Explorator Reth Gardios

Enginseer Prime, Explorator Reth Gardios

Origins: Death Worlder, Fringe Survivor [pit fighter], Criminal [hunted by crime baron{Chaos Pirates}], Press-Ganged, Endurance, Explorator

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
56 33 52 62 40 54 39 31 29

~Wounds: 18
~Insanity: 0
~Corruption: 1
~Fate: 4

EXP; 5000

Survival, CL (Machine Cult, Tech), FL (Archeotech +10, Admech+10), Literacy, Logic, Speak Binary/Low Gothic/Techna-Lingua, Tech Use*+20, Trade (Technomat), Medicae, CL Koronus Expanse,

Talents + Traits
Resist Poisons, Enemy (Underworld), Mechanicus Implants (p366)-(Data Port, Electoo Interface, Respirator, Cyber-Mantle, Potentia Coil, Cranial Circuitry), Logis Implant, Melee Training Primitive, Melee Weapon Universal, Basic Weapon Universal, Death Worlder; (-10 to FL tests in formal surrounds, +10 to Resist Shock and Pinning) Mechadendrite Use, Dodge, Ferric Lure, Luminem Charge, SC(4),

Jealous Freedom; (- WP to suppress rage when incarcerated.)

Bolter (D10+5 X, PEN 4 Tearing), Powerhammer* (D10+7 PEN 7 Unbalanced, +5 to hit)
Mordian Pattern Power Armour (8 AP Head, Body, Arms, Legs)
- +20 STR, become hulking

Other Equipment; Servo-Familiar 'meta knight' (p375), Multi Key, sacred unguents, micro-bead, combi-tool, dataslate.

special item: Good Quality Hydraphur Pattern Crusader Suppression Shield (4 AP to Body and Left Arm locations, 5 AP against the 1st hit to these locations each round. Also counts as a D10 I Shocking, Defensive weapon in melee (Recharge).

*counts as power axe

Reth grew to adolescence amidst the ruins of the pre-ancient cities of Raakata. The cyclopean civilization which gave birth to his clan had long since tumbled into decay and techno-barbarism, leaving only a hardy culture of vicious tribal hunter-warriors. It was a culture ripe for plunder however, and shortly after his 16th birthday, War came to his homeworld. The Chaos Reavers of Iniquity happened upon the vulnerable world while scouting new territory, and began a gleeful massacre of the local population. Hundreds were slaughtered in merciless raids, as villages housing the young and the elderly were targeted first. Before long, scattered hunting parties were all that remained of the barbarian tribes, and mad with grief, they staged a hopeless counter-assault against the Reaver beach-head. Reth was among those capture and enslaved, judged fit to toil endlessly in the bowels of Karrad Vall's raiders. Setting the remains of the world to the torch, the Reavers departed, heavy with the weight of human bounty.

Reth led a miserable existence for years, forced to backbreaking labor amidst the deafening machinery of the Reaver cannon loaders. As more slaves were collected to service Vall's growing fleet, Reth and his people were put to even crueler uses. Made wild by pain and hunger, they would be driven in packs at the enemy in frenzied boarding actions. He was among the rare few with the ferocity and resilience to survive. For their amusement, the Reavers would stage gladiatorial blood-games, taking delight in pitting friends and family against one another in death matches. Gardios was lucky in some ways; his own family had died on Raakata and as the Reavers lost interest in the poor showing of his weakened opponents, he found that he was preserved and protected as worthy and entertaining stock, a choice the pirates would come to regret.

With the high intake of slaves the Reavers captured, it was a rare few who survived long enough to formulate a plan of escape. Fewer still could earn the respect and admiration of their fellows by consistently demonstrating their skill at arms, honed against the finest Naval armsmen. Gardios gathered the best that the pit-fights produced, and when an opportunity arose, he seized it with relish. An Explorator flotilla led by the flagship "Rote Learning" stumbled across a Reaver war-party in the last days of 755.M41. In orbit of Hemelshot II, the Mymidons poured fire upon the panicked Raiders, but were soon brought to earnest battle as the daemon-ship of Karrad Vall arrived to harvest the world's fabled STC. Overwhelmed and bleeding gases into the void, 'the Rote' was poised for defeat, when the heaviest of Vall's escorts unleashed the fury of its broadside against his weakened vessel. Swearing vengeance upon his betrayer, Vall retreated to the Warp. Reth and his tribesmen had blasted their way free of the boarding pods, seized the bridge and turned the guns upon their captors. The Reavers had honed a simple barbarian into the perfect weapon against their enemies, and he turned his prodigious talents to their destruction. Victorious Skittarii from 'the Rote' found fewer than 20 of the blood splattered tech-savages alive, collapsed in exhaustion on the 'Slaughter Hawk's bridge. Myrmidon-General Orion inducted them eagerly into his Skitarii forces, allocating them to his favored officers as fearsome bodyguards.

Gardios came to serve aboard an accompanying Rogue Trader vessel the Dawn Thief, where he met the curious young scion of the ship's commander, Leo Arkaidos. Of an age, but worlds apart in temperament and experience, the two young men saw the universe from opposite sides, achieving the kind of friendship only possible for those who often ferociously disagree. Largely ignored by the Captain to whom he was assigned, Reth instead became the Leo's fierce protector, and the simple voice of temperance at his shoulder. He knows that to suffer is to grow stronger, to be set back is to renew your course, and to endure is to thrive. Valuing only his friendship and freedom above the pursuit of new challenges, the Skitarii-Tribune now follows the Scholar-Captain no matter the destination.

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