Erasmus Leitdorf

Erasmus Leitdorf

Human, Student, Scholar.
21 years old, 6’1’’, Light grey eyes, black hair, pale skin, burns on chest.
Sign of denied passions.

Headstrong, Curious, Secretive, Vengeful.

28 40' 31 30 36'' '''75''' 43' 42''
+5 - +5 +5 - - +10 +5
1 14'' 2 3 4 9 2
- +2 - - - - -

Wounds: 14/14
Fate: 2
EXP: 2200/2270


Talents: Savvy, Night vision, Linguistics, Supernumerate, Seasoned Traveller, Rapid Reload.

Basic: Animal Care, Charm, Command, Concealment, Consume Alcohol, Disguise, Drive, Evaluate, Gamble, Haggle, Intimidate, Outdoor Survival, Ride, Row, Scale Sheer Surface, Silent Move, Swim
Trained: Academic Knowledge (Daemonology, Philosophy, Runes, Magic, History), Common Knowledge (Empire, The Wasteland), Consume Alcohol, Gossip, Perception, Read/write, Search, Speak (Common, Classic, Dark Tongue, Khazalid), Dodge Blow.

Weapons: Crossbow (140 enc) D10+4; 30/60; Full; [10 bolts], Sword (50 enc) D10+SB, BQ Bayonet (9 enc) D10+1 +5% to hit.
Armour: Full Leather [1 All] (80 enc)
Gear: GQ Clothes (15 enc)
Backpack: Blanket (10 enc), wooden cutlery (2 enc), Week of rations (50 enc), Philosophy Knowledge Book (35 enc), Daemonology Knowledge Book (35 enc) [w/ average lock (5 enc)], Folded Parchment with Chaos Runes drawn, Dagger (10 enc) D10, Quality Wine (5 enc), Writing Kit (5 enc), Pipe, Main Guache (10 enc), Vial of Chaos Troll Blood (5 enc), 2x Pistols (50 enc).

Encumbrance: 516/610
Person: 344
Backpack: 172/200
Purse: 12 GC

Erasmus Leitdorf was similarly blessed and cursed when he was born. He was a mutant, touched by Chaos, and yet showed no outward signs of his mutation. Erasmus lived a normal unassuming life as the son of low-level academics before he himself was admitted into the College of Altdorf. Here Erasmus excelled, his natural intelligence, parents teachings and mutation, the ability to see in the dark, meant that he was making a steady pace to graduate the College at a young age. This was when he met Varn Holdstag, a reclusive and now infamous practiser of the dark arts. Holdstag met Leitdorf while he was still a professor at the College of Altdorf and instantly recognised the boy's mutation, this being the area of focus for his research. He requested the boy become his apprentice at the College and Erasmus spent his remaining years at the college learning under his new mentor. They spoke of Daemons and magic, of mutation and greater meaning and after some short time became quite close friends. This all ended when Holdstag was accused and arrested for witchcraft on the cusp of Erasmus' 18th birthday. The young Leitdorf too was brought in for questioning and while considered free of taint was sentenced to 3 years in the Altdorf Count's army as penance, serving in the north to battle a chaos incursion. Watching his mentor burned at the stake as he was led away in chains, Erasmus finally understood the price of the knowledge the two of them had endured to unearth. The boy served with honour for those 3 years, first as a militiaman then eventually as a watchman, his night-sight proving useful in the long hours of night in his watchtower. Finally, when the reserves were depleted, he fought in open battle as part of a missile unit. After the battle was over his debt was considered paid and he was released. A crossbow in his hand and the books he hid from discovery for all these years in his pack he set out of uncover the dark truths of the world and a way to explain what he had seen.

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