpowered, or full of lightning arcs…

Emergency Warp Jump Table

1. Lost in space You have no idea of where you can be. Maybe you are close to some long lost planet, maybe you are in the middle of an ork-infested system, or maybe a super-nova is coming your way.Anyway, make an extended -50 Navigation (Stellar). 5 successes required. Each level of Common lore (Koronus Expanse) adds +10 to the navigation roll (so common lore +20 add a +30 bonus).You need a functioning Sensor array to make this roll (but you got no bonus for it, except from the R-50 Multi-band that add +10)
2. Crippled engines Something pierces the immense drive tubes in the ship’s stern, bleeding plasma into the void and leaving the vessel drifting in space. Roll 1d10. on a 1-7, the plasma drives are still usable, though heavily damaged.Reduce the ship’s Speed by half. On an 8–10, the drives are completely wrecked. Reduce the ship’s Speed to 1. This damage can be repaired.
3. Fire! Alarms scream through the hull as hungry flames roar though passageways and compartments. The blaze must be contained before it devours the entire ship!The GM randomly selects one Component that is not the bridge or plasma/warp drive—this Component is now on fire. The fire follows all the rules for shipboard fires.
4. Surly Techspirits Something has jarred and shocked the ship’s machine spirits, awakening their anger. Massive electrical surges knock out systems across the ship.Roll 1d10 for every Component. On a 4 or higher, the Component now counts as unpowered. Each Component must be repaired individually before it can receive power again. Morale takes 1d5 damage from the spooky atmosphere.
5. Hull breach The hull of the ship is ripped asunder by tremendous force, opening compartments to the void and doing massive structural damage.The GM randomly chooses 1d5 Components Roll a d10 for each; on a 1-7 the Component is damaged and depressurized. On an 8–10 the Component is destroyed, and all crew inside are killed. Instead of rolling for Crew Population and Morale damage separately, the ship reduces both of its current values by half.
6. Gellar field down The warp travel has gone bad, really bad. The brutal translation shut your Gellar field down. Of course, you put it up online quickly, but maybe not quickly enough.Roll a d10 -5. This is the number of “things” that get on board. Negative roll means you are safe. For this time.
7. Madness Exposure to the raw energy of the warp made people on-board goes crazy. Every player make a -10 (cumulative with other modifier) Mental trauma test.Oh, and they are facing a mutiny that can only be stop by violence, since the rioters are, well, nuts.
8. Space hulk Catastrophic damage leaves the ship a drifting, smouldering wreck. Uncontrolled fires burn in some compartments, others are open to space, and the rest are choked with the dead and dying.Roll 1d10 for each Component. On a 1–2, it is miraculously untouched, but is unpowered. On a 3-7, it is depressurized and damaged. On a 9–10, it is completely destroyed, and all crew inside are killed. Reduce Crew Population to 1d10.
9. Plasma Explosion The starship’s plasma drive explodes in a single, cataclysmic explosion. All starships within 1d10 VUs of the stricken craft must make a Hard (–20) Pilot (Space Craft)+Manoeuvrability Test or be struck by the flaming debris of the destroyed vessel. Treat this as 1d5 macrobattery hits doing 1d10+4 damage each, that void shields and armour will protect against normally.
10. Warp Drive explosion The starship’s warp drive overloads and explodes, rending a seething hole in space, a maelstrom into the realm of chaos.Any starship within 2d10 VUs of the stricken craft must make a Hard (–20) Pilot (Spacecraft)+Manoeuvrability Test or be struck by the chaos-storm, taking the equivalent of one lance strike doing 1d10 damage that void shields will not protect against. Additionally, every starship within 1d5 VUs of the stricken vessel must make a second Challenging (+0) Pilot (Space Craft)+Manoeuvrability Test, or be sucked into the rift. What happens next is up to the GM, but should be suitably horrible. Mass possessions and manifesting daemons are the norm, while the crew frantically tries to activate the Geller Field. The survival of those onboard the ship should by no means be guaranteed.

Delaying the jump
For each turn the Navigator takes after the first one to calculate a safe jump, add +10 to the Navigation (warp) test. After 6 turns (counting the first one), the jump is really safe. Treat it like a normal space travel. After all, 3 hours is not really an emergency situation.

Instant jump
Sometimes, you can’t take the time for safety measures. Like when 3 battleships are firing on you, or when you are this close of an Hive fleet.
The “Ave Maria” jump takes place at the beginning of your initiative turn. Like, instantly. Roll a D10 on the Emergency Warp Jump Table. It is all in the Emperor’s hand.

No Navigator
Maybe he’s dead, maybe he’s not on board. Anyway you don’t have a navigator on-board. Well, too bad. Roll a D5 on the Emergency Warp Jump Table, and add 5. Good new is, this is an instant jump.

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