Firenze Ascended

Valtar Firenze

Hive World (Volg - Fenksworld), Moritat Reaper, Assassin, Null (modifications to stats and talents need to be applied).

Sanguine, fervent, sharp, quiet.

Tarot: "Violence solves everything"

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
66''' 52'''' 40 40' 55''' 26 41'' 48''' 05

Wounds: 12/12
Insanity: 22 +2d5
Corruption: 2
Fortune: 2
Fate: 1
Experience 14450/15000

BASIC- Barter, Carouse, Charm, Command, Contortionist, Deceive, Disguise, Evaluate, Gamble, Inquiry, Intimidate, Logic, Scrutiny, Swim, Tech-Use

TRAINED- Awareness, Climb, Concealment, Intimidate, Search, Shadowing, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Volg Hive Dialect, Acolyte, Moritat).
+20- Acrobatics, Concealment, Climb, Dodge, Intimidate, Security, Silent Move,

Talents and Traits:
Jaded, Light Sleeper, Melee weapon training (Primitive, Power), Thrown Weapon Training (Prim), Basic Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapon Training (SP), Leap up, Blademaster, Lightning attack, Two Weapon Wielder (Melee), Quick Draw, Lightning reflexes, Sprint, Catfall, Ambidextrous, Rapid Reload, Assassin Strike, Step Aside, Mighty Shot, Wall of Steel, Marksman, Combat Master, Meditation, Rapid Reaction, Insanely Faithful, Hatred (Heretics, Mutants, Psykers), Hard Target, Counter Attack, The Reaping, Combat Master, Deflect Shot, Fearless, - Peer (Cult (Death Cult))

  • Volg Hiver: No negatives for moving in crowds, agi test to charge or run without penalty.
  • The Bloody Edge: All bladed weapons count as tearing against Humans, -20WP test to use other weapons unless no chance of otherwise harming foe.
  • Hivebound: -10 to Survival Tests outside hives, -5 to all Intelligence Tests outside of habs.
  • Unsettling Presence: -10 to all interactions
  • Psychic Blank: The untouchable ever gain psychic powers or sorcery and cannot be the subject of psynisience or divinations to discern their location or anything else. Abilities like this targetted at the Untouchable simply fail, area of effect abilities simply fail to discern the Untouchable.
  • Psychic Invulnerability: Pyschic powers, possession, corruption from warp shock and sorcery do not effect the untouchable. Daemon weapons and force weapons used by the Untouchable count only as a mundane weapon of that sort and the Untouchable can never activate their special abilities. Daemon weapons and force weapons only count as a normal weapon of that type when attacking the Untouchable.
  • Psychic Disruption: Any Psyker attempting to use a psychic power within the Untouchable's Willpower bonus as a radius of meters, increases the threshold of any power by 10. Willpower tests by Psykers for anything related to casting a power are at -20. Warp entities suffer double damage when rolling for instability in this area.
  • Path to Ascension: Calixian Candidate: +5 WS +5 Willpower +2d5 insanity. (stats included)
  • Preternatural Speed: The assassin may use Swift Attack and Lightning Attack as a half action and may use them on the charge.
  • Cult of Blood: Auto confirms righteous fury with all melee weapons and increases all melee weapons penetration by 1.

Carrying Capacity - 56kg
- Morsferrum - The Deathblade of Acolyte Cell Icarius (CQ Power sword: D10+9, pen 6: balanced, power field, 3.5kg)
- Bhaal (BQ Mono Sword: D10+5, pen 2: Balanced 3kg)
- Noctis (GQ Composite Bow: 40m, d10+4, pen 1 (3 with mono arrows) S/-/-/, 1/2 action reload, Primitive, Accurate, Reliable, Red dot sight (+10 to hit) Mono melee attachment (Two handed D10+4, pen 2) 5kg)
- (47 Mono-Arrows)(pen 2 - non primitive)
- Praetis (Mono Landriun Sigilite: D5+4, pen 5, Defensive, .75 kg)
- Alea and Secare (GQ Mono Knives 3m range D5+4, Pen 2, 2x0.5kg)
- 4x CQ Mono Knives 3m range D5+4 pen 2 4x.5kg)
- Stummer (+30 to Move Silently for 20 minutes before 1 hour recharge). 2kg
- Multikey (+30 to Security)
- Photovisors/contacts
- Clip Drop Harness (+30 to climb descending, cannot fall) 2kg
- Grapnel and line 2kg
- Bedroll 4kg
- Weapon maintenance kit 1kg
- Respirator (+30 to toughness to resist gasses, re roll fails) 0.5kg
- Hostile weather clothing 2kg
- Long duration rations 1 kg
- Injector, 3xStimm, Aquila Charm, Cloak, Microbead, Gold Scinitillan Mace, Whistle, Compass, Salvation Auger
- Ridiculous environmental body glove
- Mesh Cowl (3) .5kg
- 12 Thrones

*Special Item*
-GQ Xenomesh- Arms, Body, Legs, 4 (5 on first hit each round) 2kg

+BQ Hardened bodyglove or synskin, 3 doses of slaught with injector, 2xBQ Powerswords, badge of office

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