Campaign Report

On the flight deck of the Battle-Barge Requisite Fury the forces of Cadre Epsilon-Nine-Nine were boarding their thunderhawk gunship to deploy to the surface of Kas Sonnen. They were guests on the barge, their mission neither official nor sanctioned by the Commander of the vessel. In orbit above Korolis the Fury would continue its refuelling and rearming run before heading rimward. Soon Epsilon-Nine-Nine were gone, their silver and battle worn thunderhawk soaring through the void towards the brown-grey smudge that is Kasr Sonnen.

In his decadent quarters aboard the Crimson Tide Captain Jurgen looks over the reports gathered on his table. The forward base had been set up with few delays and his seneschal was in the process of pricing the prize. Should he capture it there are already buyers in the outer rims offering a small fortune. No. Not small. He would buy himself a system and live like a king for the rest of his life. And his children's children would live in obscene wealth. Landers below are filled with House Levosh troopers as his forces prepare to acquire the prize no matter the cost.

The abandoned warehouse was dark despite the light outside. The windows were boarded and to any passers by this was just another casualty in the slow decline of Kasr Sonnen. But this warehouse was different. Within two figures prepared themselves for battle. Operative Alpha meticulously cleaned and adjusted the scope on his rifle while Operative Omega said prayers of cleansing and practiced her sword strokes in a near-invisible blur of speed. Receiving data from the Operative simply known as 'Spider' they would be ready to deploy as soon as their targets made landfall. The target names, some dozen figures determined to die by the High Lords of Terra, was psychically imprinted in the minds of the operatives. Soon they would be dead and the kill-team would move on.

Opening Gambits

Clash in Factorum 45/GH/1290-4


The forces of the Rogue Trader house Levosh had been troubled since landing on Kasr Sonnen. Supplies had gone missing, transports waylaid and communications scrambled. It didn't take long for the Seneschal of the Crimson Tide to track the communications to the abandoned Factorum 45/GH/1290-4.

Veteran Sergeant Orpheus' team of Astartes had barely deployed to the surface of Sonnen when the wash of jet engines became audible from the far end of the ruined Factorum. Deploying his men in standard formation he checks his comms, once again jammed by that damn signal. The tech-priest had tracked the signal here and by the Emperor he would be the one to destroy it.

Operative Alpha watched as the two forces spread out into the Factorum, each barely aware of the other. The silver giants trudged forwards with little caution, while the steel and black armoured figures of House Levosh moved hesitantly through Factorum 45/GH/1290-4. The Spider had done his work, both the interlopers were here. Now it was up to Alpha to finish the job.

Shots ring out from the ruins as the forces engage. The Astartes and Rogue Trader forces trade shots across the Factorum, rapid fire las and bolt rounds masking the heavy calibre shots blasting from Alpha's massive rifle. Here and there a House Guardsman would go down, armour blasted apart by silent rounds. The Astartes were a tougher prey, but patiently waiting Alpha manages to catch one alone and put a round through his face plate. The forces eventually realise they are not alone, the xenos mercenaries of the Levosh forces smelling the pheromones that Alpha had used to mask his smell from the humans. Squads of House Levosh soldiers move towards his hiding spot.

Elsewhere Captain Jurgen and Brother Sergeant Orpheus engage in combat. Orpheus had already massacred Jurgen's personal guards but the figure evades him, ducking beneath his lumbering power-fist swings and popping off shots with his ornate duelling pistols. As Orpheus crushed the skull of yet another bodyguard there is a shimmering nearby and the smell of sulphur. In a flash of light the reinforcements from Cadre Epsilon-Nine-Nine arrive. The Terminator Lotan leads them, his massive bulk hefting his power hammer with glee as he marches inexorably towards the panicking Rogue Trader forces. Swearing under his breath Captain Jurgen gathers his remaining forces to flee the field.

As Jurgen flees his Arch Militant Archibold corners Operative Alpha at the top of the Factorum. It is now that Operative Omega decides to strike. Lashing out with psychic flames the House Levosh troops are turned to ash, while a shimmering blade slices cleanly through Archibolds defences and into his heart. Even as he falls the reinforcements from Epsilon-Nine-Nine arrive, jetpack clad Space Marines dropping onto the rooftop and hosing Omega with bolter fire. Hit numerous times she leaps off the side of the building, vanishing into the ruins below.

Still watching from above Alpha keys his communicator and quits the field as well. The Astartes of 99 spread out to secure the area, sending in reports of their victory over the forces of disorder. Alpha didn't interfere. The first target, the Arch Militant Archibold, had been dispatched.

Out of the Frying Pan


A few days after the firefight in Factorum 45/GH/1290-4 the forces of House Levosh are engaged again. This time at the edge of the ruined city of Sonnen Pentas. Amidst the trees and overgrowth of the city shots ring out once again. Ducking into cover Captain Jurgen pulls out his eldar cloak, draping it over himself and disappearing into the undergrowth.

High above Operative Alpha scans the foliage for his target, almost realising too late the move his target had played. The Kroot Mercenaries clamber up the outside of the tower whooping and hollering, drawing razor sharp knives and charging towards Alpha. Drawing his pistol Alpha puts down the first two of the mercenaries, waiting for a reprieve to readjust his scope and cut down a few armsmen with brutal rifle shots. As the rest of the mercenaries close in he blends back into the tower, rappelling down and away from the frenzied xenos.

Meanwhile almost back at his lander Jurgen is surprised to find one of his personal guards pointing their las rifle right at him. With a laugh the man pulls of his face to reveal Operative Omega, her phase sword shimmering in the morning light. Darting forwards she cuts deeply into Jurgen, removing his leg cleanly and sending him sprawling to the ground. Moving in for the kill she is surprised by the rest of his landing party returning to the vehicle. Two dozen armsmen open fire with lasguns and other weapons, hosing the vehicle and surrounding forest as Omega dances back and forth to avoid the blows. Heavily wounded she falls back. In the time it takes her to kill her way back to the shuttle it is long gone, the Rogue Trader Jurgen safe in the medicae bay of his ship.

The Waves Crash Upon The Shore

Kar'O reviewed the drone feed being fed into his helmet, the enhanced spectral vision fed from the drone's optics allowing him to pick out the golden filigree on the unaware Rogue Trader's uniform. As the surrounding figures scurried around to the Captain's noiseless directions Kar'O mused over their flawed command structure. Why would so many work together to make just one rich when they could all work together for the Greater Good?
With a resolute sigh he blinked the feed away, it didn't matter what this one Shais'O thought, the Ethereals had decided that the Rogue Trader had played his part and led them here. The technological 'prize' that the others were seeking was of no direct value to the Tau Empire; the combat footage against multiple different threat forces that his vid-drones would capture would be sent to the training academies across the Tau Empire. He would live forever as a training engram and all those who viewed it would know he lived and breathed the Greater Good in action and thought.
A green icon slowly grew to prominence in his feed, the pathfinders had directed Shai'Drag to his firing position in the nearby forest. He blink-clicked a weapons free command and took a moment of personal enjoyment as missiles erupted into flight from the jungle around him.


Missile blows armsman from the roof in initial volley. Pathfinders spot Kroot patrols and call missiles in on one.
Rogue Trader crew withdraw into cover, only to find the missile volleys change flight and scour them from their hiding holes.
Tau firewarriors flank the withdrawing Rogue Trader and his armsmen, hoping to cut off their retreat.
With the Tau attention fixed on the Captain Astropath Tolilo leads a group of armsmen to cut off the danger at it's source.
Unfortunately his powers fail him and he is cutdown by intense pulse fire.
Kroot Ukufa finds a Fire Warrior seperated from his squad during the confusion. Said Fire Warrior becomes dinner.
Feeling the psychic presence of his Astropath dwindle Captain Jurgen declares that his death won't be in vain and leads the remaining armsmen in a valiant charge against the firewarrior flanking force.
Captain Jurgen's duelling pistols blow holes in the first Tau's carapace. Unfortunately his men fair far worse, a plasma gun detonates killing one and maiming others. Those that make it into combat find their nerves shattered, the intensity of the day is too much for the remaining armsman. His servile mind shatters and he is clubbed to death by the fumbling bufoonery of a tau warriors in close combat.

For the Greater Good

Cadre Epsilon-Nine-Nine were intent on retrieving an archeotech augur which had been lost when their Thunderhawk was attacked weeks past. The device would allow them not only the track the Titan's location, but also unveil the stealth capabilities of the Temple Assassins and the enigmatic Tau. On foot, Orpheus and his squad traversed the ruined civilian city of Kal'dunesh, while his scout-marksmen watched the rolling tree-lines for any sign of enemies. The mysterious Terminator, Lotan, and the brave Vanguard Zhulor would wait in the wings for their moment to strike.
Materialising from the forests, their adaptive camoflage masking them from the eyes of the Astartes, the M'yen Reconnaissance Team took careful aim at the encroaching super-humans, markerlights painting their hulking bodies with targeting data. In a flurry of missiles, plasma bursts and hyper-sonic munitions, Sergeant Orpheus was downed, his armour cratered and smoking. Battle-brother Simeon valiantly attempted to save the veteran Astartes, but he too fell to the precision blasts of the Tau, blown clean through a reinforced wall to sprawl, bloodied and battered in a ruined hab.
The Astartes Scouts loosed shots at shadows and shapes amongst the trees, their shots finding nought but thin air. In a thundering crash of armour striking the earth, Zhulor and his Assault Marines intercepted the advance of a Tau Battlesuit, with the gigantic Lotan arriving moments later in a flash of ionizing air.
Undaunted by the prescience of the Emperor's Sons, the Crisis Suit unleashed a hail of fire at the approaching Terminator, the alien missiles punching through Lotan's stocell burned under the white-hot plasma blasts.
Coming to his senses, Simeon spied the prize for which they fought, dragging his armoured form to the augur array and signalling reinforcements. Realising the battle was lost, the Tau slipped back into the jungles, leaving not a drop of alien blood on the torn and scorched earth. Let the Gue'la claim their prize - it will not save them from what is come.

No Man's Land

With the augur safely in their possession, the Astartes bunkered down in their base of operations to prepare their next move. Meanwhile, silently padding through the rubble, Agent Alpha took position in a partially demolished hab, his active-camouflage blending with the greys and blacks of urban ruin. Brother Kalor, the most technologically adept of the Astartes, powered up the augur, pausing for a moment to assess the sudden alerts flashing across the display. "Orpheus, they're he-" his words were cut short by the crack of a rifle, sending the armoured marine crashing into the ground. With a bellow of rage, Brother Temerion unleashed a hail of munitions in the direction of the incoming fire, his heavy bolter chattering and thumping in the confined space. Undaunted by the wall of lead screaming his way, Agent Alpha realigned his scope and fired again, leaving Temerion with a smoking hole through his chest-plate.
As the Astartes hunkered down, seeking cover where they could, Agent Omega materialised from thin air amidst the ranks of the clustered marines. In a flash of emerald light her neural shredder tore the nervous systems of Brother Volker and Vanguard Zhulor into paste, the Astartes collapsing in their armour like puppets without strings. Before any could reply, Omega's blade darted swiftly into the gorgets of two other Astartes, cleanly severing their spines and forever destroying their progenoid glands in a single strike.
In the chaos which followed Omega slipped away, the Astartes unable to land a blow upon the nimble assassin. In the silence after such disorder, Orpheus realised all too late the assassin's true goal, bellowing orders to evacuate as expertly placed melta-charges detonate on key support columns within the base. Dragging themselves from the rubble, the Astartes survey the carnage with a sense of deep shame. They had failed in their duties, and lost more than half their number to the assassins in the space of a handful of heartbeats.
Their mission accomplished, the Kill-Clade assassins silently melted away…

Danger Close

The House Levoth lightning air support were twenty minutes into their scouting run when Sergeant Orpheus launched the attack. The Adeptus Astartes of Cadre Epsilon-Nine-Nine were striking at the Rogue Trader forces attempt to create a landing pad for their ships in the ruins of Sonnen Pentas, the fifth great ruined city of Kasr Sonnen. With the lightnings away the Astartes moved forward, hugging cover.


A shot rings out from the tower above the makeshift camp, the characteristic chime of a rail rifle. Apothecary Micael is pierced through the chest by the round. The Astartes return fire as Scout-Brother Vex carries Micael back out of the line of fire. As the T'au sniping position is riddled with bolter fire the Astartes continue to assault. The Terminator Lotan materialises nearby, smashing through a cogitator array with his massive thunder hammer. As the House Levoth armsmen begin to trade fire with the Astartes two of the members of their leadership arrive. The Astropath Tolilo lashes out with his psychic powers, sending the Astartes reeling back as Lord Levoth fires his duelling pistols. Falling from above more Armsmen arrive, deploying by grav chute with the ship's Voidmaster Watson. They fire at point blank range at the Astartes but are unable to pierce their armour. Only a melta blast from Watson downs a marine, but the Astartes quickly close ranks to protect their fallen comrade.

As the firefight intensifies the pure grit of the Astartes comes to the fore. Armsmen fall to expert bolter rounds while Sergeant Orpheus smacks Watson aside with his power fist. One by one Jurgen's bodyguards fall to the heavy bolter fire of Brother Mentus. Even the Astropath Tolilo is blasted into cover by the massive explosive rounds. Victory assured the remaining Astartes move forward, dispatching armsmen and moving towards Lord Jurgen with murderous intent. Jurgen draws both his pistols and rushes forward with a cry on his lips. Suddenly the air is filled with the sound of jet engines. The assault had taken too long, the lightning wing had returned. As the first plane arrives the remaining Astartes are wracked with autocannon fire. Unable to damage the vehicles the Astartes fall back, taking their fallen allies and leaving the battered and bruised Rogue Trader forces with their small prize.


Kor'O reviewed the drone footage from prior to the battle on his vid feed as the damage log from Shai'Drag scrolled across his communicator screen. The screeching lamentations of the Jila'Osh carnivore squad evaded his aural protectors as they held the mortuary rite/feast for/of their fallen comrade. Suddenly he paused the footage. There! With a change to the contrast levels a shadow in the treeline became a humanoid figure, moving perfectly with the limp breeze that ruffled the foliage. She must have been in position for hours, her scent masked to such a level that even the kroot hounds gave her location a derisive sniff as they reconnoitred Shai'Drag's future firing position.


The battle began with the Mal'Caor hunting party that had accompanied their masters alerting Kor'O to a latex clad rifleman taking position in the highest tower, the shrieking bays forcing the sniper to set up position on the second floor of a bombed-out hab the jungle was reclaiming. This allowed his Firewarriors and Pathfinders to pin the assassin under a storm of pulse fire, the sniper still managing to kill one of the Kroot attempting to outflank him. Their master's death raised the hounds to new levels of savagery as they mounted ruined walls and raced through the undergrowth, driving Agent Alpha into the forest.

Using the confusion caused by the battle occurring in the ruined hab the ethereal shadow entered the material world, her presence only registering on Shai'Drag's sensors as the pistoloid weapon in her hand charged it's energies. He swung to bring his weapons around as her lightning pace ate up the few metres that lay between them. Drone missiles detonated into cones of preformatted shrapnel but Agent Omega dove through the air with tightly coiled leaps. The defensive fusillade only left flesh wounds as her alien blade darted again and again into the hulking battlesuit, slicing through layers of crystalline armour like a fish through the ocean. Shai'Drag felt his body pumped full of pain suppressant medications as the suit's damage override broadcast his location to missile pods located throughout the jungle. Agent Omega only had nano-seconds to relish in her kill as a tempest of flechette missiles detonated in the air above. She had only registered on the Cadre's sensors for less than a minute when she disappeared back into the jungle, her lithe form bleeding from a plethora of wounds that would have killed any normal man.

Kor'O hit the upload button on his communicator, the battle still unsure in his mind. Whilst the Tau forces had captured the ground he wasn't sure whether it was he or the midnight-clad figures who had learnt more from the battle. A quote from his military studies came to the forefront of his mind, although he could not shake the feeling it was more a warning from his subconscious than an accolade.

"Challenge when the opponent is unable to engage. Therefore, we are focused and act as one, while the opponent is divided.
As a result, we are numerous and the opponent is few, because those who are numerous can always be victorious over those who are few.
" - Tau Ethereal S'uan T'zu

The Shadow War

Raid on B-52

The logic engines aboard the Crimson Tide finish their calculations and the forces of House Levoth go to war again, their pursuers not far behind. The scouts of Cadre-Epsilon 99 report the movement and the Astartes forces prepare for an attack. Their target the Adeptus Administratum facility housing the historical archives of Kasr Sonnen, bunker B52. If evidence of the Prize was to be found it would be found there.


After a strafing bombardment the forces of House Levoth move forward, doing battle with the Kasr Sonnen Imperial Guard regiment stationed to protect the facility. Kroot Mercenaries cut the throats of outer guards and grav chuting House Guard cut through the anti-air batteries with melta bombs. The Enginseer Chevok leads the assault, his servitor bodyguards ripping into the outer bunker even as the forces do battle outside. Man clashes with man in the jungles around the facility but new players were about to enter the field.

Concentrated bolter fire rips down Sonnen infantry and House Armsmen alike as the Astartes join the field. The mass battle is suddenly a broiling mass of chaos as fire falls upon them from all sides. The T'au and Astartes share fire from across the field, cutting down the House Levoth forces and forcing them to retreat into the bunker itself. The Astartes advance slowly and methodically, securing the facility as the T'au battle suits demolish the Rogue Trader aircraft above the facility. And everywhere in the battle fighters fall from unseen forces. The Agents of the Assassins order making their influence known even now.

As the Kasr Sonnen infantry are butchered by the Adeptus Astartes Brother-Terminator Lotan smashes through into the inner holds of the bunker and slaughters the Enginseer Chekov. But before his death Chekov had sent a data-packet back to the Crimson Tide. House Levoth had the information they needed but it had cost them dearly.

Dancing Shadows

Retreating from the battle outside the facility the forces of the T'au are hounded through the jungles of Kasr Sonnen. Squads of scouting Kroot fail to report in and the Pathfinders report rippling shadows in the jungles around them. The Spider had decided that the T'au were causing too much trouble and his agents had been dispatched to drive them away once and for all.

Alpha's rifle coughs as he cuts down fire warriors, the pulse rounds of the T'au smashing into the undergrowth in a futile attempt to push the sniper into cover. Meanwhile Omega leaps from hiding, her flames melting warriors and he blade cutting down Kroot as they counter attack. But Kor'O is no fool and the lives of his warriors are gladly given for the Greater Good. Within their suits Shai'Drag and Ke'lshan receive his orders and comply with resignation. Their missiles fall among their own troops, blowing up loyal T'au and Kroot in blossoms of blue energy and blood. Among them falls Omega, her blade cutting down the enemies of the Imperium even as she is vaporised by Kor'O's expert counter stroke.

Dead and Buried

Growing desperate the Rogue Trader Levoth leads a force personally to follow up the information recovered in the vaults of the facility. Part tomb and part factorum the Adeptus Mechanicus facility lies miles below the surface of Kasr Sonnen. Long forgotten by even the Admech forces on the world it houses the ancient dead of that order, interred centuries ago.


The Levoth forces blow through the ancient hallways of the tomb. Melta bombs cut into long abandoned vaults and massed armsmen are pushed against automated defences and iron servitors. Hundreds die pushing through the defences, cut down by guns or burned alive as entire sections of the tomb are set ablaze by ancient traps. But Jurgen Levoth will not be denied. He leads his personal guards deeper and deeper.

Below the metallic halls of the Mechanicus lie even older ruins. Built from stone before the Imperium reclaimed the area these were the tombs of techno-barbarians from an age long ago. There were no traps here, only barrows long forgotten by even the records of the Administratum. This is where the Arch-Magos had interred himself. His corpse lies among those who came here before him, his flesh long since rotted away but his bionics and mind remaining. Levoth retrieves his internal cogitator and orders his forces to retreat. The Rogue Trader knew the location of his Prize.

Wounded Prey

Only a bare picket surrounds Landing Zone Alpha, where the forces of Rogue Trader House Levoth muster for one final push towards their Prize. It is a picket smashed aside when the Adeptus Astartes decide to strike once and for all. From above assault marines fall upon the tired and wounded Levoth soldiers as Veteran Sergeant Orpheus leads his infantry in an impossible efficient assault upon the outer defences. Bolter fire cuts down armsmen and house guard as they fight to the last to defend their Rogue Trader. Those ships that make it out of the camp make straight for orbit, for the Crimson Tide.

The constant assassination attempts. The all-out war breaking out on the surface. The loss of men, of profit. It had become too much for the Rogue Trader Levoth. He was taking his ship, his men and his remaining money and leaving this accursed sector once and for all while he still could.

Meanwhile one threat dealt with the forces of Cadre-Epsilon Nine-Nine prepare to face the other threats surfacing on Kasr Sonnen. The location of the Prize in their grasps Veteran Sergeant Orpheus gathers the forces he has left and prepares for the war to come.

The Prize

Sons of Iron

As a small war had raged on Kasr Sonnen the real war had arrived in Cadia. The forces of Chaos had arrived and besieged that oldest and most famous of Imperial fortress worlds. And as the forces of Chaos attack Cadia a single ship blasts past the blockade and arrives in orbit above Kasr Sonnen. The Iron Blood, ancient warship of chaos, destroys the system defence ships in a few hours of furious fire. But the conquering of this world is not the goal of Warsmith Arkith. His prize is the same fought over for months now by the forces of man, Astartes and Xenos. The long lost Titan beneath Kasr Sonnen was to be his prize.


The forces of chaos, finished with the ships in orbit, begin to besiege Sonnen Primus. Armies of cultists and chaos traitors attack the city with daemon engines and massive warp-forged artillery. After a week the iron banners of chaos fly over the city and the defences of the planet, stretched so thin by the war, are shattered. The Adeptus Arbites fortress would last another two days before even that bastion of Imperial strength falls.

The forces of the T'au retreat into the deepest jungles, hoping to stay beneath the notice of the new invaders while the Adeptus Astartes of Cadre-Epsilon Nine-Nine resist where they can, ultimately unable to stem the flow of chaos. Agent Alpha continues to repel in the ruins of Sonnen Pentas. He guns down whole squads of traitor Astartes and sabotages passages essential to the invading force. The Spider, operating out of a derelict space station in orbit, had long since fallen silent.

In one fell swoop the forces of chaos had seized Kasr Sonnen. But the Astartes still hold the location of the Titan and despite the odds against them they still have a mission to fulfil.

An Offer Refused

A message goes out on the Astartes private frequencies. But the intended recipient is not one of them. The message is nonsensical to all but the figure listening far away. Agent Alpha hears the message clearly despite the code. Cadre-Epsilon Nine-Nine were offering a truce. In the face of the forces of chaos the Imperial armies on the planet should unite against this greater foe.

The Cadre receive a positive coded reply and agree to meet Alpha beneath the ruined Tower Astrapathica. Landing with only his bodyguard Sergeant Orpheus waits for a meeting that would never come. A single resounding boom rings out across the abandoned meeting place. Brother-Terminator Lotan is killed as the round travels cleanly through his neck and into his brain. As Orpheus tries to stem the flow Alpha retreats, the last of his targets dealt with. Lotan, the butcher of Haalfing, had long been a target of the Imperial assassins. He would retreat to continue his campaign against the forces of chaos, his target list completed.

Flame Upon the Wind


The jungles of Kas Sonnen rot as the Iron Blood releases virus torpedoes on the foliage. Their target was the last of the Sonnen planetary defence, fighting a guerrilla war against the invading chaos forces. But such a wide net couldn't help but catch a variety of prey.

The T'au flee the rotting carcass of a jungle before the plagues and corruption set in, the virus bombs of the forces of chaos unholy and unbelievable in their destructive power. Driven out of the forests the forces of the xenos are brought to battle by a full company of traitor Astartes, supported by tanks and traitor guardsmen. A legion of iron sweeps in in an attempt to crush the xenos on Kasr Sonnen once and for all.

Kor'O does his best to hold off the forces of chaos before the Air Caste retrieval arrives. Whole Kroot kindreds are sacrificed in hit and run attacks to slow down the assault while the battlesuits left at his disposal destroy tanks and transports as they try to approach. Within his battlesuit Shai'Drag is slain, cornered by two ancient dreadnaughts and ripped to pieces by their power claws.

Finally Kor'O retreats to the old chapel of the Emperor, his fire warriors selling their lives dearly. They fire their pulse rifles until they run dry, then fight with honour blades or their very fists. It was not the way of the Fire Caste, but they fought and died as best they could until the transport arrived. Kor'O loaded the Ethereal and his data onto the transport and then dismisses it. Donning his own battle suit he watched the ship leave and prepared to die alongside his men.

Fallen Ancient

Gathering his few remaining Astartes Sergeant Orpheus makes his way to the last resting place of the might Titan. Buried beneath the sands the vault had once housed hundreds of the god-machines but now only held one. An Imperator, most powerful and grand of the Emperor's war machines. Their battered thunderhawk drops them at the top of the facility, concealed within a mountain range. Accessing the facility with the dead Arch-Magos' access codes the Astartes move deeper.


Within they find not the gleeming golden halls of an Imperial bunker but rusted steel filled with rot and strange alien growths. The taint of chaos had reached this place long ago. The corruption of the warp, so prevalent this close to the Eye of Terror, had seeped into the very pores of Kasr Sonnen and infected even these mighty fighting machines.

Outside the facility the thunderhawk is shot down by the forces of chaos, come to claim their mightiest prize. The Warsmith had known about these machines, known about the corruption and planned his assault on Cadia with them at the head of his army for some time. Dreadnaughts punch through the outer defences of the Astartes and the Warsmith himself pushes deeper. Brothers Simeon, Volker and Avige fall guarding the Apothecary Micael and the holy gene-seed he carries. Brother Ignis destroys a corridor with his melta gun, collapsing a section of mountain on himself and blocking off any ingress for a time.

And within the chamber at the centre of the Titan facility Brother-Sergeant Orpheus learns the truth at the heart of the facility. He hears the machine spirit of the Titan scream out for blood. Scream out in pain and frustration for the years trapped here. Slowly but surely falling to the influence of chaos. Orpheus learns what his men died for and saw it would only bring death. And with some resignation Orpheus sets the energy source at the centre of the Titan to overload.

Not long after the mountain housing the Prize would vanish in a blast of energy so fierce it blinded those watching it and cracked Kasr Sonnen apart.

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