At conference with the Monks of Heron Lake

Squad-Captain of the Riverlands Militia under the command of Commander Cacius, servants of the Lord Daimyo Glassus.

An old swordsman sits with his back straight and hands upon knees, surrounded by robed men with shaven heads and clusters of prayer beads around their necks and wrists. He views the congregation of Heron Lake through eyes which have seen countless years of warfare and bloodshed, wondering if he has it within himself to convince the peaceful monks of what must be done. Seated across from the swordsman is a young man garbed in the blue and silver of Lord Daimyo Glassus, his hand resting comfortably on the haft of a tall, broad-blade spear at his side. A representative of the Lord Daimyo mused the swordsman. No doubt he will be my most vocal opponent in the debate to come…

Massacre at Burnspur

The Delegation of Heron Lake spent several days tracking the Autumnstone Bandits, uncovering desecrated shrines of the Gossamer Sage along the way. Arriving at Burnspur, they were challenged by a unit of mounted men bearing the heraldry of House Yergo, who at the time were accosting a group of fearful villagers. Words were exchanged, and eventually blood was spilled. Iadanna and his men engaged with the scions of House Yergo in hand-to-hand combat, while Ignis and his rangers peppered them with arrows from afar. Mithranis went to the aid of the townspeople, moving them to the relative safety of the town catacombs. Hattori seemingly disappeared as soon as the fighting broke out, his whereabouts a mystery to all. After slaughtering the scions, Iadanna pursued the fleeing Lord into the surrounding forrests, the twisting and turning trees hampering their every move…

Panting, blood seeping down his arm from the broken lance end embedded in his shoulder, the old swordsman steps into the clearing. A vast wall made of grey stone, seemingly sprung out of nowhere, had finally cornered his prey. "Back. Stay away, you foul man!" shouts the prey. "I am Prince Yergo, of the house of Yergo, and I command you to stay back!". The old swordsman let the buckler slip from his now useless arm, his nerveless fingers unable to grasp it anymore. He paces forwards, his sword dragging in the loamy earth, leaving a split trail between the fallen leaves. The Prince draws a slender dagger from his waistcoat, brandishing it with two hands. "I said back, you demon!" he shouts, as he lunges forward. Almost casually, the old swordsman parries the dagger to one side with a flick of his wrist, before plunging his sword into the Prince's belly. The black steel slowly slides upwards into the Prince's torso, the red-soaked point punching out the back of his doublet. Still pacing foward, the old swordsman pins the prince against the grey stone wall the way an entomologist might pin an insect to a cork board. The Prince's mouth opens and closes a few times, blood trickling over his lips as he tries to speak his last. "M… Monster…" he mumbles as his head sags down onto his chest. The old swordsman lets his hand slip from the swordhilt, and takes a few backwards steps before falling to his knees. He felt cold, numb. He was almost sure the lance had cut something important deep inside his chest. His heart beat weakly against his ribs, like a small bird flapping its wings against its cage. He closed his eyes, waiting for the end to take him…
"Hello, Butcher."
The old swordsman's eyes opened slowly, looking for the source of the voice.
"Over here."
Turning his head, he spies a pale and lithe women clad in a black silken gown, leaning against the grey stone wall. He was certain she had not been standing there moments before.
"You've lived such a harsh life, have you not? All that killing, all that slaughter. It's enough to weigh on any man I suppose." coos the woman, a sly grin turning her mouth upwards. "But I know you differently, yes I do. I know you enjoy this. You enjoy the death. Ending a life. Severing a fate. Tell me, Butcher. Can you recall the last time you went a month without killing someone? Can you? I didn't think so."
The old swordsman, too weak to speak, simply groans in response.
"There, there. I'm not admonishing you. I'm complimenting you. You're just so good at it. Killing I mean. There aren't many mortals who can slay like you do. In fact, I have an offer for you. What would you say if I told you that you could go on killing for eternity? Hmm? You'd feel no pain. No mortal could strike you down. You'd live forever. Forever is a long time, you know. Long enough to even gain revenge on a certain realm who made you the butcher you are today. What do you think?"
Anger flared behind the glazed eyes of the old swordsman at the mention of the Realm. His lips moved, his voice barely a whisper.
"I… accept…"
"Most wonderful!" Squealed the woman, clapping her hands together. "We have so much to talk about, you and I. But first, I think you should rest. My, my, doesn't that ground look comfy?"
Black tendrils reach up from the ground, ensnaring the old swordsman. Like a lover caressing their partner, they gently pull him down into the earth, into the waiting blackness below…

Experience: 8 + 3 Charms [12 Spent + 9 Charms]


Strength Dexterity Stamina
  
Charisma Manipulation Appearance
  
Perception Intelligence Wits
  


  • Archery:
  • Martial Arts:
  • Melee:  Specialisation - Swords
  • Thrown:
  • War: 
  • Integrity: 
  • Presence:
  • Resistence:  Specialisation - Pain
  • Survival: 
  • Investigation:
  • Lore:
  • Athletics: 
  • Awareness: 
  • Dodge: 
  • Larceny:
  • Linguistics:Low Realm, Riverspeak
  • Ride:

Personal Essence: 2/11 Peripheral Essence: 29/29
Essence: 2
Willpower: 6

Virtues and Intimacies:
-My followers (Titan, Meander River Regulars),
Conviction: Flawed Virtue
Temperance: 
Valour: 

Resonance: 

Motivation: Destroy the Realm


  • Resources: II
    • Mud-brick hut with a thatched roof on the outskirts of Lord Daimyo Glassus' land. Straight sword and chainmail as issued from the 3rd Scavenger Wars. Elderly grey pack-horse named Klutch.
  • Backing: III
    • Commander of the Devil Dogs, the personal army of Greyfall.
  • Followers: II
    • 20 veterans of the 3rd Scavenger War have sworn themselves to Iadanna after he saw them through the most brutal parts of the war. They now make up the Devil Dogs.
  • Familiar: III
    • Titan, Iadanna's faithful war-hound.
  • Artifact:V
    • Daiklave of Heartfelt Laughter SlaughterII, Breast Plate of Heartfelt Laughter The Black CarapaceIII


  • Excellency I:Melee
    • Spend 1 Mote, gain 1 Dice to roll. Up to Essence value.
  • Corpse-Body:II
    • No Cost. Gain additional -0 Health Level. Stackable. Permanent.
  • Spirit Hardened Frame:
    • Cost: 3m; Mins: Resistance 2, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive (Step 7)
    • Keywords: Combo-OK, Mirror (Durability of Oak Meditation; Exalted, p. 206)
    • Duration: Instant
    • Prerequisite Charms: None
    • Having returned from death, an Abyssal sneers at feeble attacks. The Abyssal invokes this Charm after an attack hits but before damage is rolled. This Charm sets their Hardness against that attack to 8.
  • Cadaverous Strengthened Skin:
    • Cost: 1m per pre-soak damage die removed;
    • Mins: Resistance 2, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 7)
    • Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
    • Duration: Instant
    • Prerequisite Charms: Spirit Hardened Frame
    • The unconquerable curse of the Abyssal’s spirit armors them against attack. They invokes this Charm after an attack hits them but before damage is rolled. This Charm reduces the raw (presoak) damage of the attack by one die for each mote spent. This Charm can reduce the damage of the attack to zero.
  • Savage Shade Style:
    • Cost: 1m; Mins: Melee 2, Essence 1; Type: Supplemental
    • Keywords: Combo-OK, Mirror (Hungry Tiger Technique; Exalted, p. 190)
    • Duration: Instant
    • Prerequisite Charms: Any Melee Excellency
    • Allowing refined homicidal instincts to guide his blows, the Abyssal strikes grievous wounds with a Melee weapon.. The Exalt spends one mote and makes a Melee-based attack. This Charm allows the Abyssal’s player to count extra successes on the attack roll twice for the purposes of determining raw damage.
  • Blade-Summoning Gesture:
    • Cost: 1m; Mins: Melee 2, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
    • Keywords: Mirror (Call the Blade; Exalted, p. 191), Obvious
    • Duration: Instant
    • Prerequisite Charms: None
    • The weapons of the Abyssal Exalted fear their masters and swiftly leap to their grasp when bidden by an imperiously outstretched hand.
  • Elegant Flowing Deflection:
    • Cost: 2m; Mins: Melee 2, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
    • Keywords: Combo-OK, Mirror (Dipping Swallow Defense; Exalted, p. 192)
    • Duration: Instant
    • Prerequisite Charms: Any Melee Excellency
    • The Abyssal’s weapon interposes itself in the path of an attack with contemptuous disregard for the laws of inertia, as if possessed of its own volition and horrid grace. It allows the Exalt to ignore all penalties that apply to their Parry DV when resolving that attack. Their Parry DV is still 0 if it’s inapplicable, but it takes no further penalties.
  • Restless as the Dead
    • Cost: 3m per day (2xp); Mins: Resistance 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple
    • Keywords: Mirror (Tireless Sentinel Technique; follows), Taint
    • Duration: Indefinite
    • Prerequisite Charms: None
    • The Abyssal transcends the need for sleep and experiences reality as a particularly lucid nightmare. While this Charm is active, he suffers no adverse effects from sleep deprivation besides the lost opportunity for Willpower recovery. A character can use this Charm to go without sleep for (Stamina + Resistance) days. After that, he suffers one level of unsoakable bashing damage per day without sleep, which he must heal through rest before he can activate the Charm again. An Abyssal can also make the Charm permanent as a Taint and never sleep again. He won’t take damage, but he forever cuts himself off from the benefits of sleep. Doing so costs one bonus point or two experience points.
  • Thieving Raiton Claws
    • Cost: 3m; Mins: Melee 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple
    • Keywords: Obvious, Servitude
    • Duration: Instant
    • Prerequisite Charms: Blade-Summoning Gesture
    • Even as they steal lives for Oblivion, deathknights may steal weapons from their foes and turn them against their owners. An Abyssal may use this Charm against any weapon within (Essence x 8) yards. Items not wielded by their owner obey without hesitation and fly into the Abyssal’s outstretched hand. Seizing a weapon from its owner’s hand or a sheath on his person is more difficult, requiring an opposed reflexive roll of the Abyssal’s (Manipulation + Melee) against the wielder’s (Strength + Melee). If the deathknight wins, the weapon betrays its owner to join its new master, who becomes its new owner (Exalted, p. 238). If the owner wins, the weapon remains where it is and cannot be targeted by Thieving Raiton Claws for the rest of the scene. Thieving Raiton Claws cannot target attuned artifact weapons or weapons made entirely of Essence.
  • Vengeful Riposte
    • Cost: 3m; Mins: Melee 4, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive (Step 9)
    • Keywords: Combo-Basic, Counterattack, Mirror (Solar Counterattack; Exalted, p. 194)
    • Duration: Instant
    • Prerequisite Charms: Elegant Flowing Deflection
    • The Abyssal holds his weapon loosely at his side, his monstrous arrogance practically inviting opponents to strike him, while promising horrific retribution on anyone foolish enough to take the dare. The Charm does not defend the deathknight in any way, but he can strike back with his weapon at his attacker. The Abyssal may invoke this charm to counter-attack after using their Parry DV against an enemy attack.
  • Spider Pounce Technique
    • Cost: 3m; Mins: Athletics 1, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
    • Keywords: Combo-OK, Mirror (Monkey Leap Technique; Exalted, p. 223)
    • Duration: One scene
    • Prerequisite Charms: None
    • The denizens of the night leap with the grace of a flying crane and the speed of a striking hawk. For the rest of the scene, the character can jump with a movement action instead of a miscellaneous action, and they doubles the length of all jumps.
  • Corpse-Might Surge
    • Cost: 3m per point; Mins: Athletics 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple
    • Keywords: Combo-OK, Mirror (Increasing Strength Exercise; Exalted, p. 225), Obvious, Stackable
    • Duration: One scene
    • Prerequisite Charms: None
    • This Charm suffuses the character with Abyssal Essence, temporarily increasing his Strength. It adds one dot to the character’s Strength for each three motes spent. No combination of Charms that includes Increasing Strength Exercise can increase the character’s Strength by more than his Essence, and this bonus is treated as a dice bonus from Charms.

Caste Power:
10 Motes. Inspire supernatural terror. Gain +2DV against any creature with a lower Valour score than your Essence. Mortals must pass a Valour check or flee in horror. Mindless/Fearless creatures are unaffected.
Can only regain Essence if you have drunk the lifeblood of a sentient creature or consumed a human sized corpse within six hours. Does not apply in the Shadowlands.

- Slaughter (Soulsteel Reaver Daiklave): Speed 5, Accuracy +5, Damage 9L/3, Defense +0, Rate 2
- Black Carapace (Soulsteel Reinforced Breastplate): Soak 12L/11B, Hardness 9L/9B, Mobility -1, Fatigue 1

Titan the Warhound
Titan is the faithful warhound of Iadanna, and has been by his side since before the 3rd Scavenger War. Iadanna originally found Titan while hunting in the woodlands, the warhound having been captured in a rangers sling. He cut the animal loose, only to be immediately set upon by the fearsome beast. They tussled and fought in until Iadanna had the hound pinned, his knife against its throat. Seeing for the first time the deep scarring and tattoos on the hounds body, Iadanna realised it was a former pit-fighter, no doubt subject to years of fighting and abuse. Knowing such an animal would be useful in the coming war Iadanna spared its life, and instead dedicated much of his time to training the hound, forming a steadfast bond which holds to this day.

Familiars act on the same tick as their owners. They act as their owners direct but can only perform simple attack or miscellaneous actions which could reasonably be given as instructions to an animal. They are presumed to be able to keep themselves fed and otherwise keep up with the Circle unless circumstances prohibit this.


Attack: 6 dice, 4 lethal damage
Defense: Dodge 2, 0L, 3B soak. 5 health boxes.
Ability: +1 dice to Hunting and Tests against Surprise.


The Devil Dogs (formerly Squad Aetrun, Meander River Regulars; former unit of the 6th Army)
The Devil Dogs consists of 20 veteran soldiers from the 3rd Scavenger Wars, under the command of Commander Coldras and Sergeant Wyrick. After the narrow victory achieved at the culmination of the war, many conscripted soldiers fell into disrepute and poverty. Iadanna and Wyrick did their best to stop the men previously under their command from straying too far from decent means but eventually destitution took its toll upon them all. Several years later, an opportunity arose to form an official militia under the orders Lord Daimyo Glassus. Iadanna gathered the surviving men of his old unit and set out to their new task of defending the Riverlands from banditry and predators.
After his Exaltation, Hunger (formerly Iadanna) had Squad Aetrun swear a new pledge to his eternal vengeance against the Realm. The veterans were renamed the Devil Dogs, and now act as the personal army of Greyfall.

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