Knights Eschaton

Fledgling, Secular, Migratory Order.

Originating in the collapse of Araby, the Order was founded in the final year of the End Times by the survivors of a Crusading cavalry force. With all the lands in the grip of rising violence, natural disasters and awakened horrors, the progenitors forged a hardened force of mounted warriors from across the broken nations of the Old World. Uniting the veterans of a hundred battles and skirmishes, they rode to the final defence of life in the against the tides of Chaos.

Founded: in the Grail Shrine of Chinon, by Crusaders from Araby.
Tradition: Preservation – Knights are sworn to prioritise the protection nations and institutions above other concerns. Compared to knights of the chivalric tradition, members can seem callous at times.
Doctrine: Shock and Awe – The essence of Knightly warfare can be summed up by a single manoeuvre – the cavalry charge.
Hero: Balin the Bold – a knight miraculously restored to life by the favour of the Lady and the unwavering dedication of his brothers. Founder and Grandmaster of the Order, ever at the forefront of the charge.
Legend: The Order’s founders, in their search for the Grail, battled and slew the Dragon Krommeltusk in the peaks of Massif Orcal. The founders used the creature’s hoard to establish a new Knightly Order.

Allies & Foes
The Order has strong familial ties with the Duke of Parravon.
Though founded by Crusaders against the Undead, the Order was formed to oppose the armies of Archaon the Everchosen.

Members of the Order are sworn to preserve the nations of Bretonnia and the Empire from destruction. Though revering the King and the Emperor, they owe fealty chiefly to this higher ideal.

Liquid – Funded by the spoils of a Dragon-hoard, the Order is wealthy, but has not yet outfitted it’s rank and file.
Miniscule – No more than a dozen Knights
Mounts –The Order employs warhorses and riding horses. They can call upon the aid of their many allies who may employ monstrous mounts.
Relic – The most venerated artefact of the Order is the iron-clad carriage which bore the Balin the Founder into the Old World.
Heraldry – The Order encourage Knights to personalise their heraldry in the tradition of Bretonnia. Most members chose to bear the Griffin clasping a Fluer-de-Lys and quartered red-and-grey. These represent solidarity between nations, and the preservation of institutions, represented by stone in times of bloodshed. The heraldry of the group allows them to be treated as nobles wherever they ride.

The Order

Grand Master: Balin the Bold

The Inner Circle:

  • Speaker: Wolfgang von Solidor
  • Lector of Sigmar: Joachim von Solidor
  • Champion: Sir Edward d'Solidor
  • First Lance: Sir Tybalt


  • Master-at-Arms: Corin Delacroix
  • Morgan
  • Renny D'Barbette


  • Knights of Morr: 5 Knights of Morr from Tilea, led by Chaplain Romulo.
  • Grail Knights: 5 glorious Grail Knights on pure white steeds. From the Grail Shrine Chinon. Balin's personal bodyguards.
  • Knights of Parravon: The 40 knights of the Duke of Parravon and 20 Pegasus Knights offered their services when Balin raised the banner of the Order in his city. Led by the Duke Ulysse D'Solidor.
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