The Fall of Cadia

It is 999.M41 and a massive force musters at the edge of the Cadian System. Within the Eye of Terror the forces of Chaos prepare to assault the bastion of humanity one final time. Daemons, Traitor Astartes and heretics in their millions prepare on fleets of black steel to appear from the warp and destroy all that stand before them.
Across the Imperium the forces of order prepare to resist. Cadian Shock Troopers and Adeptus Astartes prepare to resist the storm while the followers of the Emperor send forces from across the vast Empire.

But within the Cadian system trouble stirs. On the fortress world of Kasr Sonnen an ancient secret has been discovered. An STC Titan from before the Great Heresy has been found beneath the mountains and castles of the planet and forces hustle to recover it. Some move to recover the metal god for the Imperium, while the forces of chaos wish to remake the artefact for their own bidding.

As war begins to rage a shadow-war takes place on Kasr Sonnen that may decide the fate of Cadia…

Kasr Sonnen


Population: 500, 000 estimated PDF, 3 million Other.
Designation: Fortress World

A fortress world built to repel the forces of Chaos, Kasr Sonnen has been undermanned since 990.M41 when a solar flare damaged its defences.
Since that time most of it's fleet and soldiers have been moved elsewhere, leaving only the Sonnen PDF to keep the planet safe. Nestled within a half dozen other heavily defended worlds it is used primarily for stocking supplies and moving troops.
Burned out husks of cities and fortifications lie across the planets surface, with the remaining soldiers in camps fortified by void-shields against more solar bursts. Apart from its once-great structures the planet is covered in vast grasslands, nature struggling to survive, or forests of fungal trees unique to Sonnen.
Few live outside of the defence forces on the planet. Those that do are mostly mutants and anti-Imperials, stranded or ostrecised by the lack of support and forced to make their own way on the planet's harsh soil.


Cadre Epsilon-Nine-Nine
Adeptus Astartes Kill-Team
At one time a combined force of several Astartes squads from various Chapters, now reduced to a small team of dogged survivors after an underhanded and brutal ambush by the forces of Chaos. Unsullied by this cowardly attack, the newly-in-command Sternguard Veteran Orpheus of the Silver Skulls pushes on with the mission: securing the Ominssiah's god of war from the clutches of the impure and undeserving. Watching his every move is the taciturn and mysterious Lotan of the Minotaurs, the last surviving member of his squad.

Rogue Trader House Levoth
Commanders of the 'Crimson Tide' Frigate
House Levoth were a Rogue Trader house who operated beyond the Imperium's eastern fringe. The Levoth House were accused xenofiles and are known to have traded with the Tau Empire. Accused of treachery by the Inquisition the House was almost destroyed by an Adeptus Astartes battle-barge bearing the colours of the Ultramarine Chapter, the Lady Levoth killed during the boarding action. The rest of the fleet fled to the far reaches of the Imperium, each vying for the power to destroy the charges against their house and reclaim the Warrant of Trade. Jurgen Levoth was one of Lady Levoth's sons and now commands the 'Crimson Tide' Frigate docked within the Cadian system. Upon learning about the prize Captain Levoth decided he would take it for himself, intending to trade it to the highest bidder for what Rogue Traders value above all else…profit.

Officio Assassinorum Execution Force
Mission parameters accepted. Assets allocated to intercept. Permission to use deadly force: granted.

Targeted Reconnaissance Cadre M'yen
Tau Empire Kill Team
Dispatched as a reconnaissance force following intelligence reports from Tau Emissary Aun'El. Cadre M'yen seeks to witness and test minimal force tactics against the races converging in the Cadian system so that Kayon and Mont'ka may be best adapted against those who fail to realise the Greater Good.

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