Ignis Dragonslayer

Carnedine, Lightbringer, Thunderborn, Lord of Greyfall, Champion of Glassus

At the conference of the Monks of Heron lake:

Representative of Lord Daimyo Glassus, of the Riverlands. Lord Glassus' reeve and head huntsman. Responsible for the protection of the peasantry of the Glassus region due to the shortage of military personelle. Represented the people of his lands in a delegation to Lord Glassus and was given leave by the head of his household, Uther, to travel to the meeting of the Monks of Heron Lake. Knighted to a member of Lord Glassus' household guard to avoid his representative being seen as a commoner.

A young man shifts with uncertainty at the gathering of the Heron lake, his bright blue hauberk a stark contrast to the fine but worn wilderness coat beneath it. Long dark hair carries the look of many nights slept uncomfortably and frames ever-moving eyes. He seems uncomfortable in this formal environment, his only solace the hand casually leaning on the sword at his waist.

Massacre at Burnspur:

After days tracking the bandits of Autumnstone the Circle finally caught up with them at a town called Burnspur. Challenged by a band of outlaws masquerading as lords, Ignis and his companions resisted on behalf of the peasants of the village. While Iadanna and his men fought the bandits Ignis and his huntsmen held off a second force for long enough for the villagers to flee into the forests. Standing atop a fallen monument he sent arrow after arrow into the charging cavalry before their lances knocked him to the ground.

As he fell, his blood and weapons spilled around him. As his form settled on the muddy ground the light around him seemed to dim. The bandits gathered around to finish their kill and reeled as a beam of light shot down from above. Piercing the clouds and scattering the attackers it shot straight into Ignis' chest, his eyes now glowing with a holy white light as pure power flowed through his veins. He rose pulsing with energy and as a set of wings forged of pure light burst from his back swept after the now fleeing bandits, intent on revenge.

Battle at Falcon Ridge:

As the undead horde of Endless-Face Spite cornered the Circle at the Falcon Ridge, Ignis set to the defence of the refugees contained within it's walls. There he earned his name, tangling with the giant zombie dragon that was the head of Spite's forces.

The vast creature of darkness and the paragon of light spun and twisted in sky above the vast battle. The smaller figure glowed so brightly he hurt the eyes to witness, casting bolts of lightning into the vast form of the animated rotted dragon corpse as it futilely attempted to lash out at him with tooth and flame.



Strength Dexterity Stamina
  
Charisma Manipulation Appearance
 
Perception Intelligence Wits
  


  • Archery: 
  • Melee:  Excellency I
  • Thrown:  Specialisation- Throwing Spears, Excellency III
  • Integrity:  Specialisation- Resist Manipulation
  • Presence: 
  • Resistence: 
  • Survival: 
  • Investigation:
  • Lore:
  • Athletics:Specialisation- Flying
  • Awareness: 
  • Dodge: 
  • Stealth:
  • Ride:
  • Sail:


Personal Essence: 11 [Spent: 10] Peripheral Essence: 29 [Spent: 0]
Exalted Essence: 2
Willpower: 5

Virtues and Intimacies:
Compassion:  Dominant
-The common folk, victims of injustice, those neglected by the system.
-Flaw: Martydom
Conviction: 
Temperance: 
Valour: 


  • Resources: III.
  • Influence: III
    • Due to the peacekeeping and protection efforts of his rangers, Ignis is well known amongst the common people of the Riverlands. He is welcomed into homes and sometimes seen as the only one in the region looking out for the common folk.
    • Once he Exalted his infamy only grew, his image as an avenging force cemented by the slaying of the Bandits of Burnspur.


  • Excellency I: Melee
    • Spend 1 Mote, gain 1 Dice to roll. Up to Essence value.
  • Excellency III: Thrown
    • Spend 4 Motes. May re-roll a test. Or may add 'Ability' score twice to dice pool.
  • Call the Blade:
    • Cost: 1 mote. Make weapon exist in two worlds.
  • Summon Loyal Steel:
    • Summon 'Call the Blade' weapon as a free action.
  • Triple Distance Attack:
    • Cost: 3 motes. Triple range of Thrown attacks.
  • Heavens Herald:
    • Spend 5 Motes, 1 Willpower.
    • Summon a set of glowing wings of light that burst from your back in a blinding display. They remain for as long as you commit your spent WP, or otherwise 1 scene. You fly at Stamina x 3 yards per action, Sta yards when gaining altitude at Sta x 10 when diving. Attacking and manoeuvring while diving/in a complex or difficult flight circumstance requires a successful Dex+Athletics test.
  • Winged:
    • Fly at 2x normal running speed, ascend at normal running speed and can dive at 10x running speed. No checks are necessary.
  • Essence Arrow Attack:
    • Spend 2 Motes.
    • Adds Essence to damage of an Archery attack. +1 extra mote for +4 dice of damage.
  • Phantom Arrow Technique:
    • Spend 1 Mote per attack.
    • Can be used to make ranged attacks without ammunition.
  • Summoning the Loyal Bow:
    • Spend 1 Mote.
    • Make bow exist in two worlds, can be summoned.
  • Ox Body Technique:
    • +1 [-0] Health Level
    • +2 [-1] Health Levels
  • Hungry Tiger Technique:
    • Spend 1 Mote.
    • Double successes on damage roll.

Caste Power:
10 Motes. You appear huge, glorious, and terrifying. Unless a creature has valour greater than your essence, they suffer a +2DV difficulty to hit you. Mortals must pass a valour check or flee in terror. Mindless/Fearless creatures are not affected.

-Dire-Spear of Carnedine (Spd: 5. Acc: +3. Dam: 8L. Def: +3. Att-Rate: 3. Attune: 5) when thrown (Spd: 4. Acc: +3. Dam: 7L. Att-Rate: 3. Attune: 5)
-Armour of Carnedine Breastplate (12L/11B. Hard: 9L/8B. Mobility: -1. Fatigue: 1. Attune: 4)

-Fine Sword (Spd: 3. Acc: +2. Dam: 3L. Def: +1. Att-Rate: 2.)
-Fine Longbow (Spd: 6. Acc: +2. Range: 200. Str: III. Dam: Str +2L)
-Fine Quality Warhorse


  • Mail Shirt, Spear, Sword
  • Tabard with the sigil of Greyfall.
  • Poor Quality Riding Animal


  • At Greyfall Manse.

Experience: 16 [4 Spent] +3 Charms

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